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Jewelry Chakra Enlightening This Festivity!

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Jewelry Chakra Enlightening This Festivity!

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“Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.” – Iris Apfel

With the festive season around the corner here’s how you can accessorize your jewelry with your outfits and overall structure. Whether you wish to keep it simple or glamorous, nothing adds more oomph to your look than jewelry. You will be surprised at how a tiny piece of jewelry can instantly elevate your entire ensemble, taking you from drab to fab! But to crack that code, there are a few things one must keep in mind while picking out jewelry pieces – the shape of our face, the necklines and the ethnic or modern look .

Jewelry enhances a person’s beauty only if worn right. The wrong fit can make it a fashion faupaux taking you away from the latest fashion trends. So here’s all you need to know about the kind of jewelry that will suit your face type and neckline.

Face Shape And Jewelry

The first step is to correctly identify what shape of  face you have. Tie all your hair back, away from your face. Ask someone to take a close up photograph of your face. Once you’ve established your face shape scroll down to see the jewelry that would suit you and your outfit the best.


Face Shape And Jewelry

A square face shape is one that is shorter and more angular than the ideal. It is straight at sides with squared hairlines and jaw lines, just like Kareena Kapoor Khan. Necklaces and earrings with rounded and curved edges are ideal for this face type. Think dangling earrings, oval hoops and long drop earrings.Jewelry that is longer rather than wider works beautifully for this face type so opt for long necklaces with pendants or keep it classy and minimal with a chain of pearls.

Angular shapes but with slight rounded corners

An oval face shape is considered as the ideal face type with the perfect proportions. Just like the hourglass figure, this face type can be flattered with any kind of jewelry but some just make it way more beautiful. If you’ve got the perfect face cut like Angeline Jolie and Jennifer Aniston then you will look in any jewelry style or length – but angular shapes but with slight rounded corners are your best pieces.

Triangular earrings for example will give definition to your face and bring out the natural beauty of your oval face shape. Opt for medium to short length earrings – too long ones will make you look more like an Oblong. Teardrops, chandelier earrings, studs and danglers are a few good options. The necklace length will depend on the length of your neck. So if your neck is short select a medium to long necklaces like layered necklaces or waterfall necklaces; chokers complement long necks.

Tip -This Festive season, don’t wear jewelry all at once, You can pair an ethnic choker or tear drop earrings with rings on an Indo- Western outfit.


Katrina Kaif

Longer than wide, the oblong face shape is curved at forehead, jaw and chin making it longer and narrower than an ideal. Two great examples of such a face type are Katrina Kaif and Sarah Jessica Parker. Short lengths compliment this face shape; collar length neckpieces, chokers, and princess lengths break the vertical line of this shape and are complimentary.

Large beads and rounded neck wires are best. When it comes to earrings, the ones that have more width than length work the best, for example wide chandelier earring styles; button, fan and round earrings help widen your oblong face shape also enhancing your overall look.

Round face shape

Rani Mukherjee and Cameron Diaz have a round face shape, which is more curved than ideal, making it shorter and wider than ideal. Use long lengths to lengthen the look of the face.Use larger components like pendants that create V-shapes to compliment the face.

Avoid princess, chokers and collar lengths, which shorten the neckline. Wear long, vertical style earrings, which narrows the face to create an illusion of length. Use angular designs such as rectangle, trapezoids, and longer angular shapes to flatter the face.

When the face shape is more angular, longer and narrower than ideal, then we can safely call it a rectangle face shape. Short length necklaces compliment this shape such as collar length, choker and princess lengths that break the vertical line of this shape and are complimentary. Coming to earrings avoid teardrops and dangling earrings, large studs and short drop earrings are ideal.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and Reese Witherspoon have the same face shape – a heart face shape. This cut is Wider at forehead than cheeks and narrow at the chin and jaw than ideal. The Widow’s peak hairline is a great way to identify this face type.

Short and curved shapes are the best for such a face cut. Choker, princess and collar lengths are ideal.If longer lengths are desired, then pair them with a shorter length to create balance.Rounded neck wires and short bib-styles are complimentary.Triangular dangling earrings compliment the shape by widening the jawline, adding width. Use hoops, curves, teardrops, triangles and other dangling space-filling designs.Avoid small round post designs as well as longer narrow designs.

The triangle face shape is more angular than ideal. It is narrower at forehead than jaw and flatter chin than ideal. Your ideal jewelry shapes are the ones that add width to your jawline – narrower on top and wider at the bottom such as tear, pear and triangle motifs.Avoid styles with extra length.Add width to the jawline by wearing earrings that dangle with teardrops, pearl drops or triangle drops.

Soften the face with hoops or dramatize the face with angular crystal cuts and triangle shapes.Chokers will draw emphasis to a long neck.Opera style will also lengthen a torso.Soft shapes such as spheres, pearls, open link chains, etc. will offset the sharp angles of the face.


triangle face shape
Photo Credit- @karyashaladesigns
Neckline And Jewelry

One has a wide variety of options for styling and accessorizing ensembles with different necklines according to latest fashion trends. But, choosing the right jewelry can sometimes be a lot harder than usual. So let us be your helping hand.

For an off-shoulder neckline opt for drop earrings, ear cuffs long necklaces, and collar necklaces. Add drama to this romantic neckline with statement making earrings or a choker. If you’re someone who likes to keep it minimal pair the dramatic off shoulder top with asymmetrical styles.

You can also add a cocktail ring to amp up the oomph. Or you can completely skip the necklace if you want all eyes on the off-shoulder look.

Tip – Pair your off shoulder dress with a Kundan neck piece, it will add the drama and an ethnic touch to the modern outfit

Layered necklaces and longer pieces work wonder when it comes to a deep V-neckline. Long pendant necklace are the perfect fit for such a neckline. Keep it classy and understated with a dainty diamond pendant or add glamour with layered necklaces in gold and dangling earrings.

When it comes to halters and high necklines skip the neck piece. Keep it super minimal and limit yourself to accessories that are away from the collars.

Tip- Hair accessories, stud earrings and bracelets will work wonder with Halters and High Necklines.


A boat-neck

A boat-neck is a classic neckline in both Indian and western wear. Such a neckline requires an elegant accessory, which adds length and depth to the shallow neckline and the overall attire. Choose pearl string for a delicate and elegant look or oversized studs for more oomph. A diamond bracelet will add the right amount of grace to the look.

With a flattering sweetheart neckline it is essential to balance it well. Keep away from over-accessorizing and stick to one piece of jewelry like a statement making neckline in precious stones.

The scoop neckline is traditional yet feminine so you don’t want to over power it with jewelry. Stud earrings, bracelets and delicate pendants are an ideal choice. Lean towards a princess look with a barely there necklace or solitaries for the best look.

While these tricks will help you pick out jewelry pieces to accentuate your look, ensure that you stick to the same color tone when you’re picking jewelry. For instance if you pick a gold pair of earrings chose a gold bracelet to match it, mixing silver and gold jewelry accents in never a good idea.

Tip- Add a pop of color to your all black outfit with vibrant earrings or mix and match complementary colors for a truly unique look. Polki and Meenakari come in handy here.


Polki and Meenakari
Photo Credit – @karyashaladesigns

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