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Nature's Bounty Packed And Delivered By Earth Essence

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Nature's Bounty Packed And Delivered By Earth Essence

Am I using the right cream for my skin type? Should I use organic or chemical-based beauty products? Is natural and organic beauty the same?The Indian market is flooded with various skincare and hair care products that leave the consumer contemplating on what to buy and how to apply.

The beauty and cosmetic industry in India is, in layman terms, categorized as chemical, organic and natural. With the increasing awareness and growing health consciousness amongst the Indian beauty buyers, the organic and natural beauty industry is witnessing a boom and a sudden surge in demand for such products.

Earth Essence

How to improve your beauty naturally?

Women and men are now switching to natural beauty regimes. Apart from regular hydration, exercise, face and hair cleaning, they are opting for organic and natural beauty products to integrate them into their everyday beauty routine.

EARTH ESSENCE is a one of a kind organic and natural beauty skincare and haircare brand conceived to save your natural beauty through its organic product line. The Founder Mr. Ashish Kampani and Co-Founder Mrs. Nayna Kampani started to build the products after thorough research and analysis in the year 2016. Their urge to bring a product line that is clean, organic and natural fueled when Mr. Kampani witnessed the results of age-old natural home remedies over the imported personal care products.

"As a dedicated user of imported personal care products in 2016, there was a point when I realized that these products with exorbitant price tags lacked innovation and somehow, the experience was not so satisfying. On watching closely, I realized that although they claimed "free from harmful synthetic chemicals", they had large amounts of damaging ingredients in them. In other words, there was nothing natural about them. The urgency of building a personal care brand that was affordable, absolutely natural, and devoid of all stereotypes dawned upon me."

Co-Founder Mrs. Nayna Kampani with her belief and experience in Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Wellness, and Alternative Therapies stepped in this venture to ensure that the beauty and personal care product delivers what it promises. Hence, creating a brand that creates products you can trust!

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A rare combination to spot in the Indian beauty and personal care market, Earth Essence entered with the motive to reach out to as many Earth aligned people as possible. A 100% pure and natural brand, they are free of harmful and synthetic chemicals, carefully extracted from nature, cruelty-free, safe to use, and are produced from organic raw materials.

"There is a vast difference between organic, natural, and clean. Clean beauty products use chemicals that are safe and are approved by the governing organizations or authority. Natural beauty products are like the products that you make at home - the home kitchen remedies, it means derived from nature. Hence, a natural beauty product will have ingredients that are derived from nature like an Aloe Vera face mask and Honey and Curd face wash. Organic products, on the contrary, encompass the whole process of production. It includes a 100% toxic-free farming technique, safe production and manufacturing environment, and eco- friendly packaging”, explains Mr. Ashish Kampani.

Earth Essence products are thus placed to be NATURAL, ORGANIC, PURE AND TRUSTWORTHY that are extracted from the sanctity of nature. An affordable luxury, they are crafted to pamper, protect, and nourish your skin and hair.

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Earth Essence

What are the benefits of natural products in beauty and personal care?

With the hustle and bustle that we live in, it seldom becomes possible to give our skin the attention and care it needs. So, it is all the more important to ensure that whatever is being applied on the skin is pure and without side effects.

Safe Products: Safe products refer to beauty being clean and chemical-free. If it won't give instant results, it won't harm the skin and hair either.

Long-Lasting: Applying organic and natural beauty products is a lifestyle change that you integrate into your daily routine. It stays with you forever making an impact for the good for years.

Eco-Friendly: Leaving behind no carbon footprint, organic and natural beauty products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, leaving us with no guilt of harming our surroundings.

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Earth Essence

Do organic and natural beauty products work?

Mrs. Nayna Kampani, Director, Earth Essence says, "Given the pollution that we are exposed to, the demand for organic and natural products is increasing. People are finally beginning to experience the change in their skin and hair. The fact that massive research, development, and innovation play a crucial role in enhancing the effect of the product cannot be denied. Earth Essence is an outcome of three years of aggressive research and innovation giving its users desirable results.''

Organic and natural beauty products are the ancient wisdom of the Indian subcontinent. They have since ever been in use and will always be a part of the tradition that will be passed on from one generation to another either through products and DIYs or through actions by the elders at home.

Due to a lack of trust in the claims and ingredients of the beauty products and the increasing fear of developing lifelong diseases, organic and natural beauty products are gaining momentum in the market. They are proving to give out unbelievable results that not only give a natural glow to the skin but also act as a long term solution to various skin and hair related problems that have arisen due to pollution, environmental degradation, and busy lifestyle.

Persis Merchant, a loyal user of Earth Essence, says, "When I read no 'fragrance added', I thought of it like any other personal care product. It was only when I first tried the 'I Am Strength' shampoo that I realized that it actually has no fancy fragrances. It smelled just like the ingredients in it which have made it definitely my favorite. I now have the 'I Am Spunky' body wash and I'm definitely looking forward to buying more products from this brand."

About Earth Essence
Earth Essence

About Earth Essence

Earth Essence goes by the motto of 'Save Your Natural Beauty' and defines itself as "100% Pure & Natural". Ingredients straight from nature's bounty are carefully extracted and brought together in their products to enrich your body with the goodness and rusticity of nature.

The first range of products is the jelly line. This means that the products have a smooth and velvet-like texture which is kind and soft to the skin and pampers it well. One of its kind in India, this range is soothing, relaxing, and gives one pure bliss.

Earth Essence
Earth Essence Products

Earth Essence's Product Range

This jelly line range of products namely includes two shampoos: I Am Smooth (Malt & Shea Butter) and I Am Strength (Fenugreek and Aloe Vera), two face washes: I Am Glow (Orange & Cranberry) and I Am Purity (Tea Tree & Thyme), two body washes: I Am Sporty (Basil & Mint) and I Am Spunky (Coffee & Vanilla) and one conditioner: I Am Silk (Sunflower and Jojoba Oil).

Buy it to try it!

All the products are available on the e-commerce website You can also find it on Amazon and Flipkart. The social media handles (Instagram: iamearthessence and Facebook: Earth Essence) will provide you with all the information and updates you need.

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