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Machinery & Equipment At Ellora Creations PVT LTD

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Machinery & Equipment At Ellora Creations PVT LTD

A garment export house necessarily functions and profits through mass production of the latest fashion apparel for other organizations by sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping of products to other countries.

It is an elaborate affair with strict compliances and timelines hence any established and power garment export house would require the latest technology to speedup their process with accuracy and precision.

The technological advancements in the field of garment manufacturing and export have ensured that the houses get an opportunity not only to deliver work with efficiency but also upskill their labor by giving them exposure and understanding of technology.

Why Is There A Need Of Technological Advancement In Garment Export Houses?

Garment export houses work on techpacks, compliances, standardized preset instructions, and mass production orders limited to delivery time. To deliver products with precise measurements and fall under the timeline, working hand in hand with man and technology is a must.  Latest machinery and equipment ensures that-

  • Each section of work including the minutest of the task is done with accuracy
  • The process of garment manufacturing and shipping is completed within  the stipulated and mutually decided period
  • Upgradation of technology ensures to keep the garment export house in the leading list
  • Automation, personalization, and speeding up of the process improves the overall efficiency of the organization giving it a global name
  • A state of the art technology is one of the essential ticks in a buyers 'Must-see List'

Technology at Ellora Creations PVT LTD

A high fashion export house spread across 80,000 sqft at Okhla Industrial Area New Delhi, Ellora Creations PVT LTD manufactures and exports the latest fashion garments to over 40 nations around the globe.

The garment export house founded by Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed holds an experience of about 50 years in embroidery and prints. One of the leading export houses in India, the premises and departments function with approximately 1850 employees and a state of the art machinery and equipment.

Ellora Creations PVT LTD was one of the first few installers of the Japanese machinery Tajima in India back in 2002. Working with global buyers such as Nicole Farhi, French Connection, Oasis, All Saints, and Reiss, Ellora always had an edge to exposure and strived to upgrade itself in machinery and equipment to deliver better to its clients.

Machinery, Equipment, And Software At Ellora Creations PVT LTD

Every department of the export house is powered with technology with skilled & trained manpower. 

garment export house
Tukatech CAD software


  • Tuka Tech

The fashion industry depends heavily upon this software for creating 3D patterns, virtual fit patterns, and digital patterns. At Ellora trained Tuka Tech software designers to support the overall processes of the export house.

  • Coral Draw& Adobe Photoshop

With technology amping up the hand design structures, Coral Draw is a widely used computer-aided design tool in the fashion industry. One of the leading garment export houses of India, Ellora ensures to keep this vector imagery tool handy for the work.

  • Graph Tech Plotter

An application-based machine for pattern making. The graph tech plotter is efficiently put to use at the Ellora premises.

Manufacturing and Ornamentation
Multi Heads Sequins Embroidery Machine (Tajima)

Manufacturing and Ornamentation:

  • Thread Cutting Machinery

A rare sight in the garment manufacturing units, Ellora Creations PVT LTD believes in investing in technology that would save time and accelerate the process. A thread cutting machinery on average works effectively on 100 pieces in not more than 15 minutes.

  • Juki Thread Overlock Machines

An overlock sewing machine ensures to keep the edges of the fabric contained within a seam. Ellora Creations holds approximately 700 + machines of Juki Thread Overlock Machines alongside Juki Needle Lockstitch machines. The sewing machines include

1. Four & Five Thread Overlock Machines
2. Needle Lockstitch Machines
3. Flat Lock Sewing Machines

  • Tajima Multi-head Sequin and Embroidery Machine

Tajima multi-head sequin and embroidery machines that can function on 11 colors of thread and 4 sequin types at the same time. At Ellora an efficiency of 9 such machineries can be worked upon.

  • Single Head Sequin Device

This technology ensures the intact attaching of bugle beads and seeds to the latest fashion garments.

  • Hashima Automatic Fusing Machine

Ellora holds two of these giants for fusing tasks.

Processing& Packing
Perc Machine (ILSA)

Processing & Packing:

  • Perc Machine

Stain removal and fully automated dry cleaning machine, perc machine is well-operated machinery at Ellora Creations for removing stains to deliver the best and clean product to the clients.

  • Hydro Machines, Tumbler, and Dry Cleaner Machines

A fashion industry and textile industry must, approximately 10 of these total  hydro machine is utilized at Ellora creations along with tumbler and dry cleaner machines before pressing and packaging.

  • Steam Pressing Tables

A garment piece of the latest fashion must be delivered wrinkle-free, clean, and intact. Steam press tables are thus a mandate to use in all manufacturing and packing process here.

Technology, machinery, and equipment are upgrading and leveling up time and again. The garment export house Ellora Creations PVT LTD ensures to stay updated with the latest technology to carry on services that deliver the best product in time to its clients.

I Knock Fashion Desk

The fashion industry across the globe associate with export houses based in India to have their products manufactured at a unit that is client-friendly, technologically advanced, and efficient in management. Ellora Creations PVT LTD is a leading garment export house adhering to all compliances and requisites of internationally famous brands and labels.

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