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It's 50 Years For Paul Smith!

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It's 50 Years For Paul Smith!

The ace fashion designer Paul Smith celebrates 50 years of creativity in the fashion industry by launching the Paul Smith book and Paul Smith foundation.

Britain’s foremost fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, celebrates the 50 golden years of his label Paul Smith. Known for the distinctive style, fashion trends, latest fashion, and signature colored stripes, the veteran designer has come a long way with his creative instinct that amalgamates tradition and modernity.

An avid cyclist, who was born on 5th July 1946, in Nottingham, met with an accident at the age of 17. The accident introduced him to a new group of friends that put his mind into the world of creativity. This exploration embraced his life-long journey with so much discovery in music, fashion, and design. Also, it was his now-wife, Pauline, who introduced him to the artistic world of cinema and training at the Royal College of Arts, where he developed the design skills for garments and tailoring.

Paul smith
Paul Smith
Photo Courtesy: Caleo magazine

From Nottingham streets, he prospered his business at the global level, with his presence in 5 continents, over 70 countries, and 3000 shops. His first shop, Paul Smith Pour Homme, on 9th October 1970 in Nottingham, featured self-designed clothes and established clothes of other brands.

From being an owner to one small shop and showcasing his first men's collection in Paris that exhibits casual and semi-formal designing, he continued to flourish with his first flagship store in London in 1970.

He specializes in unique fashion trends of men's wear, women's wear, shoes, fragrances, watches, and accessories. He uses his creative ideas to match traditional craftsmanship and a new design that epitomizes the latest fashion. He expresses his individuality by choosing eclectic combinations of colors and patterns into his iconic stripe prints that also matches the contemporary aesthetics.

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Photo Courtesy: Paul smith Instagram

In 2020, the brand celebrates 50 years with the launch of a book published by Phaidon, edited by Tomy Chambers, founder and creative director of design and lifestyle consultancy TC & Friends and co-chair of Brainstorm Design, and have a foreword by designer Jonathan Ive. The book talks about all the varied inspirations over the years, is lensed through 50 objects that Sir Paul has himself chosen. It is an exploration of his long journey from streets to flagship stores. The selected 50 objects, show his dynamics in design and honors his work over the years. Be it a packet of flower seeds or family photographs each of them is significant to Sir Paul that has inspired him to create beautiful designs and the latest fashion of all times. The beautiful cover made by cloth is an inspiration from yarn, which also creates colorful stripes. So, every one of the 50 objects is responsible for his vivid inspirations that have been cataloged in various collections.

The 50th anniversary is celebrated, with an announcement of the Paul Smith Foundation that will give helpful advice to creative people. He wants to share his unique spirit and fruitful experiences that he has gained with young minds to grow their business. It is a digital platform that welcomes not only designers but chefs, graduates, publishers, or entrepreneurs. The foundation will expand its horizons through various channels like websites and social media.


One of the renowned creative spirits embraces the brand's 50th anniversary by publishing an eponymous book that is an exciting representation of his work and launching a foundation for all that spans different categories like 'Defining your point of view', 'Making an impression', and 'Learning by doing'. The anniversary capsule collection is about casual menswear and womenswear, featuring photo prints created by Sir Paul and archive graphics from 1988 to 2002, visualizing Sir Paul's iconic approach towards the design and displaying the latest fashion.

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