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Organic Products You Must Have This 2020

Organic Products You Must Have This 2020

Organic Products

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Organic products are climbing up the ladder and taking a place very near to people’s care regime. Tired of the chemical ladened, easily available imported and manufactured products consumers are going back to their roots, believing and trying the ancient methods of the Indian scriptures.

I Knock Fashion connected with two such brands that promote or customize these age-old recipes to bring out products that are handmade, safe and have no side reactions.

When we look into beauty as a segment, it does not include, just the personal care sector but perceives this segment with a  holistic approach targeting all areas such as skin, hair and health.


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It comes with no surprise that the herbal and Ayurveda products have forever been a part of the beauty industry, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Following the trail set by the ancestors of the ancient art of herbology , Herbally Enchanted set foot into the beauty segment in the year 2016.

Founded by Mrs. Aishwarya Arora and Mrs. Sonia Malhotra from New Delhi, the brand truly stands for ‘YOU EAT WHAT YOU APPLY’, thereby preparing concoctions and products that aim to provide lifelong solutions to beauty and health care issues.

The products and their recipes are earth aligned as they balance Ayurveda and Herbalism by mixing dried hand-pounded herbs and teas.

The 100% organic, vegan, plant-based and paraben-free mixtures and concoctions come packed with all love and care by the women of the Herbally Enchanted brand.

What do they provide solutions to?

In this fast-paced world lifestyle disorders are becoming a common sight, especially amongst women.

Weight gain, PCOS/PCOD, weakened immunity, blemishes, acne, dandruff, hair fall and much more are few problems dealt with on an everyday basis.

Herbally Enchanted, have dug out age-old solutions to these issues that they provide through their product range which includes:

  • Hair care Solutions Concoctions for hair and scalp are made with herbs including- Pomegranate Seeds, Gooseberries, Korean Hibiscus, Raspberry, Wheat Germ, Goji Berries, Ginseng, Licorice Roots, Green Almonds Lilac, Organic Indian Rose, Hog Plum, Guduchi, Blue Bell Flowers, Winter Cherry and much more.
Herbally Enchanted Saffron Face Mask
Herbally Enchanted Saffron Face Mask

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A few of their products include:

  1. Roots- A soap less hair cleanser and tonic for a clear and calm head.
  2. Berries and Cream- Meant to boost, shine and stimulate the hair and scalp.
  3. Hair Custard- You will go bananas over this one for sure!. A holistic treatment for thin and fine hair.


  • Skincare Solutions Concoctions for skin are made with herbs including- Grape Fruit, Kiwi Seeds, Korean Hibiscus, Kashmiri Saffron, Mamra Almonds, Fresh Dried Matcha, Lilac, Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Pecans, Mandarin Peel, Sandalwood and more.
Herbally Enchanted Cleansing Grains
Herbally Enchanted Cleansing Grains

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A few of their products include:

  1. Matcha and Lilac Soap Less Cleansing Grains- A perfect mixture for hydrating, exfoliating and treating your skin for a glowing outcome.
  2. Almond and Pecans Scrub- A rich scrub designed to nourish, repair and heal, It is a skincare match made in heaven.
  3. Peachy Saffron Face Mask- To enrich and brighten the skin, it provides pink skin from cheek to cheek.
  • Lifestyle Solutions- This is a very important and significant aspect that has been given a lot of attention to, by the brand. Diseases and disorders like PCOS, PCOD, weakened immunity are addressed through consultation.

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The brand offers an opportunity to consult with verified and certified Herbalists for skin, hair and health problems. What comes handy with consultation is customization, consultations provide a deeper insight to the root of the problem and the concoctions are customized to cater to the root cause.

From the Founders-

Herbally Enchanted started with our dire need to bring out solutions for the incurable syndrome PCOS and PCOD causing severe hormonal imbalances. From there we ventured into different segments of health and wellness with a completely organic and vegan approach.


Contact Herbally Enchanted-

(E Mail Id-

(Phone No.: +91-8287323336)

Earth Essence
Earth Essence I AM SILK

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Hailing from Mumbai, Earth Essence is organic, safe and natural. Products that will make you fall in love with it, Earth Essence is a prized possession. Founded by Mr. Ashish Kampani and Mrs. Nayna Kampani, the brand was incepted after thorough research.

Earth Essence came into being due to a personal experience that Mr. Ashish Kampani faced using imported and glorified beauty and personal care products. It vows to save and nurture your natural beauty through its skin care and hair care range

Mr. Ashish Kampani says “As a dedicated user of imported personal care products in 2016, there was a point when I realized that these products with exorbitant price tags lacked innovation and somehow, the experience was not so satisfying. On watching closely, I realized that although they claimed “free from harmful synthetic chemicals”, they had large amounts of damaging ingredients in them. In other words, there was nothing natural about them. The urgency of building a personal care brand that was affordable, absolutely natural and devoid of all stereotypes dawned upon me.”

Earth Essence I AM PURITY
Earth Essence I AM PURITY

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What does Earth Essence have to offer?

Earth Essence has much to offer to the organic and natural beauty product buyers. Extracted from the lap of nature, the brand hand crafts its products with utmost care in a safe environment, away from the tons of toxic chemicals that harm the body and nature.

Hair Care Products–  Delivered with the rawness and bounty of nature the hair care line is aimed at providing strong, smooth and dandruff free scalp and hair.

A few of their products are:

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Earth Essence I AM SPUNKY
Earth Essence I AM SPUNKY

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Skin Care Products

  1. Face: The part of the body that is most exposed to sun, dirt, water and much more, thus your face needs extra attention and care. Apart from keeping yourself well hydrated and washing the face at least twice a day, inculcating these products in the everyday regime might bring great benefits

Face Products:



  1. Body: Everyone deserves a smooth and soft body skin. Whether it be your hands or legs, let the well sculpted and exercised body do the talking for beauty and leave the soft and shinny job to be done by these organic products.
Earth Essence I AM SPORTY
Earth Essence I AM SPORTY

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Body Products:



From the Co- Founder:

Mrs. Nayna Kampani, Director, Earth Essence says, “Given the pollution that we are exposed to, the demand for organic and natural products in increasing. People are finally beginning to experience the change in their skin and hair. The fact that massive research, development and innovation play a crucial role in enhancing the effect of the product cannot be denied. Earth Essence is an outcome of three years of aggressive research and innovation giving its users desirable results.”

Contact Details@iamearthessence


With organic and natural products gaining importance in the beauty sector not just within the Indian subcontinent but also in the other parts of the world, these natural, organic and herbal brands have emerged to provide a solution to many personal care problems, I Knock Fashion hopes that its viewers and readers gain out of this blog.

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