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Know More About The Colleges Offering Sustainable Education In Fashion

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Know More About The Colleges Offering Sustainable Education In Fashion: There are more and more fast fashion brands in India and the international fashion market. It all comes with a price we can’t pay in today’s day and age. As the current generation is going through such dire consequences of global warming, sustainability is needed in almost every form especially in the fashion cycle.

Fortunately,  industry leaders and customers are responding now, and sustainable fashion is on the rise. As far as fashion enthusiasts and students are concerned, we’ve summed up a list of colleges offering sustainable education in fashion.  This will help you gain additional knowledge as to how you can do your bit in saving the planet while pursuing your passion:

University of Westminster, London

University of Westminster, London

 With an acceptance rate of only 6% for BA Fashion Design, they offer various programs through M.A. in International Planning and Sustainable Development and other courses: Dissertation or major project, International planning practice, Fashion Planning in a globalizing world, Research methods and the built environment, Skills for planning practice, Sustainable management.

Istituto Marangoni, Milan

Istituto Marangoni, Milan:

They offer short executive courses providing an opportunity to broaden horizons and update expertise in all areas of the business. The executive short course being, Fashion Production & Sustainability for Professionals. This course enables sustainability in the fashion cycle, bringing an alternative fashion to the fast fashion brands in India and other world markets.  

Parsons, The New School for Design, New York

Parsons, The New School for Design, New York

Parsons has been heavily invested in sustainability through its education and campus life. Their buildings are also environment-friendly i.e. it conserves energy and water and manages waste. They provide an option to specialize in sustainability, which is open to all majors.

Courses offered- Sustainable Systems; Zero Waste Design; Sustainable Fashion; Ethical Fashion; Eco Fashion: Sustainable Solutions; Sustainable Business Models.

Education In Sustainable Fashion Online courses that they offer is Medium of Fashion: Textiles; Fashion Entrepreneurship; Design and Innovative Sustainable Business. Plus, they have special projects as well – Partnership with Loomstate to create jeans that are close to zero waste but still look good.

POLIMODA, Florence:

POLIMODA, Florence:

 Known for its Summer Edition Course in Sustainable Fashion which aims at creating the state-of-the-art Spokesperson for the sustainable & ethical fashion system of the forthcoming future, other courses being offered are contemporary fashion, fashion marketing and corporate strategies with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause-Related Marketing and brand reputation, the business behind materials and their impact on the environment, technological innovation within the fashion industry, traceability in the supply chain, fashion law, the international standards, and environmental management.

Along with this, they have special projects that include – visit the Gucci Garden or Ferragamo Museum; an international guest lecture by a fashion industry expert; a personal project; and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential.

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

They not only boost their expertise in fashion but also its innovation in a sustainable fashion.

M.A. in Material Futures- A multi-disciplinary study that focuses on developing smart, eco-friendly textile technologies to respond to the emerging environmental awareness in the industry. Students get to work on at least one paying client project.

Courses they offer are Ethical and Sustainable Practice in Fashion; Sustainable Fashion; Introduction to Sustainable Fashion for Professionals. There’s an online course as well that you can pursue – Promoting Sustainability in Fashion. These empower you to focus on sustainable designing and brands instead of the up-gradation of fast fashion brands in India and other parts of the world.  

Along with this, they work on a special project namely, Textile Futures Research Community – A research group that studies ways to make textiles and materials more sustainable through technological and innovative means.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

It is one of the nation’s first higher education institutions that work with the government to reduce carbon emission. Students are exposed to sustainability both inside and outside of their studios and lecture halls. The programs they offer are Minor in Ethics and Sustainability which is an interdisciplinary study that equips students to apply sustainability in all possible areas.

 Non-credit certificate in Sustainable Design Entrepreneur, a series of four-week classes that equip participants to learn about and practice sustainable business ideas. Along with this, they offer the following – Courses: International Corporate Responsibility; Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainability in Fashion Merchandising; Sustainable Packaging and other online courses.

California College of the Arts, San Francisco:

California College of the Arts, San Francisco

 They have the longest-running sustainable fashion design program in the country, innovating in the sustainable fashion cycle continuously. Programs being offered are B.A. in Fashion Design & M.B.A. in Design Strategy.

 M.B.A. in Design Strategy focuses on teaching students to create strategies for “total value creation”. Courses being offered, Leadership by Design; Market Insight Studio; Fashion Design: Sustainability; Eco: Sustainability Seminar; Sustainability Studio; Innovation Studio.

London College of Fashion, London

London College of Fashion, London

They offer its students an in-depth knowledge and expertise in sustainability.

M.A. in Fashion Futures focuses on fashion practices and theories with goals to create a sustainable, thriving world with new and sustainable perspectives on fashion.

Their Special project is the Center for Sustainable Fashion, which is research-oriented  that challenges “reactionary fashion cultures, that reflects and reinforces patterns of excessive consumption and disconnection”

Sustainability has worked its way into every creative industry and the reports show no signs of slowing down. Sustainable and ethically designed clothing has created a new job market that values designers with both creative and sustainable design skills.

Pratt Institute, New York

Pratt Institute, New York

The Pratt Institute is one of the leading fashion schools, and it integrates sustainability across multiple courses. The sustainable and fashion course at Pratt serves as a research and resource center for any faculty or students interested in sustainable design. There are courses like Sustainability and Fashion, Sustainability and Production, etc. The Pratt Design Incubator for sustainable innovation was initiated in the year 2002 and is based on four sectors: clean energy, fashion, design, and design consulting.

Otis College of Art and Design, California

Otis College of Art and Design, California

Otis is one of the top art schools on the West Coast, and it offers the students a wide network of fashion industry leaders specializing in sustainable fashion and design. The college is home to innovation, the sustainability here is not limited to fashion design, from Fashion Design to even Toy Design, sustainability education widely influences the school’s curriculum. Its program BA in fashion design offers a pattern that explores the eco-friendly, smart design, the authority says that minor in sustainability is available for all majors. The art school’s fashion design Department initiated the Otis Sustainable Alliance. The alliance group members are uber creative leaders from different fields, including fashion, design, art, and higher education. These people are committed to enhancing the environmental, social, educational, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Academy of Art University, San Francisco

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 in San Francisco, it is the largest accredited private art and design school in the country and one of the most celebrated in the world. It’s hard to believe but the school implemented environmental and sustainable design options from as early as 1998. The school provides both in-class and online courses centered on sustainability. There courses like Sustainable Design, Survey of Sustainable Design, Sustainable Designs & Practices Studio, and the online courses include Sustainability and Society.

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, California

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, California

Although the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising doesn’t offer a degree majorly in sustainable fashion, it provides its students with a deep understanding of sustainable fashion and design across multiple departments. The college is based in California, which is considered as the denim capital of the country, students here doing majors in the business of denim receive knowledge about sustainable methods on developing denim products. The college offers courses like Sustainable Practices in the Product Lifecycle, Sustainability & The Fashion Industry, Sustainable Practices in Design, Creative Pattern Making. There are also special exhibitions featuring green textiles and raw materials, and partnerships with renowned fashion brands like Guess to mentor students on sustainable fashion design.

AMD Academy Fashion & Design, Germany

Colleges Offering Sustainable Education In Fashion

AMD Academy Fashion and Design were founded in 1989, it offers a course networked with sustainability and a team of instructors to train and learn with students. The Academy offers MA in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries, and the courses offered are Sustainable Design Concepts, Fashion and Society, Sustainable Marketing and Social Media, Sustainable Fibres and Textiles, Sustainable Standards, Sustainable Business Psychology, and Leadership, and Quality Management.

IKF Desk (Conclusion)

London College of Fashion, London

The fashion industry today is struggling to understand and minimize its negative impact on the environment and the world. All the solution starts with education, inculcating sustainable and slow fashion in the fashion cycle.

As today fashion has become the most dynamic aspect in the world hitting all walks of life, along with that fashion is one thing that hits all the strata of society. Fashion is everything and in everything, this further gives a challenge to the fashion designers to produce and think of ideas which are economical and which addresses environmental concerns. Therefore providing fashion education accessible to all interested fashion students who have the design skills is necessary so that these can be further developed into design creativity to create new ideas that are sustainable in nature.

Teaching sustainable fashion has to be widened in India, it has to come out from the walls of the classroom and provide space and time to the New Thinker to think about new creative and sustainable ideas. There should be more of sustainable fashion courses in the country, and the fashion curriculum should be more diverse and open so that students can come up with ideas and solution which are sustainable and economical. The fashion students should be given time and space to explore ideas in a liberalized environment. As the latest generation is technology savvy, they have a wider exchange platform to share and promote sustainable fashion ideas. The fashion institutes should discuss sustainability and promote creativity to expose the new learner to the latest updated technological advances so that they are able to create new ideas which are competitive on the world platform and are able to do innovations by consuming less resource and produce more. Would you like to know anything more about sustainable fashion courses or institutes?

Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty updates.

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