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Latest Fashion Trends Of 2021

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Latest Fashion Trends Of 2021

As 2020 bid adieu with mixed feelings and an all-new culture of work from home, virtual parties, and digital shows, 2021 brings a new world of trends in fashion for the globe. It amalgamates hope and normalcy in the new way of living. The fashion trends of 2021 indicate illuminating colors, nature-driven patterns, and casual silhouettes.

The fashion trends that have been trending in fashion news and spotted on the runway are as follows:

Color Trends

Colors play a vital role in fashion, they create a connection with the consumer. The first and foremost attribute that attracts the consumer towards a piece of cloth, accessory, or shoes is color. 2020 color trend gave much weight to the hues of blue. 2021, on the contrary, glorifies brighter tones, pastel hues, and colors that represent a brighter future and stable present.

Pantone Color of the year – Spoonflower- Pinterest
Pantone Color of the year – Spoonflower- Pinterest
  • Pantone Color Of The Year

Pantone announced Yellow and Gray as the colors of 2021. After a year of staying indoors, restricted movements, and an undefined future, these two colors bring a ray of hope and a foundation of dependency.

  • Men's Color Trends

The spring-summer 2021 color palette for men contains pastel hues of blues, yellows, mustards, pinks, and earthy tones.

  • Women's Color Trends

As bright hues of yellow and gray would take the lead this year, juicy tones, earthy hues, and natural human skin tones would also be spotted this spring-summer 2021 fashion.

Print & Pattern Trends  

Prints and patterns are evergreen and always returning, be it stripes, checks, animal prints, polka dots, or all over designs, they always have admirers and adorners. While 2020 playfully saw prints, spring-summer 2021 has introduced prints that speak about nature, travel, indigenous fashion, and classicity.  

  • Women's Pattern & Print Trends

As the pandemic gave a pause to the regular working and hectic life, one thing that all have developed or realized is their connection with nature and the beauty of the Earth itself. Hence, floral prints have been given much attention this year.

Indigenous and folk prints, artistic representations, paisleys, and tie and dye are also climbing up the pattern and print trend of 2021.

latest fashion for men
Tropical Prints
  • Men's Pattern & Print Trends

Restrictions on travel and the urge to explore cultures along with simple living shaped the print and pattern trends for men in 2021. The spring-summer 2021 trends include Asian artworks, paisley, tropical prints, nautical prints and patterns, stripes, and checks.

Silhouettes Trends

Silhouettes are the outline of the clothing, they can be A-line, hourglass, asymmetrical, etc. Silhouettes can define the shape of the body or even create oversized illusions. 2021 is definite to witness a variety of silhouettes trending in fashion for both men and women.   

  • Strong Shoulders
  • Casual and comfortable wear
  • sharp and defined silhouettes
  • Loose pants
  • Boxy silhouettes

Fabric Trends

Spring- summer 2021 fabric trends puts importance on functionality and comfort. Handmade fabrics, eco dying textiles, woven fabrics are placed high up the chart in 2021. Jute, nylon, chiffon, denim, cotton, crepe, and silk with natural-looking dyes, stone grey look, and feel would be spotted this year.

Accessory Trends

The fashion news boasting about the accessory trends to adorn in the spring-summer 2021 includes:

  • Face Masks

As they become an inevitable accessory, black face masks are making to the list of fashion trends 2021. This black face mask is smart, neutral to wear with different outfits and a perfect fit for casual occasions.

latest fashion for girls
Market Tote Bags
  • Bags

Women men alike carry bags to put in their essentials and adorn them as an accessory to complement their outfits. Wrap bags, totes, bags with fringes, embellished bags with poppy colors are cool accessory trends one can complete their overall look with.

latest fashion
Pearl Jewelry
  • Jewelry

Jewelry has always made women feel more confident. It is a way to select and wear your style. While 2020 gave oversized hoops and chains as trends, spring -summer 2021 brings stylish, timeless pieces to the forefront. From heavy metal pieces to pearls and crystals, this year's jewelry is experimental and beautiful at the same time.

  • Footwear

Has comfort crept into the everyday and formal wear of people? The answer to this is a yes, footwear trends is all about comfort now. Clogs, platforms, baby heels, classic and experimental oxfords, flat sandals, ankle ties, and chain embellished footwear make the footwear trends.

I Knock Fashion Desk

The spring-summer 2021 trend has integrated emotions, colors, fashion and culture to bring out an altogether new look and feel of fashion to the globe. From covering a comfortable lifestyle to adorning the style of an outspoken personality; this year will be a 'fashion by all and fashion for all' culture. So if you are looking to slay your spring summer look, just dive into the varied trends and pick your style to flaunt.

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