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No Shave November: Flaunt The Latest Fashion

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No Shave November: Flaunt The Latest Fashion

To all the men, embrace your hair by putting down the razors and blades for Cancer awareness. 

No shave November is a month-long campaign that grows awareness about Cancer patients by letting your hair grow free and wild. This month is celebrated worldwide every year by embracing facial hair for 30 days, which Cancer patients lose during the painful treatment. The annual charity program aims to stand by the cause by donating your monthly- maintenance expenses of shaving to fight against Cancer awareness. 

The noble idea was initiated in 2004 by the Movember Foundation to educate people about prostate and testicular cancer among men. Standing by the cause and contributing gloriously, is all about the No Shave November. The long campaign initiates the participation by voluntarily giving up the shaving for long days and donating your monthly expenditure of grooming and shaving. 

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This year, for winter looks men adorned the latest styles of beard. A desire to flaunt the new beard look urges them to choose the desired grooming ideas. The latest fashion of beard requires a good amount of care as well. Here are some important caring tips to maintain a healthy beard.

  • Usage of comb: Use a fine-tooth comb to style your beard symmetrically. You can also blow dry your beard with a round brush for a perfect shape. 
  • Regular cleaning and grooming: It includes regular washing and oiling your beard. You can use mild shampoo and conditioner along with compulsory beard oil that will retain the moisture and make it more smooth. Next is to apply beard cream for a smooth texture. The last is to trim your beard at regular intervals to ensure neatness and perfection.  
  • Healthy balance diet: Change your dietary habits for a nourished beard. Try to maximize the protein and vitamin intake to achieve a naturally healthy long beard.

Beard as a Symbol of Masculinity

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Everyone is concerned about the beard but why is it important for men? Why is it important for masculinity?

The epic history of the beard states that historic men used to keep a long and heavy beard for two reasons. One is for warmth, as the heavy beard protects from the harsh elements. Also, it protects the sensitive areas by acting as a covering agent and provides you warmth. The second is for protection as a thick and long beard acts as a cushion-like cover to the face. 

Ancient men wore their beards as a sign of masculinity that holds utmost importance. Beard was also a sign of intimidation that is carried forward in the long run. The thick and long beard creates a stronger jawline that looks manly and was considered highly honored. It was a matter of great pride and dignity to wear a beard. As a punishment and notifying the men, not being worth it to have a beard, it was cut down. That was considered the insult of the manliness. The man with tremendous courage and strength was only entitled to a beard. 

Latest Fashion Ideas for Beard

Latest Fashion Ideas for Beard

History sees a beard as a dignified part of personality but with the changing times, it is moreover a part of a fashion statement. Today keeping a beard has become one of the latest fashion ideas. The trend of beard has made its way glamorously. Men are growing and cultivating it with the utmost care and in fashionable ways. The aesthetics of the latest boy's fashion has been tweaked by looking upon the latest styles of keeping up with the beard. 

1. Classic Beard: Keeping it minimal and thick, not too long and not too short, a classic beard is suitable for those who opt for a modern haircut. It is a classic interpretation in a modern way.

2. Full Beard: A longer beard that is dense needs to be approached cautiously. It requires proper grooming and styling with a lot of perfection. It matches with modern and new style haircuts. 

3. Stubble Beard: Very stylish and low maintenance beard, covering the jaw line and chin area. The hair is short and is less dense. This type is suitable to many people but requires a proper maintenance with trimming at regular intervals.

4. Horseshoe moustache: As the name suggest, this type is similar to horse shoe. It covers the upper area and comes vertically down along the corners of the lip. It is in reflection to the original shape of a horse shoe. It requires a good amount of time to have a dense horseshoe moustache. 

5. Mutton Chops: One of the stylish and masculine beards, that is concerned with side burns. It connects facial hair from the jawline to side burns. It has long sideburns and sometimes very less or no hair under the lip area. 

6. Biker Beard: Associated with biker culture, this is a dramatic approach that is unique and playful. This style is extended from the chin area and needs to be styled properly. It goes well with the less or bald hair cut. 

7. Egyptian Goatee: An ancient form of beard that is connected to Egyptians and also known as false beard. It is longer and thicker beard. It has long and dense side locks styled in a reflected C-shape along with shaved cheeks. It comes down to the chin area with a tuft hanging down. 

8. Imperial Beard: More like mutton chops, it comes down from side burns covering the jaw line. It is one the dense beard looks. It covers the jaw line, moustache area, and chin area. Also, the moustache in this beard has fine edges. It is like dense from the center and very sleek from edges.

9. Bushy Beard: It is best to enhance your face cut making it exaggerated and defined. For more mature looks, this style has been opted by many as it adds great texture. It is thick, bushy, and long. 

10 Asian Beard: A well-groomed beard that extends your jawline and cheekbones. Asian beard is sophisticated and neat that is more suited with lighter, white-grey tone beard.

Every beard style is trending as the latest boy's fashion because of the diversifications in face types and hairstyles. Also, when festivals are around or gets over, the preparation starts for winter looks and beard plays a vital role in sustaining the handsome look. Each style should highlight your facial features, and refine your face shape. Different face cuts demand different beard styles like round faces, full, thick beard along with mustache suits the best. For bald guys, a beard compliments well with the personality. Let your beard grow gradually and take an appropriate shape suited to the face. Medium length hairstyles are complemented with dense and defined beard style. 

Beard Grooming & Products

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Maintaining your beard is a very demanding task. One does not only need to understand the latest fashion or trend but also requires to invest in the best grooming products for facial hair. The beard styling products play a vital role in ensuring the best results. 

Always ensure yourself with the best grooming kits and products. The best razor: Gillette SkinGuard Razor, uses two precise blades tinted with a mounted guard that helps to lift hair properly and leave the skin smooth in between. Best Beard Trimmer: Remington Heritage Fold-out trimmer, the new age gadget is best for grooming and contouring the neck area, face, brows, and cheeks. Also, the Philips Beard Trimmer is in the competition that brings out desired results. The Moschino Toy Boy, the best everyday fragrance and the best moisturizer: Clarins Men Super Moisturizer Balm is transparent and suited for all weather types. The best shaving cream: Gillette foam, the latest innovation that makes the skin smooth and soft. 

I Knock Fashion Desk

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The latest fashion of beard has been trending majorly among the youth of the country. The new style and a new habit of keeping up with the beard requires a lot of care and an appropriate selection of products. With a fulsome availability of grooming products, the grooming market has seen a hike in the graph. There has been an evolution in men’s grooming. The grooming market in urban India has grown to almost INR 5000 crores. The desire to flaunt and be seen as stylish drives us towards the best grooming products that take the market to double-digit growth; 12.3%. The influence of social media and celebrities resulted in the speedy growth and expansion of this business. The consciousness of looks for men is one of the driving factors that have brought the splash into the grooming market. Also festivals contribute in making the graph rise higher for the grooming market. Diwali falling in the month of November this year, contributed a lot. Lots of men’s grooming kits have been exchanged in the form of gift hampers on Diwali and Bhai-dooj. Also, men aced their winter looks with the newly designed grooming kits. 

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