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Makeup Pouch – The Absolute Essential

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Makeup Pouch – The Absolute Essential

Makeup mania is going crazy and to keep up with it, you got to keep up with your makeup game. Whether you are a novice or a makeup pro, it is very crucial for you to have a collection of your makeup essentials so that you are always ready to create your go-to look. And, to do so, you need a makeup pouch - the absolute essentials. 

What to choose?

The most important question is, what all should make way from your dresser to your makeup pouch and what should be chucked into the bin. Starting with separating what’s needed and what’s not, you must detach yourself from that half-crumbled blush you think you can dust and use or those few drops of the expensive foundation you’re saving for special occasions only. All these things must swiftly make their way to the bin kept beside your dresser. Most cosmetics come with a Period After Opening that’s drawn like a little bin on the back of the pack. It states the manufacturer’s estimate of the product’s life. Any product that has crossed that duration must be discarded. 

What should make its way to the makeup pouch?

What should make its way to the makeup pouch?
What should make its way to the makeup pouch?

Makeup pouch is your go-to pouch, it is a bag full of tools and essentials that will come to your rescue in any and every situation. One must be very careful of what is absolutely needed to create that glam look. This precious pouch will sit in your bag at all times. This is why one must be very crucial in selecting the lucky cosmetics that get to sit in the makeup pouch. 


Starting with the basics, skincare is an absolute necessity. It is the base of every beauty routine. All you need is a gentle cleanser, SPF, suitable moisturizer, and an exfoliator. A facial mist is also helpful to prep in the skin and adds dewy moisture to it. This helps create a wonderful base for makeup. However, these can vary for different skin types. 


This is one category where you might have to shell out a lot of money for a good, high-end foundation and concealer. As these are the absolute essentials that make the base of your makeup. One must try different foundation formulas to find the perfect match for their skin. As for concealers, there are many options available in warm and cool undertones to match your concerned area. 


The key is to have both a shimmery nude and taupe color in your pouch to create your go-to look, every day. A must in your bag is a gel eyeliner or a black eyeliner pencil to define those eyes with a thin brush. Mascara is also an absolute necessity to curl-up those lashes, and an eyelash curler always goes best with it. To define your brows, a colored pencil with one shade lighter to your natural color makes for a perfect brow filler. Brow mascara is also a great option to have in your pouch. 


Going overboard with lip colors is never a good idea. All you need is a moisturizing lip balm with SPF, a neutral color for every day, and bolder color for glam nights. Make sure to choose a daily shade that has moisture with a hint of color. Whereas, you must go all out with options while choosing a bold color. Trials and errors are important to figure out the best undertone for yourself. Lip liner is optional. 


We all have been gifted with the best brush to apply makeup with, our fingers. However, some do not feel comfortable using their fingers and need brushes to help them create their look. There is no need to buy a whole kit of brushes as most of them are useless, one needs only two brushes in the pouch; a small, firm-bristled brush for foundation and concealer, and a fluffy one for blush and everything powder. 

This Makeup Pouch - the absolute essentials will be your savior during most of the days, so be it an urgent meeting or an oops! I forgot about the party moment, your makeup pouch will be there at your service always. 

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