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Is Your Hair Ready For The Day?

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Is Your Hair Ready For The Day?

Hair is a woman’s best accessory. A simple hairstyle can make your look shine brighter and make you stand out in any event. Little makeup or no makeup, your hair can add the charm to your face and make many heads turn for you. So, let your hair loose or tie it or twist and turn it, but don’t shy away from playing with your tresses. Is your hair ready for the day gives a few suggestions for you to play with your different texture and long hair?

hair care tips 2020
Braid and make half buns, they work well for marriages and other family occasions

Styles for every event


Party is one occasion that gives you the opportunity to shine amongst your peers. You buy a beautiful dress, work magic with your makeup brushes, and need the best finisher- your hair to complete your look. Here are a few hair care routine based styles that will make your hairstyle stand out.

1. Ponytail with a twist

The ponytail is an evergreen hairstyle. It is every woman’s easiest solution to add glam to her look. If one ponytail can do so much to your look, imagine what will three ponytails do! Give a twist to your tail and add three ponytails on top of the other. So, twist on and get ready for compliments to flow in.

2. Beach wave style

When you have had a long day and need to get ready for an important party without much ado, this is your hairstyle. It will win the show with minimum efforts. All you have to do is just curl up the ends of your hair. the hair product of this year consists of using long curls. Spray them and they’ll stay with you all night long. This party look is a win-win for long and short hair.

3. Side braided bun

This beautiful hairstyle is sure to grab some eyeballs at the party and make you the center of discussion on every table. Spotted on many celebrities, this hairstyle is a twist to your regular bun hairstyle. This style gives an asymmetrical look that is suitable for people with medium to long length hair. So, twist your hair and glam on.

best hair care tips
Short hair may have less options to style with as compared


It is the most awaited and important day in every woman’s life. A day she has been planning for too long to go wrong. She needs everything to be perfect and her hair is one of the biggest concerns. So, here we are with some hairstyle options that will suit your hair kind the best. So, your day is as perfect as you have imagined it to be.

1. For straight hair

Straight hair is easier to manage, but due to their silky texture, they cannot hold curls for long even after spraying them a lot. Therefore, a slick, tight bun should be your choice. This hairstyle adds more class and elegance to your look, Apart from this, you can also go for a half-tie crown or a loosely braided updo.

2. For curly hair

Ones with curly hair understand the struggle of straightening them and then the pain of that straight hair not staying for too long. So why not embrace the real texture of your hair! There are many ways to play with your natural curls and steal the limelight. You can simply go for a top knot bun with some beautiful hair accessories or a side bun with curly bangs. If you don’t wish to tie your hair, you can also let them loose and let your hairstylist enhance the look with some hair accessories.

3. For short hair

When it comes to hair, it is believed that length is strength. It is very convenient to give any haircare product a push to promote growth of longer hair against the shorter one. But we are here to break those stereotypes and ask you to embrace your short hair at your wedding. You can easily twist your tresses into an elegant low bun or go for a short bob with side bangs. There are many more styles like a beautiful half-tie or an enchanting curly bob with a pretty headgear.

Embrace your hair and carry it with pride and confidence


The office is one place where we spend more time than at home. No matter how hard it must be to drag yourself to work every day, it is very important to look gorgeous. While putting a lot of makeup at work is not a great idea, you can play with your hair and look at the glam you.

1. French twist

The classic French twist is a great way to look neat and tidy for work and also add elegance to your look. All you need are a few bob pins and a little practice to make this beauty sit on you to enhance your look.

2. Ponytail

This is the classic hairstyle for any occasion. You can either tie a tight high ponytail or use some more time and give it a neater and more professional twist by wrapping a section of your hair around the ponytail. You can also take tutorials and learn the new twisted ponytail.

3. Side braid

This beautiful and a little different hairstyle does not require much ado. All you need is to let your hair loose. Grab some hair from one side, braid them and pin them at the back. You are ready to rock the office with this distinct yet simple look.

Skin care tips
Curl them let them loose and flaunt them

Necessary Hair products you will need

Women have been gifted with beautiful hair and it is our duty to make them look beautiful. And to do so, you need some very essential products that you need in your drawer to style your hair, any time, any day.

1. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

These two products are the lifeline of your hair and compromising on them is a complete no-no. It is very important to have a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. It does not matter what type or texture your hair is, it is important to keep them nourished and hydrated. Shampoo and conditioner make the base for your hairstyle and you want to ensure that it is perfect.

For thick and dry hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and for fine hair use a lighter conditioner.

2. Thickening spray or mousse

This product helps create more consistency throughout your hair. It works best for medium to thick hair. Contrary to its name, it does not give an illusion of thicker hair but provides more hold to it. Spraying sparingly works great for thicker hair, whereas mousse works better for finer hair as it provides more hold.

3. Styling crème

These crèmes are a modern and better substitute for hair styling gel. They work on all types of hair and provides moisture. They are a great fix to create volume in your hair and make them look denser. They also reduce frizz and make your hair look naturally manageable.

4. Hair spray

You need a more flexible hair spray to hold all your styles. This product should be your finishing touch to any hairstyle.

5. Texture spray

This is a new addition in the market of hair care and hair products. These are dedicated sprays for different hair kinds which help build resistance, volume, and greater shine.

hair care tips
A low or high pony is perfect for office and formal gatherings

Hair accessories to match your outfit

Finish your perfect hairstyle with beautiful hair accessories. So, style-up those tresses with some of these great hits:

  • Headband
  • Printed scrunchies
  • Designer hairbands
  • Boho hairbands
  • Embellished pins
  • Bob pins
  • Designer tic-tacs
  • Tiara
  • Flowers
  • Bows

IKF Desk on is your hair ready for the day?

Your hair can either make or break your look. With so many hairstyles and products in the market, it is very important to see which one suits your hair kind. Some of the famous hairstylists in India are - Adhuna Bhavnani, Aalim Hakim, Sylvester Rogers, Sapna Bhavnani, Jawed Habib, and Geetanjali. IKF would only give one suggestion to embrace your hair and flaunt it well with the right kind of style.

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