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Most Frequently Asked Questions On Men’s Styling

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Most Frequently Asked Questions On Men’s Styling

Why let a woman pick an outfit for you? A Man Must Know How To Dress Himself!

As surprising as it may sound, the latest fashion trends are mostly looked upon and bought by men in the Indian fashion industry. The 'I don't care' and 'rugged-looking' period is over; men are paying as much attention to their casual, classy or formal looks as women.

Men’s styling and wardrobe management are gaining momentum, well-organized wardrobes, basics, casuals and formals segregated according to personal choice and up to date grooming amenities is what defines a millennial man today.

While the online and offline markets are already flooded with the latest fashion trends of 2020, styling them to get a perfect look must also be kept in mind before planning the shopping spree.
Hence, I Knock Fashion asked the founders of Be.Bajrang- Arnav Jain & Samrit Shah to give answers to the most frequently asked questions on men’s styling.

How Can A Man Look Stylish?

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1. Classic Plain Tees

If your wardrobe already has jeans or chinos then all you need to invest in is crew neck plain t-shirts. They are a safe investment and stay for a long time. Pair your whites, blacks, blues or reds with the all-time blue denim or chinos and you are ready for a casual outing.

If you want a minimal accessory look then a men’s bracelet with the half sleeves t-shirt adds an extra touch to this all-time casual look.

2. Semi-Formal Look

Planning to meet friends after work? This men’s styling tip might come in handy. Blue fitted denim is always in the latest fashion trends match them up with a slim fit solid color shirt and oxford shoes for your office day. Roll up the sleeves and unbutton just a slight bit to have a fun-filled evening with friends.
Remember your belt and shoes are a must match in color. They can be a tone darker or lighter.

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Monochrome suits

3. Monochrome suits

Although a monochrome suit means being dressed in one color and that is the latest fashion trend yet if you feel it’s adverse to your personality then break the monotony with a tie or pocket square consisting of a different texture or a matching corresponding color.

For those who always have trouble choosing a tie, take note that the main color of the tie should be the one that matches the shirt and the secondary color should be that of the shirt itself or get a solid color tie matching the color of the shirt.

What Kind Of Bag Is Trending For Men?

A common question asked in men’s styling is the kind of bag they should carry. Well, the latest fashion trends point towards cross-body bags with casuals and the all-time classic briefcase bags with formals. Apart from these, you can try messenger bags or business casual backpacks especially if you are a long-distance commuter to work.

Canvas, camo prints and leather tote bags a must-have in your wardrobe.

Do You Wear Socks To Match Shoes Or Pants?

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The old school way of men’s styling indicates to socks being the same color as that of the pants, but with unconventional men’s socks invading the latest fashion trends, the same rule has been twisted to satiate the quirky side of men.

Ensure the dominating color of the socks to be that of the pants but the print must be of any color you feel like having on your body that day.

What Accessories Do Guys Wear?

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men's accessories

Bracelets’, watches and rings are the most common accessories that guys wear.
Your outfit should decide the bracelet accessory. Metal bracelets must twin with the formals while leather compliments the semi-formal outfit.

If you are a casual happy go lucky kind of a person then have your heart set on the beaded bracelets, they are sure to describe you the best.

Rings can create a statement on a man’s hand. One or two rings are a good sight but overloading the hands with too many rings is a fashion disaster.

About Be.Bajrang

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Be.Bajrang is the millennial approach to men’s styling. It provides an option to choose from a wide variety of affordable handmade accessories for men. Hailing from Mumbai, India, the Be.Bajrang founders entered into the men’s accessory market in the year 2015. It aims to provide a solution to the fashion and self-conscious men who are looking to add a bit of their style in their everyday wear.
Be.Bajrang means to be yourself and harness the power in you. Take a close look at their range of products and feel free to mix match and gift them.

From The Founders Of  Be.Bajrang

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"Be.Bajrang was inspired by our love for fashion. When we started, men's jewelry and grooming was fairly a new concept and is still a growing category in India. This motivated us to start Be.Bajrang right at the onset of the shift in men's fashion and styling. Rather than waiting for people to make the market, we decided to create a platform where men can accessories and standout. What started as a side hustler in 2014-15 is now our full-time job. We see bigger and better things coming in India alone."- Arnav Jain & Samrit Shah

What's New At Be.Bajrang?

Searching for a gift for a man is a task in itself. Be.Bajrang has made it easy, everything he will love and is definite to use as a fashion accessory is made available under this shopping platform. Soon they are launching their gift boxes too.

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So ladies don't worry about what to gift him?, just check out Be.Bajrang and you will find an amazing gifting option for that special person.

IKF Desk

Men are experimental and are gearing up the fashion game. I Knock Fashion hopes that the blog did answer some queries related to men’s styling and gave a range of gifting options to women.
Do let us know if you would want to find out anything else about men's styling and men's wear.

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