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Millennials: A New Era In Fashion

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Millennials: A New Era In Fashion

“Inclusive, gender neutrality, comfort, casualness—these are all things that are here to stay,” says Lazaro Hernandez, co-designer of Proenza Schouler.

You would have heard it that millennials are destroying various industries, from cereal to soap. The millennial (about 22 – 37 years old) known as post-millennial are as excited about fashion as ever. They just think about it differently.

Millennial is not only the biggest consumer group, but they also decide what’s trendy and what’s not.  Take a look at the many imperatives of any millennial who’s into fashion:

1. Minimalism

It seems that minimal is loved by most millennials. It’s also one of the most crucial resolutions in fashion – less is more! Minimalism has spread to various areas like architecture, interior design, and art, in general. But why is being, a minimalist so important in our daily lives? The reason is that millennials growing up in the digital age. The whole world seems smaller and more reachable for us. It’s almost impossible to take in everything in our daily lives. 

2. Athleisure

 That’s where ‘athleisure’ comes in! This is a trend that merges sports and leisure outfits, so it’s easier for our ensemble to suit both needs. For example, a fitted floral dress and a blazer might go well with sports shoes, as wearing comfortable footwear is one of the most important elements of millennial fashion. Also, jeans, shirts, and tees have also found their way into every style – you can wear them at work, clubbing or on a walk-in your neighborhood park.

3. Personalization

Many millennials have a desire for individuality that has given birth to this new trend of Personalize. To make every experience and purchase feel personal, has become the norm. These new generation shoppers, value experiences over things. A survey by RBC Capital Markets recently found that 64% of millennial’s would rather spend money on restaurants, travel, and spas than on luxury fashion. So how do you turn them into experiences? From Levi’s denim customizing workshops where you could personalize your jeans and jackets with various studs, stones, and patches to Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Build a Bag’ initiative, personalization has come a long way.

4. Sustainability

This present generation is also the most environmentally conscious. Nowadays they aren’t looking for just pretty pieces to buy, they are keen on their purchases being organic and Eco-friendly. For example, brands like Stella McCartney and Ever lane are completely transparent in their production processes and strive to use textiles made from sustainable and durable materials. It’s very important for a product to be manufactured with ethical practices, otherwise, it’s likely to be ‘nexted.’ Millennial’s are demanding transparency from the clothing companies they work with. Consumers are now asking companies to demonstrate things like where their fabric comes from, how their workers are treated, and what wages they are paid. #WhoMadeMyClothes is a popular hashtag, introduced by the Fashion Revolution that works on the very guidelines in the fashion industry.

5. Affordability

Millennials are wise when it comes to fashion investments. They usually do their market research and search up trends before making a huge purchase. According to a survey, retailers have seen a phenomenal increase in the supply and demand for new and existing brands that create luxury products with lower price points. For example, a designer handbag by Chanel that is highly expensive has been replaced by a millennial with a brand like Kate Spade that offers luxury handbags at affordable price points.

Within every generation, there would be a set of millennials who would think they’re breaking barriers and moving forward, creating new waves on the planet. Uniqueness is the only common thread that binds these generations together.

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