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Latest Fashion Trends- Styling With Denims

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Latest Fashion Trends- Styling With Denims

Denim has always been the staple choice for stuffing the wardrobes. It has marked a remarkable history which repeats itself inculcating new twists and turns. The appeal of denim continues to bring the charm ideally in any circumstances, proving it to be a secret and powerful weapon to dress with. Styling of denim is not restricted to denim jeans only but has opened the doors with variety of silhouettes that have always trended in fashion.

Denim has been one of the enduring fabrics which continue to rule irrespective of the variety of different fabrics available in the market. The characteristics of the fabric like stretchiness and comfort gives it satisfactory choices to wear it every time and at every occasion. It beholds a 140-year-old history which has grasped the eye of every individual.

Denim reflects the personality of being bold and individual in one’s thought. It has become a supreme fashion choice to deliver the message of freedom. Styling with denim is not contemporary rather inculcate the ideas from the past. Infusing lot of designs and new technology, denim continues to mark its presence in every brand’s collection. 

History Of Denim 

Back in late 1800’s, denim

Back in late 1800’s, denim as fabric known as “Serge de Nimes” originated in France and conquered the world with new aspiration. It was popularized due to its quality of being durable. The fabric is cotton in nature and is made with twill weave, with the weft passing under the warp threads using one colored thread and one white thread. Indigo dye is used to dye the warp threads blue and weft threads are left white demonstrating unique blue on one side and white on another side. 

In 1853, a man named Levi Strauss (marked as a well known name in the jeans world today) sold a cotton fabric known as denim to start a new branch of his family business in San Francisco, which was picked up by a man named Jacob W. Davis who was a tailor. He used the fabric in the making of tents, wagon cover and blankets. One day a pair of sturdy trousers were designed on demand for hard work which became popular and voguish for the coming centuries. 

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans were invented by Strauss and Davis for the working class to wear at the time of hard work. It was worn at the time of physical work by miners and laborers because of its durability and strength. Both of them introduced metal rivets to make it more hard and durable for work, patent them and started producing more and more for working men. But in the modern day, it has repositioned itself from just limited for working class to steering up for top notch fashion choices. Indigo dye was used to color it to hide the dirt when worn at work sites. 

Denim in the beginning  of its history was only the work wear choice worn by western cow boys, miners and farmers in the USA. It was first worn in US and then spread across the globe. Off duty soldiers used to wear jeans to make popular in  off duty geographical areas. They were the symbol of self expression and sexual liberation for women. Different styles represented the varied wearers- skinny denims represented a fearless personality rebellious in nature. it were the choice of rebellious youth and college students who wore denims while protesting against the Vietnam War (1950-1960). Denim was not only cheap but a long lasting choice that filled the wardrobes of motor cycle boys and Juvenile Delinquents. 

The decade 1950s marked the fame of denim when Zippers were also introduced in the denims in and around 1954 which gained the attention and was hooked for leisure collections especially for the younger generations. Marlin Monroe empowered the idea of denim and sexualized it with modern style. James dean and Morlon Brando welcomed it with high style role in the movie ‘The Wild One’ and ‘Rebel without a cause’. The dawn of blue jeans reflected the bolder spirits and styles and this street style became the first choice at every social activity evolving in different styles like hippie bell bottoms, tapered legs, skirts, jackets, shorts, bags and shirts.

Current Denim Track

The 1980's denim record opened up designer denims into the punk fashion, grungy looks and rock fashion became the key features of those times. Acid wash denims with ripped jeans and denim skirts popularized that time period. Calvin Klein and Armani for the first time had launched the denim into their designer collections. Adriano Goldschimied, father of premium denims introduced the new fit denim- skinny fit denims. 

The 1990’s denim fashion included Hip-Hop fashion choices which embarked the use of Dungarees and Baggy jeans which were boosted by groups like TLC, the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Boot cut (slimmer from waist and flared from bottoms) was popularized at that time. The 2000’s DIY denims were introduced, when DIY hacks for denim gained popularity for ripped jeans that introduced customized denim which was an idea of self expression and incorporated the millennial style. 

Denim can be teamed up with tops, tank tops, shoes, heels, flip flops, sneakers, kurtis and juttis enhancing its versatility and availability for all. They are exhibited in different shades and tones like black, white, grey and soft pink but the iconic blue leverage the latest trend and style. 

Current Denim Track

Millennial find it suitable for every occasion when presented with different style guides. In the modern world, denim is bold and colorful yet gives ideas to designers and stylists to play with. The latter-day denim variations have evolved into bold styles and colors introducing raw denim, virgin fabric directly from loom which is not washed and chemically treated. 

The modish denim outlook introduces dominant styles like Boot cuts and Boot legs for men, slim fit jeans for classic look, Loose fitting Gap jeans for both men and women, Back pocket zippers, button flaps along with colorful stitches, rugged jeans, boyfriend jeans, over sized denim jackets and denim skirts. 

Denim The Fashionable Way

Following the latest trend of denim which continues to influence with its newer properties like introduction of embroidery, patchwork, laces, pearls and beads. The high- waist denim, flared jeans, straight legged styles contrasted with white and black along with sneakers and falcon shoes mark the millennial trend. The latest denim on denim trend hyped the fashion choices which introduces darker and lower tones into the garments with darker tone on upper side. 

The luxe and indiluxe brands have incorporated different styles of denims. Asymmetrical silhouettes of denim have been the latest investment of high-class that they pair with branded shirts and tank tops. The acid attack denim which incorporates different tones of whites and blue are the latest fashion choice. The velvets, textured and printed capes, sweat shirts, crisp white and black collar shirts, tan colored shirt and knitted sweat shirts are perfectly contrasted with denims. The arrested look of denim incorporated the light weight denim jeans with multi- directional weave and detailed back pockets. 

5 Ways Of Styling With Denim The Fashionable Way

Denim has been the chic and bold choice of fashion which extends beyond the jeans. It assimilates different textures and patterns along with colors that are well contrasted. 


  1. ALL DENIM ON DENIM- Denim shirt paired with denim shorts or jeans accessorized with saddle bag and nude heels. 

  2. DENIM WITH CLASSICS– Denim (tones of blue and black) is classic when worn with white or black shirt or white tank top carried with tote bag and white sneakers, perfect for a lunch date.

  3. DENIM AS FORMAL– The velvet coat with inside white collar shirt and denim jeans with neutral color heels and tan hand bag marks the office look. 

  4. DENIM LAYER– Layering the denim jacket with T-shirt and contrasting pants is perfect for hanging out with friends. The denim dress decked up with lots of embroidery and patch work along with shoes and sling bag makes it appealing too.

  5. DENIM PLAY– Denim skirt with grey tank top highlighted with shoes and tote bag marks the playful look.  Acid wash denim bell bottoms with chic solid colored top along with black waist bags accentuates the whole look.


IKF Desk On Styling With Denims- The Latest Trend In Fashion

With a strong and long history, denim's journey into the fashion world has been through with the people popularizing it. Denim has been a part of the wardrobes of many and continues to seep in and out of fashion. The best is that wearers are aware of the fact that denims are evergreen and will always be back hence, they store their denim garments for years. So with it being back in fashion pull out your pieces, style and wear them to flaunt your fashion sensibilities.   


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