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Style With The Winter Fashion Trend Of Sweaters

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Style With The Winter Fashion Trend Of Sweaters

With winters getting cozier, it’s time to reload your wardrobes with the latest fashion of sweaters. 

The winter fashion and style gets active with the onset of the winter season. It is the time to revisit your closets and ensure it with the latest winter fashion trends of 2021. The fulsome choices of winter fashion sometimes limit our selection to what to buy and what not to buy. The safest option to play with the style is with the latest fashion of sweaters.

The sweater is an extra layer, sometimes over the shirt that gives full coverage in the cold winds. It is a wardrobe staple that comes in different variations and colors. They are made up of knitting by interlocking loops of a continuous yarn with various types of techniques. This knitting method makes sweaters free and flexible.

Usually, four types of sweaters like cardigans, pullovers, tunics, and turtle neck are designed differently and come under fashion trends

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Cardigan - Boohoo- Pinterest

Cardigans- The name is associated with James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a 19th-century British general. The man was very conscious about his hair, and to prevent his hair from getting fussy or tangled by wearing a pullover. He added the buttons to the pullover that now has become a cardigan.

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Pull Over Sweater- Buzz Feed- Pinterest

Pullover Sweaters- Any sweater without an opening of buttons or zip is known as Pullover. Very easy to wear, this is simply pulled down the head and neck area. 

Tunics- Tunics are generally loose in fit and not fitted to hemline. They are more loosely cut and does not exactly define the body structure. 

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Pull Over Sweater- Buzz Feed- Pinterest

Turtleneck Sweaters- It is defined as a sweater that has a high collar that rolls down the neck and covers the full-back. It is also called by other names like roll neck or polo neck.

The trend of sweaters is everlasting as they have become the winter essentials. Also, the basic categories of sweaters are now having been modified and redesigned. The new styles of sweaters come with a lot of different styles of sleeves, color patterns, cut, and shape that has now become the latest fashion.

Some styles are unisexual, but few of them are categorized as men’s wear and women’s wear separately. There are several types of sweaters for men to style with, but only a few of them bring a splash to the fashion trend and provides warmth. 

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V Neck Sweater Men

1) V-Neck Sweaters- The number one choice on the list, V-neck sweaters are one of the versatile sweaters. As the name suggests, it has a v-neck that goes well with the shirts and ties. 

latest fashion for men
Crew Neck Sweater Men

2) Crewneck Sweaters- They are eternally in style and are light in weight. The colors and patterns vary. It is designed with round necks that can be carried on both formal occasions and casually. 

3) Shawl-like Collar Sweaters- Very comfortable to wear and style. They are moreover like a cardigan which has a shawl-like collar. It covers your neck area. 

4) Shawl Collar Pullover- a little more casual, it has shawl like collars that cover the neck area. It does not have buttons or zips.

5) Half-Zip or Mock Neck- It is designed in such a manner that it is not a pullover or a cardigan. It has a raised collar put together with a zip that goes about halfway in the front.

Talking about women’s fashion, the list goes long. There are different types of sweaters for a woman to style with that keeps you warm.

1) Boyfriend Sweater- A women’s sweater more like a cardigan and has a v-neck. It is an oversized sweater that tends to fall on the body and does not fit the hemline.

2) Half-Zip Sweaters- It has half zip and goes about midway. It also covers the neck area and comes in different colors and patterns. 

3) Turtle Necks- The collars of the sweater fall around the neck. Also, it covers the back area leaving no space to feel cold. 

4) Reglan Sleeves Sweater- The sleeves of the sweater are extended to the neck without the stitch lines in-between. 

5) Pullovers- The pullovers are without the zip openings and buttons and are designed in different shapes and patterns.

The fashion trend of sweaters changes every year, but some of the styles remain constant. Now is the time to shine all your favorite sweaters that are tending in 2021. Men and women groom themselves with the winter fashion trend 2021 of sweaters

1) Knitted Sweaters- This fall, knitted sweaters are popping among the fashion trends. One can never go wrong with the knitted pullovers, and cardigans. For a class look, put on a neutral-colored knitted sweater matched with high-waist denim jeans and a white slip-on inner. This style would remain classic, and for long years it has been trending with modifications in color tones, style, and pattern. 

2) Color Blocking- Color blocking is the latest fashion in sweaters. It means the base color features the other two contrasting colors in different patterns. Orange, Burgundy, and pastels are going to hit the list of latest fashion sweaters. It would be great fun to style a color block sweater along with light blue colored bell-bottoms and flip flops. 

latest fashion for girls
Puffy Sleeves Sweater- Tradesy- Pinterest

3) Puffy Sleeves- This fall, a new trend of puffed-up sleeves in sweaters is trending among the top fashion trends. Also, all the designers are featuring puffed sleeves in the design of sweaters. Pastels are high in this season. It would be best to style a pastel pink colored sweater with puffed sleeves and a denim pair of jeans, paired with loafers. 

4) Solid Colors- This autumn/winter, men’s fashion has been mostly about solid colors. The color tones like orange, green, olive, and red are trending in V-necks and screw sweaters. A solid-colored orange sweater can be team up with black basic denim jeans and a pair of loafers. 

5) Turtle Neck- Turtle necks are hitting the men’s fashion this year. The color palette moves around white, tan, blue, maroon, and orange. A white turtleneck sweater is good to see in the winters, paired with denim blue jeans. 

6) Cardigans- The cardigans remain classic and trend every year. A slim fit cardigan is trending in the shades of blue, grey, white, and black. A Navy-blue cardigan can be put together with a light blue shirt and blue formal pants. This style is a timeless piece and is trending for long years.

The sweaters have a large market that has grown tremendously. With an increase in urbanization and functionality in India, the market has seen huge growth. With the revolution coming in fashion, the choices have also changed, and the demand has increased. From the past few years, the sweater market of India has grown up 5-6% annually. It has seen a good spike in the graph.

fashion trends of 2021
Crew Neck Sweater- Sunny Angela- Pinterest


Breezy nights and cozy days are incomplete with the latest fashion of sweaters. Invest in the best style that is trending. With an extensive range of designs and colors, sweaters have become a winter essential that can be shopped online and offline. The shopping malls and stand-alone stores of big and premium brands give you an opportunity to buy the sweater physically by experiencing its color, quality, pattern, and suitability. But this option is minimized when shopping online through different shopping websites like Myntra, Amazon, Tata Clique, brands own website, Urbanic, Nykaa Fashion, and many more. But the ease of buying and returning with a click of a button has increased online shopping. Still not sure which brand to pick? Here are some of the best and leading brands dealing in the latest styles. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Color Plus, Mango, Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Blackberrys, and U.S. Polo Assn, not only provide you with quality but also break the conventional styling and designing of the sweaters.

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