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Knowing Your Consumer – The Professionals Guide To Fashion

Knowing Your Consumer – The Professionals Guide To Fashion

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The consumer is the king. This phrase has been one of the most popular expressions in recent times. With a considerable amount of credibility to it as well. For any company, brand or designer, getting to know their consumer is the first and foremost thing to do.

Tracking analytics, counting the number of followers on social platforms, watching the number of website visitors. It comes down to only one factor – the consumers.



What are the factors that drive customers? What are the ongoing trends they would be inclined towards? or What are the things they are likely to ignore? These components help brands and designers understand “who” their customers really are.

Knowing the consumer is extremely important. It is important in providing products and services that your consumer will respond best to. This will further result in strong customer relationships and new sales. In the contemporary fashion landscape, it is not enough for a customer to simply like something and purchase it. 



To know their consumers, brands need to define a target audience for themselves. They need to bring out finer details like interests, tastes and the different ways in which they perceive themselves.

British designer Alexander McQueen was known as one of fashion’s greatest showmen. His creations were worn by customers with a similar aesthetic sense, like American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga. His designs evoked a narrative story without overpowering the strong women who wore his designs.  

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Contemporary high-street brands like Zara have chosen the triad of young. Price-conscious, sensitive to on-going trends and demographic as their target audience. They have an edge over other brands as they do not define their markets according to age. 

According to a study, women are more influenced by fashion and men are more influenced by the brand name. Brands need to be aware that their consumers are not only looking for low-cost products. They are also looking for innovation, utility and a factor that boosts their social status.  

For brands to flourish in the fashion industry, understanding their consumers’ behavior is vital in order to develop better marketing capabilities. Knowledge about the consumer directly affects a brand’s marketing strategy. Brands should include knowledge of their target audiences into every aspect of their marketing plan.

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