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Latest Perfume Launch Of SCENTIDO At Mumbai

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Latest Perfume Launch Of SCENTIDO At Mumbai

SCENTIDO Niche Perfumery is a luxury fragrance boutique store that offers a skilfully curated range of rare perfumes from the US, UK, and Europe. The experiential perfumery is known for curating and bringing the most exclusive and most niche perfumes to the country. Here, one can find perfumes that will not even be available at the duty-free!


The right fragrance, worn over time, can often become synonymous with one's unique style, or even identity. No wonder then, rare and exclusive fragrances are the ultimate luxurious indulgences. SCENTIDO offers just these, with scents curated not from luxury department stores, but carefully picked from hidden boutiques and perfumeries from Europe and the States.

SCENTIDO has recently launched a couple of new fragrances at their perfumery:

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The Spirit of Dubai embodies the luxurious city of Dubai at its pinnacle of success. Inspired by the true essence of Dubai – innovation, world-class luxury, The Spirit of Dubai uses only the finest ingredients of Oriental fragrances. Distilled from thousands of natural aromatic ingredients, The Spirit of Dubai fuses the ancient with the modern to create new fragrances. The fragrances have been globally praised on their success to offer the world a sensory adventure of Dubai through the alluring scent of perfume.

The Spirit of Dubai represents the eight defining aspects of Dubai and her culture. From the sea, the desert, the heritage, the skyline, the Arabian horses, the natural fragrances, the Arabian hospitality and the luxury, their products are inspired by the elements that make up Dubai. The Spirit of Dubai is quite simply a personification of the city. It draws upon traditional techniques perfected over hundreds of years, taking the fragrances of Arabia to the world.

Their mission is to be part of the sights, sounds, and scents of Dubai. To evoke feelings of nostalgia and belonging. To keep alive old traditions and techniques. To become synonymous with Dubai.

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Fragrance Du Bois is the only fragrance house that uses its own signature 100% pure and natural Oud in all its Oud formulations. Paired only with ingredients of the finest quality, all the elements converge to produce the perfect palette from which the artisan perfumer can conceive and begin the creative process, matching the fragrance with our innermost desires. Given full artistic license and regardless of cost, the master perfumers are at liberty to craft scents with depth, imagination, and character unique only to Fragrance Du Bois. Artisan crafted with passion for the perfume and luxury connoisseur.  Every purchase of a Fragrance Du Bois Oud perfume comes with a woodchip and an authenticity card that provides information as the harvest date, GPS location & cities. The bottle caps are embedded with genuine Swarovski Crystals. This also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These very brands are only exclusively available at SCENTIDO Niche Perfumery.

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