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Quarantine Special: Social Media Trending Beauty Hacks!

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Quarantine Special: Social Media Trending Beauty Hacks!

There’s no denying that sticking to a skincare routine is hard work especially when you’re locked down, all the high hopes for quarantine self-love sessions can become extremely difficult to complete. I Knock Fashion today is here to help you with some of the best and most trending beauty tips for girls and amazing beauty hacks. Who doesn't enjoy a beauty hack, after all, it saves product, time, and money? Today we have gathered some of the life-changing, time-saving hacks, from contouring nose with a fork to how to aptly do butterfly makeup. So, if you're running on money and still want curly tresses, we've tricks for you.  The beauty industry is ruled by social media influencer marketing, needless to say, the beauty industry influencers are stepping it up to create a more relatable stream of content since currently, their followers have all the time in the world. So, we have kept an eye on the social media influencer marketing and gathered all the trending beauty hacks for you in this blog. Following are the hacks you can try, and we assure you they will make your quarantine Instagram feed a whole lot better. 

1. The Faux Freckles With A Hairbrush

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The Faux Freckles With A Hairbrush

In the beauty industry, the one thing that’s been ruling like a Queen is the freckle trend. Freckles are considered cute, fun along with that they add a little something extra to the look. This freckle trend has got us all ears about how to do this by a hairbrush. In the beauty industry, this hack is trending on social media influencer marketing and is making our lives easier. In the last few days, celebrities have been showing off their bare-faced beauty and gorgeous freckles on Instagram. Be it, Meghan Markle, Kylie, or Kendall Jenner everyone is responsible for spreading this freckle trend over Instagram and you must be wondering that this quarantine could be the perfect time for trying it out for yourselves!

In place of utilizing a thin or fine brush, use a detangling hairbrush to create a realistic-looking freckle pattern wherever you desire. To start with, take your hairbrush, and softly apply some lipstick or brow gel onto the very tips of the bristles. Then take the hairbrush and gently stipple the pattern across the area of the skin you want the freckles. The suggested areas are mostly cheeks and over the bridge of the nose, but you can apply it wherever you want it. Here's a beauty tip for girls, try twisting and turning the hairbrush at different angles to reach out to different areas of the skin. The freckles can be perfect for both- a brunch look or an evening makeup look, keep applying the 'freckles' until you're satisfied with your look. In the end, remember to finish off with a setting spray to keep your "freckles" evening makeup look in place. 

2. Hair Curls With Leftover Toilet Paper Rolls

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Hair Curls With Leftover Toilet Paper Rolls

Probably all of you are engaged in Zoom meetings currently, and in this lockdown chaos when you can't go out for a spa or haircut, I Knock Fashion has got you an amazing trick to make your tresses look all fresh and without any use of heat. This is the best hack of the beauty industry right now, and it works great to give bouncy curls in no time. Yes, by utilizing those lying around toilet paper rolls, you can curl your hair. So don't discard them before reading about this beauty hack. 

The toilet paper rolls are a perfect shape to wrap your hair around for voluminous curls. You’ll need around 10 toilet paper rolls, rest depends on the length and thickness of your hair. To start with wash your hair, let them dry, and apply a pea-sized amount of a hair gel or oil. Start sectioning the hair into 3-4 inch wide sections, take a toilet paper roll and start by taking the front section of the hair first. Initiating from the bottom of the hair section, wrap the ends around the empty toilet paper roll. Roll it in an upward motion and fasten tightly with a sectioning clip or bobby pin once you reach the top. Once you’re done rolling, set hair with a generous amount of hairspray. After sometime gently unclip the rolls and slowly unravel. Here you’re with beautiful curls, ladies! 

3. Contouring Nose With Fork 

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Contouring Nose With Fork

The nose is something that makes everyone feel a bit self- conscious at times as unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perfectly straight nose. But why worry when you can contour it and make it look just the way you want it to be. The thing that makes contouring loved by all is that it can change the dimensions of one's face. Contouring can do miracles to your nose. A small nose can look longer, a wide nose can look narrower and a short nose can look taller just by applying some brushes of contour. As you now know contouring is an art of sculpting your face, so it is obvious you do not want to mess it up and be very precise in the process. One of the very effective hacks to perfectly contour your nose is using a fork. Yes, you read it right- 'a fork'. You just have to place a fork on the lower side of your nose and apply highlighter on the middle open slot. Then just apply your foundation on the other two open slots. Now, the last step is to blend it well to get a nose just as you wanted.

4. Coloring Eyelashes Using Liquid Lipsticks! 

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Coloring Eyelashes Using Liquid Lipsticks

Recently numerous makeup artists and beauty bloggers caught the eyes of consumers for matching their lashes to their lipsticks. The beauty industry is currently running on the mantra "Not going back to black lashes!"

The beauty bloggers are creating evening makeup looks by taking cues from nude lipstick to create "nude lashes." Apart from nude lashes, glitter and colored lashes, are also topping the list of social media influencer marketing. You can apply blue, pink, nude, and white liquid lipstick as mascara for colored-lash looks. Although the beauty industry is launching more and more colored mascaras lately, nude ones aren't available just yet. So if you are low at budget, and desire for a colorful eyelash, reach out for a liquid lipstick. Before you start, the one thing that you should always keep in mind is to opt for an eye-safe liquid lipstick. Also use a tube with an applicator that has never touched your lips, because it can lead to bacteria and you'll end up irritating your eyes.  

Start by simply curling your eyelashes, and applying concealer onto your lashes to turn them from black to beige. Then use a liquid lipstick to color the lashes, and focus on the roots first before lightly sweeping the pigment through to the ends. It's suggested to use a color that's available on your eye-shadow palette. Later use the same shade from the eye-shadow palette to cover the lashes and seal the color. And you're ready to slay!

5. Butterfly Eye Make Up! 

Butterfly Eye Make Up
Butterfly Eye Make Up

Many of us find butterflies as one of the most beautiful creatures present. So wouldn't it be fascinating to add a butterfly to your evening makeup look? Your everyday usual winged eyeliner can sometimes be boring. So, why not, to carry it with a beautiful butterfly. Today, one of the most famous beauty tips for girls is to paint a butterfly on your eye and wear it as an eye mask with a winged eyeliner. Although it sounds a little difficult to paint a butterfly on your eye, it is not so hard to do so. You do not require any kind of artistic skill. Start with applying bright colored eye shadow (you can also try to blend some contrasting colors) and then use your usual black eyeliner to get winged eyes. Remember to tail your liner towards the eyebrows. The next step is to draw the arcs of the butterfly connected to the liner. Then just draw vertical lines from your eyelashes to connect the arcs of the butterfly to the liner. Now, comes everybody's favorite part which is to decorate your butterfly. Decorate it just the way you want like; you can use white dots over it or you can blend some beautiful bright colors to beautify it. 

6. Different Colored Eye Shadow On Different Eyes 

Just like contouring can change the shape of your nose and cheeks, eyeshadow too can change the shape of your eyes. As everyone has a unique shape and color of eyes, your eye makeup should also be unique. Eye shadow is an art that needs to be perfect to lift your eyes or else it can lead to a disaster. Beauty tip for girls with cat eyes is to color the outer corner of your eyes deeper with matte shades and then simply highlight your tear ducts using a shining eye shadow. For the girls with hooded lids stick to matte eye shadows for a soft smoky look.  

Not only to different shapes, but eye shadow should also compliment your eye color. Girls with brown eyes look great with brown, green, purple, silver, and gold. For girls with blue colored eyes- grey, purple, green, and orange are great. For black colored eyes-cobalt blue can suit the best.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

I Knock Fashion
I Knock Fashion

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left its effect on the entire world, economies are drowning, traveling is banned and social distancing is the new norm. While the world is grappling with these life-changing decisions, we want our viewers to be a little positive during this time of crisis. 

Take a deep breath, and think about all the positive things still left in the world. Stop scratching your head over negativity and invest your time in acing these beauty hacks. Take this time and enjoy it learning new skills, and acing these beauty hacks, as once the lockdown is lifted you can glam up again before walking into your college or office. Which is the best hack you liked amongst them all?   

Do let us know in the comment section, and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty updates.

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