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Mulberry And Prada Join The International Fur Free Retail Program

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Mulberry And Prada Join The International Fur Free Retail Program

Italian luxury brand Prada, founded by Mario Prada, on 22 May announced fur-free initiative and has joined the Fur Free Retailer Program.

A fashion house known for its luxurious handbags, coated with fur detailing, has taken a step to stop the usage of fur in any of its upcoming products.

The Fur Free Retailer Program is a program that expects retailers to submit in writing a copy that says that they have adapted fur-free products policy, which apparently commits that the brand won't be using animal fur in any of its products.

The Fur Free Retailer Program is in collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA).

The move will be executed from the SS2020 Women collections.According to sources, “The Italian fashion house will no longer use animal fur in its designing or new products, starting from SS2020 Women’s collections."

The ban on usage of fur will be noticed after the stocked products are sold.

Another rich brand which opted for the same, is the British brand Mulberry, known for its clothing and accessories. It is a leading lifestyle brand in the United Kingdom with more than 100 outlets all over. The brand is also known internationally for its leather goods. 

With trends becoming "NO TO FUR", high-end brands are coming out in support of the move. With Brands like Prada and Mulberry dropping the fashion fur policy, it has been clear that anytime soon the fashion industry will have no fur in their products.

According to sources apparently the FFA’s Fur Free Retailer program in the UK thanked the brands to not use real fur in their products as they believe "fur industry is a barbaric trade, causing untold suffering to innocent animals"

Other luxury labels like Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, and many others have reviewed their policy of using fur and plan to join this movement.

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