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Trend Forecasting And Its Importance In The Fashion Biz

Trend Forecasting And Its Importance In The Fashion Biz

Fashion Trend Forecasting

Trend Forecasting is a prediction of mood, behavior and buying habits of consumers. It helps in predicting the future direction of something which would affect the businesses decisions and buying and sales of an individual. Trend forecasting in fashion, acts as an important tool to decide the upcoming trends which would influence the brand’s business and purchasing power of consumers. Thus, trend forecasting and its importance in the fashion biz cannot be neglected or overseen.

Fashion trend forecasting is a collection of styling ideas put together to bring out an emerging trend to influence the fashion market. It can be done with analysis of existing data to try to spot the upcoming trends. Facts and numbers along with buying and sales statistics from previous years are put together to find out one influential trend.

Organizations create and build their mood board around the trends forecaster
Organizations create and build their mood board around the trends forecaster

Fashion forecasting is needful to bring out the new and latest styles and to run the business of fashion. Fashion is dependent on the latest trends and their styles. Trends have a major role to play and affect the numbers and data of fashion business. In the contemporary world, fast fashion and fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have occupied the global market by imitating the runway designs. Fashion designs trickle down from the runway and trickle across through the introduction of social media.

Revising trends have a major role to play in the fashion industry which affects the businesses of brands and manufacturers. Re-fashioning the styles takes a lot of effort along with capital investment. In today’s time it has been seen that every day there is a new trend being followed and observed. There is a need time and again for the brands and manufacturers to be updated with the latest trends in order to meet the consumer requirement and hike their sales.

Due to the transformation of styles and trends at a fast pace, businesses have been affected largely because of the large stocks being dumped and considered fad. Also losses are incurred because of the remaining unsold stock. The fashion industry is not just limited to only clothes but accessible to shoes, hair, make up, accessories, textiles, colors and bags too. Be it any sector of fashion, the repercussions have been the same. Displaying the upcoming trends on social media reduces the sales of ongoing trends and increases the demand for the displayed trend, thus affecting the business at large.

Cross Industry trends influence and change trends drastically

Sources Of Trends For Consumers

There are various sources like Fashion Shows where trends trickle down to the audience and then in their wardrobes. Trade shows where latest textiles and fabrics are put for an exhibition and then brought into the business. The brands couture collections are one of the major sources of notifying the latest trends and are responsible for setting the trends and styles for smaller brands and consumers. Manufacturers manufacturing large and varieties of clothes and accessories for different brands make use of the latest trends.

Cross Industry Trends like following the latest color and style from auto mobile industry helps to fetch out the latest color trends that persists in the fashion market. Indian market is largely affected by the celebrity crush and their latest looks at airports, events or the characters played in the movies. They are the major influencers for Indian audience to reveal the latest styles. Another easy and simple source to know about trends is to look around and pick styles from people around you and from the streets.

Social Media And Trend Forecasting Organizations

Social media plays a pivotal role in forecasting the latest trends as all the big designers and brands put their collections on Instagram and visuals please the audience to pick the latest trends.

There have been websites and agencies who reveal the latest styles and trends. Global and number 1 website like WGSN who predicts the future of fashion is believed and followed for latest information. Other websites like Trendstop and Pattern Bank also predicts the future of fashion, thus fashion trend forecasting has merely become a business to earn good profits.

Google annual trends report and Pantone’s fashion color report also plays a major role in disclosing the new trends and styles.

From WGSN to Pantone all predict the colours and trends in advance
From WGSN to Pantone all predict the colours and trends in advance

Why Is There A Need Of Trend Forecasting In Fashion?

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Every brand and individual is in a hunt for a ‘flurry’ of a certain style which would differentiate them from the niche market of fashion. Companies are hiring agencies and subscribing to websites to be updated with the latest trends by investing large numbers into them. Fashion forecasters have become the major part of the industry as they forecast the future demand for particular styles, fabrics and colors and also predict the buying and sales numbers for future. This helps the brands, labels and designers to plan and work towards their new collection which will be demanded and sellable in the consumer market.

Trend Forecasting Business

Trend forecasting is a new emerging business that employs large number of people from different and creative fields. Experienced people who have been in the field from decades are hired for good advices and knowing the fashion cycle thus telling the latest trend from past experiences. Good numbers of profits are generated by the trend forecasting companies as it requires lot of skills such as creativity, good knowledge of fashion and innovation to predict the latest trend.

Like WGSN fashion helps the global retailers and manufacturers and brands to lead with confidence while displaying their latest trends and styles. It employs global specialists and people who are experienced in their respective field and local trend spotters to ensure ‘their insights’ and trends are accurate. It requires a lot of authenticity and accuracy as big brands and retailers are dependent on them totally and it affects the global fashion market. Also they reflect the earliest views on trends- 18 months in advance of the upcoming seasons in order to help manufacturers and retailers and big brands along with export houses to understand the trend and start working on it.

Along with the organizations the social media plays an important role in influencing fashion
Along with the organizations the social media plays an important role in influencing fashion

IKF Desk On Trend Forecasting And Its Importance In The Fashion Biz

The future of trend forecasting is very bright and leads with confidence as everything is based and dependent on them. They are the base of everything to gain knowledge and latest information about fashion. More and more companies would get into this business as the demand is increasing with an increasing number of individuals following trends due to easy accessibility through social media and the changing nature of the consumer which have become self conscious and fashion oriented.

Fashion forecasting encompasses of colours, clothes, style, accessories and much more
Fashion forecasting encompasses of colours, clothes, style, accessories and much more

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