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Katrina Kaif's Eye Makeup Styles You Can Totally Recreate!

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Katrina Kaif's Eye Makeup Styles You Can Totally Recreate!

Kay Beauty launches the newest feast to style your eyes with something extraordinary.

Girls! The new eye makeup crush is trending on social media with the launch of newbies by Kay Beauty. Kay by Katrina Kaif recently added four new eyeshadow palettes to their collection to create versatile looks.

The 9 in 1 palette offers a range of exploratory shades from matte to metallics that compliment each other. They are highly pigmented with ultrafine particles and a buttery smooth texture. "4 palettes- 36 shades- ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES", captioned by KaybyKatrina, drops endless hues to combine and create different day and night eye makeup looks with an easily blendable formula.

The newest launches, created by Gaurvi Sharma @gaurvim, added a magical and artistic effect to Indian beauty tips and makeup ideas. Each illustration is different from the other, prefixing the aesthetical and mystical vibe, resonating with the palette names. 

1. Wild and free- The liberated ones- The palette offers nine different warm tones to experiment with your summer beauty tips. Be wild and free and create some fun and simple day looks with this eyeshadow palette. 

2. Bare Soul- The raw and genuine one- Let your individuality and genuineness seek out with nude and smoky tones. Create some rare eye makeup looks and adds gentleness and simplicity to Indian beauty tips.  

3. Self Love- The warm and delightful-  It is an evening eyeshadow palette. The idea of self-love is poured into the nine different wine tones, suitable for evening looks.

4. Pure Bloom- The ever-growing, learning one- The peach day palette is perfect for your summer beauty tips. It reflects your inner self that is growing. It offers individual tones to create some blooming looks that are beautiful.

Eyeshadows are always fun to create some artistic looks. It let your eyes express your current mood and style. With the new launches by Kay Beauty by Katrina @kaybykatrina, it's time to shine and incorporate some trendy looks. The two looks of Katrina Kaif that we are in absolute love and can be recreated are:

Image courtesy- @kaybeautybykatrina

1. The young and fresh in Pink- Katrina Kaif looks all fresh and young in this monochromatic look. It goes from normal to medium face coverage and contouring with a heavy bronze effect. The brows are bushy and natural. The pink eyes are created with a newly launched eyeshadow palette by Kay Beauty by Katrina, 'Self Love', incorporating the berry tones. 

How to recreate the fresh pink eye look?

  • The first step is to set your eyelids with a primer or concealer or an eyeshadow base. It gives a foundation for the shades to settle down. 
  • Next is to set the eyelid with powder or compact to have intensified color look. 
  • Now choose a 'berry' shade from the eyeshadow palette and apply it to the crease and on the lids. Cover your inner corner and outer corner with the same. 
  • For the lower lash line, choose the same and spread it outwards.  
  • Now choose a darker tone, 'Rosa', and apply it to the outer corners, and blend it out to have a smudged effect.
  • Tightline the upper lids with a black eye pencil to have a bold effect.
  • For tightening the lower lash waterline, use a white eye pencil that makes your eyes look bigger. 
  • The final play is to pop up your lashes with a set of light lashes. 
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Image courtesy- @kaybeautybykatrina

2. The smoky green-  Katrina is all set to rock her evening look in green- smoky eyes. The face coverage goes from normal to medium with peach blush tones and nude brown lip shade. The brows are natural and bushy.

How to recreate the green-smoky eyes?

  • Practice the first and second steps to have intensified look.
  • Now choose a 'butter' shade from the eyeshadow palette and apply it to the crease and the lids, covering your corners. Cover your lower lash line with the same.
  • Now choose a darker tone, 'Olive', and apply it to the lids and blend it upwards from the outer corner towards the brows. Do not apply to the inner corner. 
  • Choose another dark tone, 'Ebony', and apply it to the outer corners and blend it with defined lines to have a structured and smoky look. Darken your lower lash line with the same, leaving the inner corner.
  • Tightline your upper lash line with a black eye pencil and lower lash line with a white eye pencil. 
  • The final play is to pop up your lashes with a set of light lashes. 

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Isn't it easier to recreate these looks with simple steps? Grab the latest palettes and create some more artistic looks. 

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