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Psychology Of Fashion: How Does Fashion Affect Your Mood?

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Psychology Of Fashion: How Does Fashion Affect Your Mood?

Fashion choices do not limit to external fashion trends and cultural beliefs only. There is more to fashion than that. Fashion affects the overall psychology of the person, it defines the what, where, why, and how of an individual. The fashion trends themselves are forecasted or introduced keeping in mind the current wave of emotions in the consumers.

The latest fashion trends in colors for the year 2021 are gray and yellow. The Pantone color of the year announced these two as the main colors because 2020 was deeply affected by the wave of Corona. The pandemic left behind a negative impact on the mental health of the people. Depression, lack of confidence, the inability to navigate further in life became strong emotions amongst many individuals. Yellow at one end depicts a bright future, and gray focuses upon calm and comfort.  

Nature and folk-inspired prints are also at a rage this year, the psychology behind the same is that since travel was restricted and people could not explore places, fashion decided to bring those folk, cultural and nature-inspired prints into the everyday clothing of people.

How Does Clothing Affect Your Mood?

Pant suits give a feeling of power
Pant suits give a feeling of power

Clothing can give the person confidence and encouragement. It affects and reflects the mood of the person. Being dressed for an occasion ensures that one achieves more out of the situation.  Be it a party or a formal gathering, if you are dressed for it, you will nail it for sure!

When an individual is dressed in oversized, baggy, and faded clothes, it is prevalent that he/ she is in a state of extreme comfort or is undergoing a problem.

The fashion trends call the pantsuit as power suits for a reason, wearing a pantsuit automatically gives a powerful feeling to the wearer in a formal meeting and gathering.

Poppy colors, sneakers, adding that extra color contrast depicts the playful mood of a person.  Psychologists often resort to fashion psychology to calm and soothe a patient.

Clothing also indicates the purpose of a profession and helps in building trust between two people, example- A doctor's coat is generally white, as white is a color of purity and peace, meaning 'NO HARM INTENDED' the overall look of the coat also ensures that a distance must be maintained between the doctor and patient as it is a professional relationship.

How Do Colors Affect The Mood?

how do colors affect mood
Color blue might depict a sad mood

Notice for yourself! The day you will be filled with energy, you might opt for wearing color tones of red, orange, or yellow. And a sad day might make you pick blues, blacks, or browns.

This is the impact of colors and fashion psychology on a person.  

Colors are a great catalyst to mood bearing and mood changing. Breaking the color chart there are two main color spectrums. Warm colors and cool colors-

  • Warm colors are associated with energy, enthusiasm, anger, life goals, and much more.
  • Cool Colors on the contrary are associated with comfort, sadness, and lethargy    

The color code you choose is a result of the brewing emotions. 

  • Black: A color that symbolizes both power and ill intention. Black is often a choice in formal wear as it stimulates the emotions that are associated with power and sophistication.
  • White: A color that oozes purity and peace, this is chosen as a mourning color in the East and a celebration in the west.
  • Red: One of the most attractive and instantly visible colors, red is always a choice in fashion trends. The red color uplifts the mood gives recognition and also indicates excitement and energy. During a low day, opt for red as a part of your outfit.
  • Orange: Looking to stand out? Gain attention in a gathering? Opt for an orange outfit. The color orange is an exciting color; it overflows with enthusiasm and happiness.
  • Beige & Gray: These colors are calming and comforting. The colors of beige and gray bring you to your zone where comfort plays an important role.

How Do Prints Affect Your Mood?

Stripes are playful prints

If one is feeling stuck or between chaos in the mind, stop and take a break! Like nature, animals, and sparkles evoke feelings in the body, calming and soothing the mind, taking it away from the chaos and negative mental state, the prints affect our mind the same way.

  • Many fashion tips have indicated that nature-inspired prints can evoke a feeling of calmness and an urge to start over again.
  • Animal prints like leopard, zebra, and crocodile can up your creative and communication game by giving your more confidence and a stress-free effect.
  • Stripes are perfect attention seekers, They are a great choice if your mood is to stand out and attract the attention of the public in that room. Stripes, if thick also show playfulness and adventure.
  • If you are trying to break the monotony stay away from this print and opt for nature-inspired or dotted prints.
  • Polka dots have been in and out of the fashion trends for a long, the fashion tips recommend the polka dot trend for both men and women. Polka dots are playful and versatile; it gives a lively feeling to its wearers.

How Do Silhouettes Affect Your Mood?

A line silhouette enhances the creative side

In fashion, silhouettes mean the overall shape, line, and illusion of the garment. Silhouettes can affect the mood of a person or even tell about the personality of a person.

The A-line silhouette enhances and adds to the creative side of a person. If you are at work and are looking to freely express and be creative try choosing an A-Line outfit; it gives you fluidity to move around and also lifts your mood.

A silhouette that fits your body or flaunts its shape is a great choice for formal meetings and gatherings, as soon as you have that silhouette sit on your body, a boost of confidence will fill you with energy and enthusiasm.

I Knock Fashion Desk

Fashion is not just about appealing from the outside, but it also gives a boost to the inside of a person. Fashion trends are made and worn as they align with the emotional and moody side of the person. They are chosen as per the personality and the lifestyle of the person. Fashion and the psychology of the people are interdependent.


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