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Payal Jain Brings Forth Her New Collection – ‘Crescent Moon’

Payal Jain Brings Forth Her New Collection – ‘Crescent Moon’

Crescent Moon by Payal Jain
Crescent Moon by Payal Jail
Crescent Moon by Payal Jain
Crescent Moon by Payal Jain
Crescent Moon by Payal Jain +26
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Crescent Moon by Payal Jail

One of India’s most notable fashion designers, Payal Jain has more than two decades of experience under her belt in the fashion industry. Catering to the urban population’s aspiration for embracing the latest fashion trends, she describes her brand ethos as having ‘A western body with an Indian soul’ which is embodied by each collection that she presents season after season.


Her journey in the fascinating world of couture has a humble beginning in the by-lanes of Delhi, where she grew up in a childhood steeped profusely in art, culture and music. The years of intensive hard work culminated when she graduated from FIDM and she returned home to start a career in fashion.


Payal Jain who is highly acclaimed for her classic and timeless contemporary design merging with latest fashion trends, unveiled her latest collection ‘Crescent Moon’ at FDCI Lotus-Make up India Fashion Week, SS20 on 11th October, Friday.


A picture-perfect blend of Indian recherché and craftsmanship with modern day western silhouettes, the all-new collection is synonymous with eternal resplendence.As an ode to Payal Jain’s muse and guru both – her father, the entire collection embodies the mantras like purity, simplicity, honesty, integrity and austerity which Payal’s father lived by and believed in.The all new collection promises a mélange of masterpieces in all whites to symbolize most valuable attributes in every sphere of life.


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The collection “Crescent moon” is inspired by Neo-classical Costumes from the early 19th Century with a reverence for antiquity; simple lines and linear silhouettes. Traditionally, these costumes were made in Indian fabrics with hand-embroidered leaves and tendrils winding down bodices, giving them a sense of casual informality. It is an evocation of Elizabethan costumes; free flowing gowns, dresses, skirts, blouses and fluid coat shirts, interpreted in fine Indian muslin and linen. Long white dresses are embellished with high decorative collars, puffed voluminous sleeves, oversized bows and wristbands, lace detailing, ruffled necklines and ribbon trimmings. This is an experiment in fine linen gauze, translucent Chanderi, gossamer silk organza, chiffon and georgette. Embroideries hail back to our ancient Indian heritage of Chikankari, Zardozi, Resham-Dori, Shisho-bharat, Mokaish, Tilla-Marodi, Daraz and Stitch-tie techniques. Weaves have been explored and intertwined; textiles created from starch, detailing painstakingly intricate, and multiple textures juxtaposed in each silhouette.

‘Crescent Moon’ has been a journey of the designer’s self-discovery, from pain to grief, abandonment and a deep sense of loss, learning to take small steps out of darkness and pulling herself together bit by bit for the sake of those she loves.


The plus size market has been an under -served opportunity for long in the industry. It is also true that many parts of the fashion industry have exhibited both overt and unconscious bias against images of women that did not conform to their unrealistic–and often unhealthy–“ideals” of feminine beauty. Also, from the last two decades there have been groundbreaking milestones within the transgender community. Clothing for the trans community in India is no doubt one of the most visual and instinctive expressions of their acceptance and their transition to womanhood. Breaking all the misconceptions, designer Payal Jain showcases a collection which is for all! She believes in the concept that fashion is for everyone and all these things do not describe fashion for one.

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