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Skincare Guide For The Coming Monsoon!

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Skincare Guide For The Coming Monsoon!

No matter what your skin type is, and no matter where on earth you live, you can’t seem to escape monsoon's oily skin. That’s right, even in most temperate and sunny places like Rajasthan, your skin can flare up with an oily face, redness, dullness, and more. Every time you move out of your homes, it’s like your skin is on a mission to obey the calendar year and doesn’t care what the humidity level is outside. Monsoon is a period when not all can slather on the same rich cream and call it a day. The one thing that you must remember about skincare is, all of us have different textures, deep-rooted moisture levels, and genetics that separate us, and that’s what makes the world of skincare and beauty industry so vast. It’s normal in the monsoon for your skin to be on the oily side, while still experiencing dryness, redness or itchiness even though it feels like an oil slick to the touch. The rainy days can be extremely tricky when it comes to your skin. The humidity creates a situation where you might have the urge to avoid using oils and let your own natural oils ride it out, or even try to temper them with drying astringents, just to end up with too little moisture and so on in a desperate loop. If you’re scared for your monsoon skin, I Knock Fashion has broken down some suggestions for you, we believe you don’t have to fear oils, but keep it light this monsoon by following natural beauty tips

Skin And Season! 

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Skin And Season!

Here’s something you need to accept before moving ahead with the blog, accept within yourself that it’s extremely essential for your skincare routine to evolve as you grow older. But you also need to accept that it isn’t just age as stated by the beauty industry that plays a major role in your daily skin. Different seasons bring around different levels of change in humidity and temperature, all of which can call for a skincare routine update. The Indian monsoon can be intensive in cities like Maharashtra, it can bring numerous skin stress along with itself. Heavy and constant rains can even lead to skin infections, in an attempt to shelter you from monsoon skin problems, we are here to share some of the best skincare practices on tackling every single issue you could come across through this humid rainy season. Without further ado, let’s move on to monsoon skincare and natural beauty tips as your normal skincare routine won’t cut it in the rains. 

New Beauty Tips For Healthy Glowing Monsoon Skin! 

Glowing Monsoon Skin! 
Glowing Monsoon Skin!

First things first, remember to keep your skin away from dampness during the monsoon season, as dampness to fungi is what a candy store is to a child. Dampness can result in all sorts of skin problems ranging from rashes to ringworm. The following are 10 new beauty tips to combat skin issues.

1. Go for natural beauty tips, make your own homemade face peels, and packs using ingredients from your kitchen.
2. Tone your skin with the non-alcoholic variety as these will further help even out your skin’s pH balance along with bringing a natural glow to your skin.
3. Avoid adorning artificial jewelry in the monsoon season, especially if you have sensitive skin. The humidity in the air will increase the risk of a breakout.
4. Water-based moisturizers are the best option to help keep oil secretion in check, go for them this rainy season.
5. Drink at least 8 glasses throughout the day; you don’t want your skin to look pale and dull out of dehydration.
6. Eat wholesome meals which include good fats because they will help in repairing damaged skin and also in retaining moisture.
7. Let your feet skin be healthy, let them breathe, prefer waterproof footwear like sandals and floaters.

Natural Beauty Tips- Monsoon Do’s 

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Although rains bring respite from the scorching heat, it can create a blunder on your skin if proper care is not taken. It can take away your skin’s natural glow along with causing irritation and rashes. Monsoon is a harsh season for almost all skin types, following a proper monsoon skincare routine that includes using apt products and effective natural beauty tips can help you sail through the monsoon season. Keep the following do’s in your mind for the season coming ahead. 

1. It’s important to cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day in the rainy days to remove excess oil that can clog your pores. Perhaps the best new beauty tips are to add a natural toner, that will not only deeply cleanse the skin but also refresh the skin tone completely.

2. Monsoon is a tricky season, the humidity levels can further dry your skin. The beauty industry has been talking about it for years, that keeping yourself hydrated with a good quality moisturizer should be your top priority at all times. Prefer applying a moisturizer that balances the skin oil along with adding a natural glow to it.

3. For people with oily skin, monsoon season can be a real nightmare. Especially during the monsoon, make sure to exfoliate your skin daily to get rid of dead cells but do so gently. Apply natural homemade skincare pack, to keep it oil-free. You can use a homemade pack- mix almond flour, honey and few drops of rose water, make a paste and apply it on the face. This pack is one of the most popular natural beauty tips of the beauty industry, the almond flour will help in reducing blemishes while honey and rose water will aid in moisturizing the skin.

4. As the season shifts from summer to rainy, paying attention to the skin as per the demands of the season becomes essential. Adopting new beauty tips will not only give you naturally glowing skin but also help you combat skin damages that become a norm during the monsoon season. A simple beauty industry tip like natural face wash will help flush out the toxins and provide a natural glow to the skin. You can also use homemade face washes; take a spoonful of fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder and paste of ground basil leaves with rose water, mix it well and use it as a natural face wash. It’s the best remedy for oily skin. 

Natural Beauty Tips- Monsoon Don’ts


There’s is no denying in the fact that your skin is your crowning glory, but the point that can’t be ignored is that your skin does become a matter of stress for you during the onset of monsoon, it probably ends up losing all its glow with the very first rain of the season. That’s only because your normal skincare routine is not enough to keep it fresh in the rainy season, what you need is new beauty tips with the changing season. Following are a few don’ts for a monsoon glowing skin, these new beauty tips will help you cure your beauty woes and will maintain your natural skin glow. 

1. Avoid showering with steaming hot water, as in the monsoon season, it can make your skin capillaries weak and cause skin infections and damage.

2. Especially in monsoon don’t cleanse, in a hurry, not cleansing appropriately can lead to ab bacterial invasion which then triggers breakouts.

3. Adopt more natural beauty tips and say no to bleach during monsoon. There’s nothing inappropriate in bleaching your face, but in monsoon, it can result in rough and dry skin.

4. Monsoon, of course, doesn’t have a ray of bright sunshine like summers over your head, but that does not mean you should ignore the presence of harmful ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. This is the most important among all the new beauty tips, remember rain or no rain, applying a good quality sunscreen with SPF properties should be made an essential part of your daily monsoon skincare routine.

Most Common Monsoon Problems Along With Solutions! 

#Skin Infections 

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#Skin Infections

Skin infection is a common problem during the monsoon, it’s majorly because of wet clothes and sweat. You can fight with it by dusting some anti-fungal powder on your feet, underarms, and body folds after bathing. 

#Stinky Feet 

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#Stinky Feet

Keep washing your feet, if you're exposed to puddles or rainwater. Carry a pair of dry socks, if possible, so if your socks get wet on your way to work, change into dry socks. To avoid infections it’s best to apply anti-fungal dusting powder before putting on your socks. 


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Monsoon leads to humidity, humidity leads to sweat and collects dirt more easily which further attracts bacteria. As soon as you get home; clean your face with a face wash to let go of the grime and dirt. You can also use wet wipes when outside for long hours.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

 Get Monsoon Ready!
 Get Monsoon Ready!

These tips may sound a little hard to keep up with but they are not. Follow them and see how you glow up this monsoon, if possible, keep a set of extra clothes in your office. It’s essential to keep your skin dry during humidity to prevent fungal or bacterial skin infections. To know the kind of clothes you should be adorning during a rainy day, click here. Before hitting the bed at night, remove all your makeup, wash your face and moisturize. Was this blog helpful?  Keep up with these tips and do let us know if they really worked for you in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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