Monday 27, Sep 2021, Delhi (India)


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Payal Khandwala Launches Remarkable Virtual Shopping Experience!

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Payal Khandwala Launches Remarkable Virtual Shopping Experience!

As the guidelines of lockdown have been transformed in the country, stores and fashion brands in India have started reopening this week. The fashion designer Payal Khandwala has launched a virtual shopping experience for costumers. 

Specifications Of The Launch! 

Trends in Indian fashion will vary across different cities this summer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the consumers are all set for the transition. All of us are busy re-examining our past processes and “what next” is the question that has been popping since the outbreak, globally. The womenswear fashion designer, Payal Khandwala has launched a “virtual shopping experience” for her customers. 

All of us are aware that change is going to happen, and there’s no doubt about it. The fashion designer, Payal Khandwala is proactively making the changes that the fashion industry needs. She’s providing new trends in Indian fashion along with not breaking the customer’s comfort of their homes. The fashion designer, Payal Khandwala's brand, is a renowned fashion brand in India, and their launch of a new virtual shopping service is currently available in cities where she has stores. She's successfully setting new trends in Indian fashion as now customers can select and digitally try clothing from their local Payal Khandwala store. Once the customers select the product, the order will be then sanitized by a dedicated team and shipped to the customer's address. This initiative should be considered also by other fashion brands in India as it’s aim is to keep the customer's health and safety a priority. 

About Payal Khandwala’s Label!

Payal Khandwala
Payal Khandwala

The fashion designer launched her label in the year 2012. Payal’s approach to fashion is like her art, the zeal with which she sees fashion is hence distinctive. She’s one of the most celebrated womenswear fashion designers in the country and treats garment making simply as a shift in canvas. Her brand’s e-commerce store also offers international shipping but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the consumers must expect a delay in the deliveries. The fashion designer is an excel in setting new trends in Indian fashion and she opened a new flagship store for her brand in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai recently, along with that she also has another flagship store in Mumbai and one in Bengaluru. Visit Payal Khandwala’s Instagram and the label’s website ( to get a full view of the products and services.

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