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Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Trends

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Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Trends

The last year has been very frustrating in regards to the fashion industry's growth. But the brilliant designers have created several ways to digitally showcase their work to the whole world. Some of them even got creative with the designs following the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends.

This New Year, the designs and creative work by the designers are an embodied version of optimism. The season is intended to be full of hope and transparency.

This year, the handsome men will be surprised looking at the latest fashion for men that have come around bright colors, monochrome stitches, and loose silhouettes.

History of Men's Fashion Global

The Ancient Egyptians were considered the first contributor to the men’s fashion initiation. Specific uniforms were made for the Egyptian war soldiers. Jewelry and ornaments became a true representation of social status and wealth, and the possession of artifacts and sculptures defined royalty and leadership. Beige and pale colors were the essential picks of these Egyptian people. During the 1730s, the English men created comfortable clothing for men so that they could ride their horses and walk freely in their outfits. These outfits were primitive designs and had colors like blue, peach, green, etc.

A Brief About The Men's Fashion Industry In India

When it comes to fashion, the first thing which comes to mind is women’s fashion, but the whole-sole focus should not be over women all the time, looking toward the men's section of the fashion industry. From wearing a cotton dhoti the men's fashion industry has touched skies since the 2000s. The Indian fashion industry is varied based on culture, religion, and region. The major reason behind the growth of the men’s fashion industry is the Indian film industry. Collection creativity showcased by several fashion designers has proven how the fashion industry has evolved in the right direction.

Some Super Cool Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends For Men

1. The Workwear:  Formal wear has its significance. Fashion trends that follow the fashion in India, confirms the original workwear to be the most preferable outfit selection for working men.

  • A black-white suit, fitted with an effortless aesthetic. Paired up with black shiny loafers and gel backed hair. It's obvious how attractive this look will get after these modifications.
  • A navy blue blazer suit paired up with a white shirt is also the most preferable color options for every office goers.
Bomber Jacket
Bomber Jacket

2. Bombers: Bomber jackets come under series of old trends and have still managed to climb back into this year's latest fashion for men.

  • This year, bombers have a slight change in their designs; they are created with types of prints and creative ideas.
  • Block prints, pastels, and several designs are spotted on the bomber jackets according to the spring-summer fashion trends.

3. Pieces of Denim: The fashion of denim is never going to fade away. It has topped all the charts according to the men's fashion in India.

  • Denim looks good with almost everything. Denim patterns come with bonafide jeans, shirts, sportswear, jackets, etc.

4. Extra-large Pants:

According to the latest fashion for men, the stylish extra-large wide pants collection has been trending within the men’s fashion trends.

  • These pants offer a classic elegance to the men being able to carry the forms of these pants.
  • Choose the trendy colors of this year like lavender, beige, pastel blue, etc.
  • Pair it up with a strap chain for the neck, and wear a hand band if you’re an accessory person.

5. Neon Yellow: These vibrant color series have been the most trending colors of this year including lavender, burgundy, etc. 

  • Neon yellow suits with every beige color form. Beige jackets paired up with a neon tank have a very cool look if carried out nicely.
  • Neon colored footwear has proven to be the most purchased color combination of this year according to the latest fashion for men.
Floral Shirts
Floral Prints

6. Florals: Florals are the new addition to the latest fashion trends of 2021. Funky flowery designs are the new addition to every man’s wardrobe.

  • Flowers symbolize hope, and floral shirt prints this year are topped over vibrant colors like lemon green, orange, purples, etc.
  • If you're trying on a floral shirt, make sure it has a  loose fit, pair it up with contrasting shorts or jeans.
  • Wear a sexy pair of sneakers, and accessorize yourself with glares, or hats if preferred.

7. Bright Colors: The trendy colors being used in the latest fashion trends are lemon yellow, cherry red, electric green, neon pink, and tangerine orange. The contrasting colorful design patterns are very optimistic and playful.

  • These colors can be matched with each other based on color combinations.
  • To get a catchy look, pick out colors which are complementing your skin and match them with each other according to their best look.
  • To get a mild catchy look, pick out a single vibrant piece of cloth, it can either be the upper or the bottom wear. Usually, uppers look way catchier than a vibrant colored or printed pair of pants.
  • Another idea of wearing a vibrant colored outfit is a floral printed shirt, paired up with military green-colored jean pants matching with a pink colored belt. This look can perfectly blend with a photo-shoot look with accessories like glares and a long haircut.

I Knock Fashion Desk:

Formal Wear
Formal Wear

The blog contains several eye-catchy fashion ideas for men. The latest men's fashion has unique ideas including vibrant colors, prints, and leisurewear, etc. these fashion trends can be styled using many ideas. A list of footwear options, accessories for men is part of the latest fashion for men.

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