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Khadi: The sustainable home decor revolution

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Khadi: The sustainable home decor revolution

Your outfit reveals a lot about your personality, in the same way, your home represents a more consistent reflection of you. There is a reason why home decor is so important, this blog will reveal all the home decor tips, and how you can use the prominent sustainable Indian fabric 'Khadi' for your home decor. 

What are home decors?

A house becomes a home, when it is beautifully amalgamated with your thoughts and designs, it happens when the house itself speaks for who you are as a person when each room exudes a unique personality. Most people tend to neglect home decor, but trust us when we say a little home makeover can create a huge difference in your lives. 

Home decor is basically how you decorate your space, you can also hire professionals to do it. It is not as simple as it seems, it involves choosing the right type of layouts and furnishings, the right choice of shades, style of furniture and apt arrangement of objects. 

To be clear, it is the art and science of making an external and internal space more attractive and functional for its inhabitants. Each room of the home needs a particular detailing and here is how-



The bedroom is the major part of your home, it is the place you look forward to when you want to relax. The decor and styling of your bedroom rely on factors like color, soft accessories, texture, flooring, furniture, etc. All of these elements can be decorated according to your taste so that you can feel heavenly in your bedroom every time you come to relax.


There are numerous things to keep in mind when the thought of decorating or recreating your kitchen, a kitchen is called out to be the hub of your home. So, it is essential to get it done right, some of the key factors that should be considered while decorating the kitchen are the flooring, work surface, functionality, and style statement. 

Front home decor

The front portion of your home is very crucial because every guest you invite pays direct attention to that area of your home. While opting for the front home decor you need to concentrate on factors like locality, parking space, utilities. 

Fabric plays a major role when it comes to home decor, they add glamour to the interior decor of the home. 

Khadi: Hand-woven and sustainable fabric from India

Khadi: Hand-woven and sustainable fabric from India

As we are familiar, the fabric was made popular by freedom fighter Mahatama Gandhi, as initiation of empowerment. Khadi initiated the boycott movement in India, it made the public trust in Indian textile and made the fabric as an alternative to the British textiles. Khadi is a hand-spun fabric spun out of cotton, sometimes silk and wool. 

The main producers of the fabric are India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

The properties of Khadi fabric are-

1. It is skin-friendly.

2. It reciprocates with the weather, is cool in summers and warm in winters. 

3. The manufacturing process of Khadi is eco-friendly making it a sustainable fabric. 

4. It offers wide printing designs. 

How Khadi can be appropriate for home decor?

How Khadi can be appropriate for home decor?

Making Khadi a part of your home decor is almost like wearing your national cred on your sleeve. The fabric Khadi is well celebrated as a political fabric, it represents simplicity and grace equally. It ticks all the reasons good enough to get to your home decor, which are-

-It is sustainable. 

-Promotes the country's growth.

-Support handloom weavers. 

-Perfect for summer.

-It's skin-friendly and leads to no skin allergies.

To further know in detail about the pros and cons of the Gandhian fabric Khadi- check out the blog by I Knock Fashion-

Why is home decor essential?

Why is home decor essential?

According to experts, the home decor you hold speaks way too much about your personality like, personal artifacts on display creates a scenario which speaks that you have a strong sense of self, the busy desk of yours says that you're going to new heights in life, the high polished trends in your home decor means that you have goals, a wall full of family photos portrays that you have a nostalgia personality, a well-made sofa in the drawing-room shows that you are a smart investor, alternative ways to decorative walls says you keep up with the latest trends, fine wall art indicates you're business savvy and classic, sometimes the home decor experts go to the level of analyzing that a blank space could mean a fear of commitment.

Home decor also shows the world, if you are environmentally friendly or not. You can improve the energy efficiency of your home with simple upgrades in the decor as adding single-panel windows, insulation, replacing lighting fixtures, etc. These changes in your home decor will also save some money and keep you updated with the latest trends.

The decor is much required also because you may not realize it but the colors and textures of the walls do matter. The wall colors you chose can create a fresh and new look of your home.

Where can you find Khadi home decor?

For Mahatma Gandhi Khadi was the soul of the country, he once said- “The art that is in the machine-made article, appeals only to the eye; the art in khadi appeals first to the heart and then to the eye.” And maybe that's why you should opt for Khadi in home decor. Following are the places to find Khadi home decor-

Khadi Eco Basket- Established in 2015, the brand offers organic and natural products, they have fantastic all-natural kitchenware products.

You can check out their collection online at-

The Khadi Cult- A business and entrepreneurship student Priyanshi Jariwala, launched the brand intending to weave a new story on a fabric that had major national value. The major objective was to make Khadi acceptable to the younger audience. 

The brand offers you with quirky Quilt, cushions, Maachis chair, different quirky printed pastel shade pillow covers, and whatnot.  

You can check out their gorgeous collection online at-

I Wear Khadi- I wear Khadi brings to you the traditional Khadi in the new avatar of "Modern Indian Fashion", within 2 years the brand has managed to grow and bring new collections in the field of Khadi. 

They offer you- beautiful handwoven rugs, yoga mats, and cushion covers. You can further shop their collection online at-

Tips on how to use Khadi in home decor

1. A Khadi lamp will leave your home full of light and give it an aesthetically pleasing look.
2. Khadi is a sustainable and earthy fabric, soft to the skin and prevents skin allergies, you can use the fabric as a quilt or blanket.
3. You can go for khadi based tablemats, it will leave your space look green karma.
4. You can enhance your sofas look by putting quirky Khadi cushions over it.
5. A Khadi lunchbox bag can make your kitchen look classic.
6. Use the Khadi fabric as rugs to create cozy little corners in your home. 

Indian fashion designers who do home decor

Indian fashion designers who do home decor

When the king and queens of the Indian fashion industry join the league of home decors the result we get is awe-inspiring. The ace designers of the Indian fashion industry like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Tarun Tahilani, Armani, Versace, and many others using their talent to revamp gorgeous home decors and stores around the world. 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee 

The ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is known for the bridal couture collection, his love for fusion, vibrant colors, and patch-work embellishments can be seen in the interiors of ‘The Cinema Suite’ in Taj Buckingham, London, created by him as a tribute to the history of the film industry. 

Tarun Tahilani

The Indian fashion designer's artistic horizon is beyond imagination and his style reflects the contemporary Indian sensibility. He has also designed a public space for luxury residences ‘Cattaro’ in Gurgaon very recently. 

Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla 

The designer duo came up with the idea of Interior after a furniture exhibition “Architecture”, which was a success and soon gave the duo a chance to design the residences of celebs like Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, Dimple Kapadia, Nikhil, and Shweta Nanda. 

Gauri Nainika

The designer duo is known for its contemporary couture in the fashion industry, consists of luxury furniture, home linen, and home accessories. Gauri and Nainika Home also provides bespoke Interior consultation to individuals looking for designer experience for their house.

Home decor market size in India

Home decor market size in India

According to the Economic Times, `The home décor market is growing nationally at 20%. South India is growing at a faster clip of 25 to 30%. Retailers, institutional buyers and interior designers from cities like Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad have increased their presence at the tradeshow,'' said Arun Roongta, MD of HGH India. He added that it is much higher than the growth in many foreign countries compelling many foreign brands to come to India.

Economic Times also stated news that The khadi industry in India is expected to cross Rs 10,000 crore turnover in the next five years, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena said.

Hence the blog can be concluded by saying that, Khadi has become a stylish narrative that is now popularly embraced by designers. A versatile fashion fabric, it is being used as a tool to navigate India through its hard-won independence.

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