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Pawan Sachdeva: From Being A Sportsman To A Fashion Designer

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Pawan Sachdeva: From Being A Sportsman To A Fashion Designer

Delhi based fashion designer, Pawan Sachdeva is well celebrated across the fashion industry for his classy cuts and unique silhouettes. The fashion designer’s forte is giving a contemporary touch to the garments. Pawan has been in the fashion industry for almost 17 years now, and his journey is quite interesting and inspiring to talk about, he has gone from being an international volleyball champion to a well-celebrated couturier in the fashion industry. The designer is to be appreciated for taking menswear forward in the fashion industry, apart from menswear he focuses on all kinds of clothing be it formal, casual, Indian, Indo-Western, or different accessories. His recent collection “Facon” which means make, shape, and appearance clearly showcased craftsmanship, modern construction, and intricate laser cutwork. The designer aims to bring fashion to the streets and create garments that are wearable and not restricted to the runways. Pawan’s passion to make it big in the fashion industry pushed him to do what he does best, and the designer has only moved forward with every collection. 

To know the insights about his career, future goals, views on the current scenario of COVID-19, and how it is going to impact the fashion industry, read on further. 

With I Knock Fashion, the designer opens up about his journey from being a sportsperson to a freelancer designer ultimately building a strong designer label. He has created a niche for impeccable styles and designs exhibited and showcased under PAWAN SACHDEVA DESIGN STUDIOS.

Pawan Sachdeva On His Label And His Views On Fashion

1. What defines PAWAN SACHDEVA?

Indian designers
Pawan Sachdeva- Spring Summer’20 collection” Trailblazer at Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week

Pawan Sachdeva is known for its perfect fit and detailing. The brand specializes in strong cuts, perfect fit, and strong design sensibilities. The label specializes in minimal essentials that are refined, elegant, and versatile. 

2. A brief about your fashion journey

After graduating, I started my career with freelancing projects that included designing sketches and creating samples for stores and fashion houses. In a very short span of time, I initiated my own factory and supplied my garments in stores, all over India. Initially, the main attraction points were Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Simultaneously, I started with my own studio to operate with clients. There was no looking back since the retails started doing very good for me from day one which sooner got me into export business, supplying products in the international market such as the U.K and the USA. This was a huge push to expand my business along with the continuous participation in Fashion Week all along.

3. Why did you choose fashion?

I was a sports person but I have always been very fond of wearing stylish clothes. I was always a head-turn in the crowd which helped me achieve modeling projects for a brief amount of time as well. However, sports took most of my time, and soon, I started designing sportswear for my own team. It became a huge success and eventually, I started designing sportswear for the teams of other states as well. This was the time when I realized my fashion capabilities and decided to work in fashion.

4. When did you start your label?

I started my label in the year 1999.

5. Fashion is difficult to survive in, what’s your survival story like your flagship store and its revenue in the first year?

Fashion indeed is difficult to survive initially and has taken a lot of effort in the beginning. For me, luck and hard work have always been the key elements to sustain in this field, along with the complete grace of God that helped me grow and achieve my endeavors. Though the journey has not been easy and I have faced many failures in the process, but, the hard work, working initially for long eighteen hours, dealing with clients, seeking opportunities, all did pay me well in the longer run.

6. Any specific embroidery that you use in your garments?

Initially, the brand was majorly into Indian wear, mostly designing heavy Sherwani’s, Kurta’s, and indo- western styles, using techniques such as Dori work, Ek- taar embroidery, and tonal embroideries with hints of Zari detailing. Though we have shifted to a more minimal approach of designing with time the brand still works on similar techniques.

7. Have you always wanted to focus more on menswear? 

fashion show
Milind Soman wearing Pawan Sachdeva

Yes, knowing of the fact that not many options were available in the past and with a keen interest to bring a revolution in the menswear industry which included a desire of bringing stylish cuts, edgy look and refined tailoring was a major reason for me to work on it. Menswear industry had a lot of vacuum in the beginning and I thought of it as a great opportunity and challenge to focus on this sector of the fashion industry.

8. Is your focused market India or outside India? 

The domestic market has been the root of my career and I do believe that India has potential and buying power which has always kept my major interest in the Indian market. However, now, I do want to shift my design line to athleisure and sportswear for both men and women for the international market.

9. Your views about Indian fashion in the global market 

Indian fashion is highly recognized in the global markets for its craftsmanship and richness in textiles.

10. Your views on the Indian fashion market pre and post COVID-19

Previously, the fashion industry was already going through a very rough time due to demonetization and was affecting the overall business but now, post COVID-19, fashion will be enormously affected which is going to bring turmoil to the whole fashion industry, especially the luxury market.

11. What do you think about online and offline selling in fashion? Which option would you prefer and why? 

I have always believed in offline selling and this is how it has always worked for us. We have always worked on bespoke tailoring and we feel it is important for our clients to touch and feel the garments and check the quality of it to have a more personal sense of feeling. However, with the concept of social distancing, online selling will pick the market up in the near future.

12. On a scale of 1-10, what is the impact of social media on your label for branding and sales?

I give a 10 on 10 credit to the social media for my branding and sales. It has been a major reason for making my brand visible globally.

13. According to you what will be the future of the fashion industry between 2025-2030?  

India will soon hit a boom in the fashion industry in the coming years and the industry will shift to a more sustainable and minimal aspect of fashion. People will shift to more value for money goods and will believe in the concept of ‘smart purchasing’. A shift will be seen, from body-fitting clothes to more relaxed and comfortable clothing. Heavy-duty outfits will only be restricted to occasion wear and comfort with ease will be the new trend in the fashion market in the future. 

14. Are there any changes you would want to see in the fashion education sector? 

I think the education sector is doing excellent and are upgrading the system with time. However, I believe it is time to educate students to work on sustainability, recreating, and recycling fashion which is going to be a major necessity for our future growth.

15. What is your vision for the label? 

I want to see my label working on joint ventures with the other designers and brands, globally. Collaborating with artists, designers, and creatives internationally, sharing ideas, and working on interesting projects is what I see my label doing in the near future. 

IKF Desk (Conclusion) 

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Muzamil Ibrahim & Pawan Sachdeva- Spring Summer’20 collection” Trailblazer at Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week

Since it’s inception in 1999, Pawan Sachdeva has transported us through time, with collections like ‘Decode’ on the runway at the Autumn/Winter 2019 edition of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week. He has been taking over the Indian fashion industry through collections that are wearable along with making a bold statement. Pawan with his unique creativity along with smart innovations has created a niche for himself. The interview is the testimony of why the designer is recognized for his distinctive style and language and how he gives his collections a formidable quotient. His label “Pawan Sachdeva” reflects his personality quite aptly, bold designs combining Indian craftsmanship with western sensibilities.

There’s no alteration in the saying that fashion is our second skin. What we adorn says a lot about who we are and what we believe in. Apart from displaying our characteristics, fashion can also have psychological impacts that transform how we think, feel, and act. Today when the entire world is locked down, none of us are able to give an apt answer to the scenario and its future consequences. The fashion designer’s assumption about what will happen to the industry, in general, got us to the conclusion that this pandemic will certainly change shopping behavior, and when every penny counts, minimal fashion will grow. Quoting PawanSachdeva “India will soon hit a boom in the fashion industry in the coming years and the industry will shift to a more sustainable and minimal aspect of fashion.”  

The fashion designer has reshaped the approach towards men’s fashion and along with an international and national presence, his label is sure to grow three folds. Focusing on sustainability and value for purchase, Pawan Sachdeva truly embeds a futuristic approach in fashion.

I Knock Fashion looks forward to supporting the talks as we continue to feature inspirational conversations with creative fashion designers.

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