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Pre-Winter Skin Prep Tips - Winter Is Coming!

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Pre-Winter Skin Prep Tips - Winter Is Coming!

The happier season is just around the corner. The season of holidays, cool breeze and basking in the sun with friends and family. Everyone is eager for winters and can’t wait for it to get cold again. The pleasant weather, the season of fashion, when you get to wear multilayered clothes and step up your style. But, this cold biting winter is not all about nice things. This dry and cold weather can be very harsh on your skin and can take away the moisture very easily. This is why, it is very important to step up your skincare game and to avoid facing a range of skin problems follow the Pre- Winter Skin Prep Tips because Winter is coming!.  

Skin Problems In Winter:

There are several problems your skin gets prone to during winters. However, these problems range from different skin types and depends on how you are ready to combat with these problems. Some of the problems you must be ready for are as below:  

The Harmful UV Rays

Contrary to what many believe, UV rays are present in the atmosphere even during the winters. The strength and damage caused by UV rays are still the same as in summer. Even if the sun is not present or is not strong enough, these harmful rays are still active and strong and penetrate deep into the skin causing serious side effects. UV damage caused is the same irrespective of your skin type. So, always be careful as even if you cannot see the sun, it is still causing damage to your skin.

Pre- Winter Prep will make your skin capable of combating the dry and cold winds


Dryness This is one winter problem that is common to all. People of all age, gender, and skin type can relate to this problem. The cold air of winter may feel good, but this dry air also takes away the moisture from your skin leaving it to feel dry. Winter air is dry caused by the drop in the humidity levels in the air. This dry air evaporates the water in the skin, leaving it to feel dry and flakey.  

Chapped Lips The skin of your lips is thinner and more sensitive than the skin of your face. This makes your lips more prone to the dryness of the winter air. As a result, you see more cracked and chapped lips. In adverse cases, it can also break the top layer of your lips which makes them look unsightly and cause a lot of discomforts.  

Itchy Patches The temperature drop also causes the moisture levels of your skin and air to drop as well. This causes winter itch or itchy patches that occur on the dry area of your skin. The cold airstrips off the natural barrier of your skin causing dry and itchy skin.  

Irritation And Redness On The Skin The cold winter airstrips off the natural barrier of your skin causing irritation and redness. This condition may persist throughout the cold season.  

Redness on skin
Your skin should be smooth, winter tends to make it harsh, hence it is best to moisturize it well before winter fall

Prepare Your Skin For Winter: The not so good skin weather is on its way. The harsh, dry winds, the cold temperature, and dry, parched skin is on its way too. The cold weather sends signs before its arrival – dry and cracked hands, red patches on the skin, and chapped lips. These are the signs to warn you to prepare your skin for the skin destroying the storm that is on its way.  

It’s Time To Switch When the winter comes, don’t just change your wardrobe but change your skin routine too. Your summer skin routine is ineffective in the winter as your skin needs more moisture. So, it’s time for you to switch your lotions to more moisturizing creams that don’t provide an oily barrier on your skin to reduce its water loss. However, creams do feel heavier on the skin as compared to lotions, but they do a better job of protecting your skin against the harsh winter.

Shower For Shorter Duration Hot water feels great in winter as it calms your body and gives you a break from the cold. But long hot water showers take away the natural oils from the skin. It is advised to limit your long hot showers, despite how good it feels, for your skin’s sake. In fact, taking showers from lukewarm water is in the best interest of your skin, you may relax your body with a hot water shower once or twice a week. 

Moisturizing Cream
A better moisturizing cream accompanied with sunblock are agents to keep you smiling throughout the winter

Sunscreen Is A Must Winter or summer, sunscreen is a must before you step out of your home. We are less exposed to the sun during winter which gives some people the understanding of not wearing sunscreen okay. Sunscreen is as important in winter as it is in summer. The harmful UV particles are still present in the air that penetrate the skin and harm it. It is recommended to wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.  

Wear Gloves You may have underestimated the power of gloves, but your view is going to change from today. Our hands are prone to the harshness of winter as we keep washing them to avoid germs that give birth to more health problems and infections. If you want your hands to stay soft and avoid dryness and red patches, it is advised to keep a hand cream in your bag and moisturize your hands. You must also wear gloves to save your hands from the harsh cold air of winter.  

Humidifier Preparing your skin before winter is important and so is preparing your house. Winter is the time for you to invest in a humidifier. It maximizes the water level in the air which helps your skin barrier to stay hydrated. It is advised to place your humidifier in your bedroom as that’s one place in your house where you spend most of your time.  

Careful With The Cleanser As much as the dry cold winter wind is responsible for the dryness, your cleanser also has a big role to play for your dry skin. The kind of cleanser you choose is a crucial choice as harsh cleansers can strip off the natural oils of your skin and make it dry. This further leads to more visible lines and wrinkles. So, it is recommended to use a mild cleanser with moisturizing formula.  

Face Skincare: Winter is a pleasant time of the year, but it has its drawbacks too. And, if you have sensitive skin then you must get ready to be more prepared and take care of your skin. Face skincare is the most delicate as it is very sensitive and thin as compared to your body’s skin. Also, it is one part of your body that is most exposed to the weather outside. Here are a few tips for you to help you take care of your face better.  

Cold Water Your face’s skin is very sensitive and washing your face with warm water can take away its natural oils. The cold water contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides which helps the moisture barrier intact and prevents dryness. It is recommended to wash your face with cold water to take care of your skin in winter.  

Stay Hydrated The winter air is dry whether you are inside or outside that causes the water from your body to evaporate easily. This means you need to keep your body hydrated. Installing a humidifier is a good option, but you must keep drinking even if you do not feel thirsty.

cracked Skin
Apart from keeping your self well hydrated, a daily routine of pre-winter skincare can save you from chapped lips and dry and cracked skin

Choose Your Beauty Products Wisely: As discussed above, your skin products that were very effective during summer may not be helpful during winter. It is important to change your skincare during winter. It is advised to use mild products for your skin. It is important to choose a cleanser with moisturizers to avoid dryness on your face every time you wash it. If your skin is prone to acne and pimples it is advised to include ceramides, hyaluronic acid, hydration serums, and glycerin in your winter beauty regimen.

Go Easy With Exfoliation Exfoliating your skin helps get rid of dead skin cells, but you must be careful during the winter. Your skin’s barriers are already compromised during winter. If done once a week, it will help boost skin regeneration and helps improve product absorption. If you have dry skin, it is advised to be very careful while exfoliating during winter.  

Body Skincare: Taking care of your body's skin is as important as taking care of your face. Here is a list of routines you must follow to keep your body skin glowing and hydrated.  

No Hot Showers As discussed, hot showers are actually very harmful to your skin in winter. So it is advised to take lukewarm or cold showers  

Moisturize Your Hands Our hands are in constant contact with the water and hence, they lose the maximum moisture. It also has fewer oil glands as compared to other parts of our body. Moisture escapes from our hands that further result in dryness and itchiness. It is advised to always keep a hand cream in your bag to keep moisturizing your hands.  

Feet Care You must not ignore your feet when it comes to moisturizing. It is advised to occasionally exfoliate your feet to get rid of dead skin cells and increase your skin’s absorption power. Glycerin-based creams and petroleum jelly are great moisturizers for your feet skin.  

After Bath Routine In winter, make sure to have an after bath routine of moisturizing your whole body. After the shower, your skin becomes dry as the water takes away all the moisture. It is advised to moisture your whole body with a cream based moisturizing lotion to keep it hydrated and to avoid dryness and cracks. 

Winter is coming
Be prepared - Winters is coming

From The IKF Desk On Pre Winter Skin Prep Tips- Winter Is Coming!: We have a few tips for you from our expert desk that will help you stay glowing and moisturized.

  1. Skin feels better and softer if you use a richer moisturizer with more oil content and less water content

  2. Skin products with alcohol make skin dry. Avoid products like masks and peels, astringent lotion, etc. with alcohol contents during winter

  3. Diet has a great role to play in your skin’s health. Eats good food and lots of berries

  4. It is hard to leave your warm and cozy bed in winter. But, the oil and sweat glands and blood vessels constrict a bit in winter and exercising is a great way to keep them flowing and to maintain your natural glow

  5. Sunglasses are as important in winter as summer. The winter sun is equally harmful especially in areas where it snows. The sun causes brown spots around the eyes, fine lines, and other issues. A great pair of sunglasses not only elevate your style but also protect you from the harmful UV rays and other problem

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