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Steps To Build A Career In Makeup Artistry

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Steps To Build A Career In Makeup Artistry

Want to be a top-notch makeup artist? Reality Check- You need to start from somewhere!

The makeup and beauty industry is booming in India. With the inclusion of men actively benefitting from the services of the beauty and grooming industry, the scope of beauty is rising daily. If you are planning to make a career in the beauty industry and makeup, you need to know the following first.

Stepping into the beauty industry, one must have a zeal and talent to explore and learn from beauty courses institutes online and offline. Applying the same and practicing until you know it’s on your tips. Before moving on to building a career in beauty and makeup get your doubts clear.

What are the job opportunities for makeup artists in India?

makeup artists in India
job opportunities for makeup artists in India
  1. Celebrity Makeup Artist

  2. Theatre Makeup Artist

  3. Retail Store Makeup Artist

  4. Salon Makeup Artist

  5. Public Event Makeup Artist

  6. Freelance Makeup Artist

  7. Special Effects Make-Up Artist

The above are a few categories and career niches you can choose and build a folio of in makeup artistry. From stores, such as Sephora and MAC to salons require makeup artists to boost their businesses. Many makeup artists also choose to start their freelancing work and build a career by being a beauty entrepreneur.  

Is it a mandate to do a course in makeup artistry for being in the beauty industry?

Beauty Industry
Beauty Industry

Although there are many self-taught makeup artists in India, yet to step up and specialize in a niche like bridal makeup, celebrity makeup, special effects makeup, and film and theatre makeup; it is recommended that a course offering a certificate should be taken.

There are many benefits of taking up a beauty courses institute online/ offline:

  • Everything is taught from a professional’s point of view.

  • It’s not just about to make up but also about the overall presentation.

  • Skills are developed by professionals and industry veterans

  • Get a certificate

  • Come in contact with industry members who build a chain of recommendation. 

  • Practice with professionals and stay informed with the latest beauty trends

  • Get internships through certifications.

What are the types of makeup courses available?

makeup artists
Bridal makeup
  1. Media Makeup

  2. Certificate courses in art and makeup

  3. Air Brush Makeup

  4. Makeup for beginners

  5. Bridal makeup- traditional and contemporary

  6. Special Effects Makeup

  7. Professional diploma in makeup

  8. Cosmetic makeup

  9. Makeup for Runway and TV

  10. Basic Contouring Techniques

  11. Color Theory of makeup

  12. Basic eye makeup

  13. Makeup for a photoshoot and digital media

  14.  Eye Brow Microblading

  15. Lash and Brow tinting

Why Choose The Beauty And Makeup Industry?

bridal makeup
Why Choose The Beauty And Makeup Industry?


According to the Confederation of the Indian Industries, the beauty industry of India is estimated to be at INR 12,500 crores and is expected to climb folds. From a societal point of view, earlier makeup was done only during occasions and special events but with the increasing Instagram influence, everyday events, parties, and get together, makeup is now turning into a lifestyle from luxury.


Be it online makeup classes or beauty courses institute both online and offline, the makeup trends and industry is not leaving a stone unturned to spread and gain popularity. As skills are important in this kind of industry, presentation, client interaction, and networking have their role to play too.

Step By Step Guide To Make An Entrance Into The Beauty Industry

  • Evaluate your skill set and passion: It is predominant for those who plan to make a career in the beauty industry to evaluate their skill set and figure if they are passionate about makeup or not. Try taking a few free online makeup classes and try it on yourself and others around to check your creativity and patience level.

  • Take a certified course: Many beauty courses institute online and offline give certification courses. While you evaluate your skills, you will be able to identify the category you would want to take up as a profession in beauty and makeup.

  • Keep evolving side by side: Remember, beauty is a very dynamic industry! It is crucial to know about the latest trends in beauty; hence, it should be a mandate for you to keep taking small makeup classes online to add to your skillset and folio.

  • Intern under a professional: A benefit of taking beauty courses online/ offline from professionals is that you get a chance to network and learn under professionals. Internships and jobs are a must to add to your portfolio, make connections, and give yourself the confidence to move forward.

  • Choose the category you wish to make a career in the beauty industry: Once the basic steps are ticked, it’s time to advance, choose a category for which you want to be called a  professional and create a niche for yourself. Media makeup, SFX makeup, Bridal makeup, or photoshoot makeup; you can judge which part motivates you and urges you to move further in the profession.

  • Keep Evolving And Learning: Never Forget to keep adding new skills in your professional life, learn from beauty courses institute online and makeup classes online, or take up higher certified training.

I Knock Fashion’s Online Makeup and Beauty Certified, Classes

Muskan Malhotra Makeup Artistry Academy
Muskan Malhotra Makeup Artistry Academy

You can learn from professionals of the industry in eight languages and get a certificate from the professional academy/ trainer. 

Muskan Malhotra Makeup Artistry Academy has collaborated with I Knock Fashion to come up with makeup classes online and introduce courses that can further skill the beauty enthusiasts to take makeup as their lifelong career.  

I Knock Fashion already a renowned and reputed name in the fashion and beauty industry has initiated this venture to provide a certified skill to the Indian population through professionals of the industry to give them a kick start in their careers and a skill to earn for life. Further providing courses that can sharpen their base knowledge.

I Knock Fashion Desk

As beauty and wellness is a growing industry, the certified courses provided by I Knock Fashion through professionals would strengthen the talented human resource in the beauty industry of India.

The classes will be found on, and services can be availed at nominal fee structures.

So if you are planning to build a career in makeup, knock to I Knock Fashion and kick start from here!

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