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Is Your Lip Shade Complementing Your Complexion?

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Is Your Lip Shade Complementing Your Complexion?

Experimenting with new makeup tones and shades can be very exciting. But, when it comes to makeup, you need to know what suits your skin type and skin tone following the beauty tips for women. The process of doing the makeup and the makeup tricks applied through should be efficient, be it the selection of base, lipstick, eye makeup, blush, or anything else. You have to be sure of what you buy because if you choose the wrong product, you're stuck with it for a long time.

With several beauty products popping out in the beauty industry of India, lipsticks are a makeup essential for women at all times. Lipsticks add a finishing touch to your face, they make or break your whole look. Hence, having a handy guide filled with all the makeup tips you’d require to choose the right lipstick, will be a beneficial deal.

Importance of Lipsticks:

1. Provides Protects and Heals: Lipstick can work to protect our lips from harsh elements, like the cold and wind, by ultimately forming a protective barrier for your lips.

If your lips were already in trouble, the right lipstick would also help repair cracked, dry lips. It's all in choosing the right lipstick.

2. SPF Protection: The skin on your lips is a lot different compared to the skin on your face. This is because the lip skin lacks melanin that is responsible for sun protection.

Lipsticks have a lot of importance in the beauty industry, it does have a protective element that prevents sun damage as it contains SPF 12 or higher.

3. Brightens Smile: A right lipstick can make your face look brighter and nicer.

The cooler undertones like purple, reduces the yellow tint of your teeth. You should apply some of the 2021 makeup tips and avoid warmer tones if you are wearing lipstick to enhance your smile.

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Lipsticks protect your lips and enhance your eyes

4. Enhances Eyes: If you think your eyes are your best feature and they need to stand out, or no makeup tips are helping you do something to make them pop, lipstick has that magical effect of making your eyes stand out.

It enhances the color of your eyes, and that, in turn, makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

"Are Lipsticks Toxic In Nature?"

A Brief Guide On Indian Skin Tones:

1) Dark Tan (Warm Honey & Almond)

It is in the wheatish category for Indian skin.Beauty tips for women mention that this is a commonly found skin tone amongst women of India. Indian actresses like Laxmi Menon have this skin color.

Priyanka Chopra look
Priyanka Chopra - Courtesy- @popsugar- pinterest

2) Warm Honey (Warm to Dark Tan)

Shades between dark-tan and tan fall in this category. This is spotted between the dusky and medium category in India. Actresses like Frieda Pinto and Priyanka Chopra beautifully flaunt this skin complexion.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone- Courtesy pinterest

3) Honey

Popularly known as medium skin tone in India, the tan skin falls in this category. If you want to observe the skin tone closely, look at Malaika Arora and Deepika Padukone.

4) Beige (Light Tan)

Light-tan skin falls in this category. Actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt fall under this category.

Karishma Kapoor
Karishma Kapoor

5) Beige Porcelain

Falls between the lines of light tan to medium skin tones. In India, this skin tone should make sure to put on sunscreen properly! Actresses like Kareena and Karishma Kapoor have this skin tone.

However, keep in mind that health, sun exposure, lighting, makeup, and other factors affect skin color, be it tones or shades. So, they are always subject to change.

makeup tips
Indian Skin Tone

How To Match Your Lipstick Shades With Your Skin Tone?

Know your Complexion: It is essential to know your skin tone first before deciding and buying any makeup products. Your skin tone would be fair, wheatish, dusky, and dark. This is the first step in deciding before buying lipstick.

Use Shades of Pink For Fair skin type: Dark shades do stand out on fair skin. But, the more complementing ones would be shades like pinks, apricots, and corals. Cool undertones that complement the fair skin are mocha, mauve while warm undertones are shades of peach.

Avoid Nude Colors if you have a Wheatish Complexion:It is great to have such a skin tone because mostly all the lipstick shades go well with the skin tone. Ranging from dark shades to corals, shades of pinks and reds, almost all shades would complement this tone. Avoid using nude shades as they blend in with the complexion.

Opt For Shades of Brown for Dusky Tone: Pinks and orangesmight not be the best choice for dusky skin tones. Try opting for shades of browns and berry. You could also use cool undertones like brick red, caramel, and brown.

Warm Tones
Warm Tones

Use Warm Undertones For Dark Skin Tone: Bright shades of orange should be kept at bay. Shades of maroon, brown, and red are the recommended picks. Warm undertones for dark skin could be brown, honey, and walnut, copper while cool undertones could be wine and deep reds.

Undertones are also differentiated based on Warm, Cool, and Neutral, and different lipstick shades happen to match with each of them:

Cool: Bluish, Red, or Pink

Neutral: A mixture of both warm and cool

Warm: Golden, Peachy, or Yellow

  • For Cooler Undertones: Lighter skin tones tan more rosy than golden. Light to medium skin tones tans more of deep cinnamon.
  • For Neutral Undertones: The skin has no predominant shade. When in the sun, you can burn or tan.
  • If You Have Warm Undertones: Lighter skin tones tan more peach. Light to medium skin tones tans more golden.
beauty hacks

I Knock Fashion Desk:

This blog contains a variety of lipstick shades and how you can use the latest beauty tips for women to get the right lipstick shade for you. Know your skin tone and choose your lipstick shades accordingly with the lipstick guide with I Knock Fashion.

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