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Should You Get A Piercing Done?

Should You Get A Piercing Done?


Piercing is a technique standing true to its meaning, where a puncture or a hole is made on a chosen body part, with the help of a needle. Then, ornamented  jewelry is implanted in the hole. The term piercing usually refers to the decorative result of the practice.
The art of piercing dates back to our ancestors. Be it Ancient Rome or The West, the art of body piercing has been popular among both men and women. Whether the reasons are spiritual or religious, like in ancient times, or aesthetic or beauty, like in the contemporary world, piercing had been a beauty trend.


The process of getting a Piercing:

In a clean and sterile studio, the body piercer gets ready by washing their hands with an anti-bacterial soap. After that, the body part you choose to get the piercing on is cleaned with an antiseptic. A puncture is made in your skin with a sharp needle. It is important that you make sure the needles and equipment used are sterile to free the risk of infection. Your selected and pre-sterilized piece of jewelry is then placed on the skin. There can be a little bleeding, so it is essential that the needle used is disposed safely.
You are then instructed about the after-care needed for the piercing. Also, using a piercing gun is not advisable because they cause bacterial infections as well as risk damaging tissues of the affected area.

Things to Keep in Mind before Getting a Piercing:

The first step in getting a piercing is doing your research. Social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent platforms with hundreds and thousands of creative ideas and trends. While researching, make sure you check out the reviews of the piercing parlor you choose.

Ask questions:

You are allowed to ask the piercer whatever it is that bothers you, so you have a clear head before the process begins. Ask them how it is done, have they been in the profession for long, is it safe. Clear your doubts.

Choose your piercing type:

The actual art is in balancing the jewelry with your body to make sure it enhances your beauty. It is important to mark areas with moles, or freckles, and to consider the right angles and placement. Of course, this is a concern once you’ve chosen your piercing location.

Know your allergies:

A lot of people are allergic to metals like nickel or aluminum, which is why knowing what makes your skin itchy or irrational is required, so you won’t have any reactions later.

Expect a little pain and bleeding:

Piercing hurts but for not more than a second or two. It is possible that the skin bleeds and turns sore for a few days.

Check for sterilizations:

To know your piercer uses sterilized equipment is a basic step. The piercer must wear gloves and carry out the entire process in front of you.

Learn about the after-care process:

You don’t need an infection after spending so much time and effort getting a piercing. So learn everything important when it comes to taking care of the piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings:

Ear Weaving Piercing: A number of piercings are made next to each other and connected by jewelry, in the spiral manner.

Helix Piercing

Helix Piercing: The most popular of all, helix requires a piercing on the external rim of the ear.


Graduate Lobe Piercing

Graduate Lobe Piercing: Multiple piercings are done at an interval and same type jewelry but of different sizes are worn on them.

Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing: For a ring to pass, a hole is made in the innermost fold of the ear.

Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing: It is done on the two folds of the upper inner ear, and is the most methodical one of the lot.

Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing: The inner or outer ear cartilage is punctured to achieve this type.



Standard Lobe Piercing: Common and easiest of all, the earlobe piercing is done on the softest part of the ear.

Transverse Lobe Piercing


Transverse Lobe Piercing: A horizontal piercing is done on the earlobe and the jewelry is inserted in both holes at a certain angle.

Tragus Piercing
Does Piercing help Lose Weight?

It is a worldwide consideration that Tragus Piercing – a piercing made on the outer portion of the ear, the one that connects with your face – helps reduce weight. The reason behind this involves acupuncture, which is a form of therapy mainly used in Asia. There is metal placed in your ear, which helps reduce your appetite, in turn resulting in weight loss. Not only that, results show that tragus piercing increases metabolic activities in the body, thus converting food into energy instead of fat.

Eyebrow Piercing Eye

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History of Piercing in India:

When looking at the historical fashion of the art of piercing in India, they have mainly been associated with tribal people and most parts of the Middle East.
Moving a bit forward in time, ear piercings and nose piercings have been promoting traditional beauty in India. There were special ceremonies conducted for the auspicious process, certain days after the birth of a child.

Eyebrow Piercing India


Trends in Piercing:

Eyebrow Piercing: The three different types of eyebrow piercings are – anti-eyebrow, vertical and horizontal. When the piercing does up and under the eyebrow, it is vertical, and when both the holes are above, it is horizontal, while anti-eyebrow is done slightly above the cheekbone and below the eye.

Eyebrow Piercing

Nose Piercing: Nose piercing can be on the side of the nose, or on the middle of your nose, separating two nostrils. There are also bridge piercings that pass through the nasal bridge.

Best Piering
Lip Ring

Lip Piercing: Most commonly done lip piercing is the labret, below the lip. A vertical labret is a jewelry passing through two holes on the lower lip. When done on the upper lip, it is a jestrum piercing.


Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing: Tongue piercings are as painful as they are difficult to carry out, and require utmost care since the healing takes a lot of time.

Fashion Industry
Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing: Belly piercing or navel piercing is the cutest, and the most popular. Single, double or ring piercings can be done depending on your choice of jewelry.

Fashion Trends
Finger Piercing

Finger Piercing: Usually done at the end of a finger in the place of a rind, finger piercing is a new trending type among surface piercings.


The only types of piercing that can be done at home are ear and cartilage piercings. For any other piercings like eyebrow, tongue, finger or belly button piercing, it’s best to get it done by a professional since the art requires great skill and basic equipment.
If you are looking for a piercing for the sole purpose of intensifying your beauty and encouraging self-love, the finest option is to get your research done and stop at your nearest piercing parlor.

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