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Kinló: A Skincare Brand For Melanated Skin Tones By The Tennis Star, Naomi Osaka

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Kinló: A Skincare Brand For Melanated Skin Tones By The Tennis Star, Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka- source- @Asiasociety

Naomi Osaka brings in exclusivity by entering into the beauty business with the upcoming launch of Kinló in partnership with A-Frame Brands to celebrate the 'people of color'. 

Naomi Osaka announced to launch a skincare line, Kinló with Los Angeles-based A-Frame Brands, for the tanned and melanated skin tones.

The 23-year-old young Japanese athlete is invincible when it comes to setting new records or venturing into a business with a good cause. Ruling with a crown of US and Australian Open Championship and part-owning a National Women's Soccer League team, North Carolina Courage, Osaka is all set to dive into the skincare brand.

Naomi Osaka, the tennis champion, is ranked as no.1 by the Women's Tennis Association. Not being acknowledged with beauty tips for women to protect skin from harmful rays drove her to this exclusive launch. "What drew me towards this project is having memories of being a kid and not knowing how to protect my skin," Osaka told Business of Fashion. "I only started wearing sunscreen recently." She was never concerned with her summer looks.

The lady of Japanese and Haitian descent is soon launching Kinló, "Kin means "gold" in Japanese, and "ló" means "gold" in Haitian. The skincare line focuses on protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun. It also tries to make your summer looks enchanting. According to Osaka, the brand aims to develop products that will "protect and rejuvenate melanated skin tones."

About The Skincare Line

The brand will hold its launch date in Autumn Winter 2021 with a full range of products. The first range of products includes an SPF 40 tinted face lotion that will protect against the blue light, an SPF 50 tinted face lotion formulated especially for activities, body spray, recovery lip balm, and recovery eye cream. All items are priced under $20. The products put together to address the need of the people who have more melanin in their skin this is something that many brands ignore. Also, the product won't leave white residue on the skin as compared to other products.

She wants to emphasize the latest beauty tips for women that protect the skin texture. With the launch of Kinló, she aims to protect and preserve lives by protecting the skin. The collection will be sold directly to the consumer via Kinló's official website and through a yet-to-be-announced third-party retailer. Soon to be launched, Kinló is already in the headlines.

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The latest launch is winning hearts that aim to serve differently colored skins. The tennis star with skincare brand aims to provide a full range of products to the consumers.

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