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Journey Of Designer Asmita Marwa

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Journey Of Designer Asmita Marwa


Hailing from Hyderabad, ASMITA MARWA is a sustainable fashion label that has been creating and manufacturing garments in-house, using ethical norms and practices. They believe in ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ design or re-generative design which is holistic. She has been rated as one of nine top up and upcoming international designers by Vogue.

Recycling, up cycling and sustainable fashion is what their design house believes in. They trust that it is the future of fashion and have established themselves as a brand that has given resort wear a whole new dimension keeping sustainability and eco-friendly design at the heart and soul of the label.

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Creative Genes

 She grew up seeing her grandmother knit and do beautiful hand embroidery. Also, her mother used to paint and that’s how expressing herself was a part of her upbringing. She did her schooling from Vidyaranya, and the school too focused on the artistic growth of the students.

She took up Psychology for undergrad since she found it very interesting to learn about human minds. However, something in her was constantly driving her towards creativity. She used to feel very happy while designing and sketching. She loved what she did, and her passion has made her the woman she is today.

The Self-taught artist

After Asmita’s graduation, She set her heart in this ambition and according to her, there weren’t many options available in India at that time. Soon after, she got married and considers herself to be a self-taught artist!. Conducting and hosting workshops and exhibitions every 6-8 months was an exceptional learning experience for her. Eventually, realizing that her products were sellable, she started to build her label.


The inspiration behind the aesthetic

Having being inspired by traveling she ensures to explore new places once every two months. Her sense of aesthetics is firmly rooted in India.

Her muse, Maya is a product of her imagination but she knows she exists in every modern woman. Maya, the free-spirited world traveler bohemian at heart, dreams of a world without boundaries.

She is independent and spirited enough to wear a drape with the same sanguine ease as a pair of samurai pants or shorts. She is eclectic. She is bohemian, and her wardrobe is a perfect example of diversity – mixed and matched in quirky abandon.




Defining Sustainability

For Asmita, sustainability is an ideology, a state of mind, and a concept close to her heart as a designer and a creative person. It is the crux and essence of her label and brand. Sustainability is about slow-fashion, timeless fashion, it’s about evolving a concept, re-inventing, and re-interpreting it over a few seasons. Sustainable fashion does not believe in churning out collection after collection making the consumers feel that they are outdated because they don’t have the latest pieces. It is about adding separates to continue the evolution of a concept or design language.

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Telugu Film Industry Journey

The Telugu Industry has gone through tremendous changes and she feels happy about the fact that she could be a part of it. She feels lucky to have worked with people whom she knew because when you work with people you are comfortable with, the equation and the connection are different and stronger. She says, “They respected me and my time. I am not somebody who would waste time. For me, it is valuable and has to be spent productively. The stint in the industry was a good experience. However, after a while, I started feeling that I need to focus on my brand. I applied in Lakme Fashion Week too, and since then there has been no looking back!”.

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“Believe in yourself and be true to who you are, you will attract your tribe” – Asmita Marwa

Fashion Designer

From ushering Hyderabad into the stupendous world of fashion designing, drawing Telugu audience’s attention to her impressive designs for popular actors in movies, carving a niche through the likes of Lakme Fashion Week, to launching her brand ‘Asmita Marwa’, she has proved her mettle in many different ways. The talent bundle of a person known for her awe-inspiring sense of melding the traditional with global traces her evolution into becoming one of India’s most sought after designers!.

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