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Summer Of 2019: Top Trends This Season

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Summer Of 2019: Top Trends This Season

If you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up to date, the fashion world’s runway showcases and street style stars have all the inspiration you need. They not only showcase what’s coming next in fashion but also display what’s trending at the moment. These ‘on- point with trend’ ladies debut the latest and greatest fashion looks, from Paris to Milan to London and New York.

This season is the most unpredictable since you never know when it gets scorching hot or when you need to take your wind sheeters out! Regardless of the climate, an official change in season requires a fresh new wardrobe.

Have a look at the hottest trends in fashion as of Summer 2019:

1. Animal Prints: If you look at all the hottest celebs in the industry, especially the Kardashians and Jenners, loud leopard prints are a favorite amongst them. They seem to appear on a variety of garments including pants, coats, dresses, suits, leotards and more. To follow their footsteps, go for strong and striking designs with bold and bright colors. As an alternative, try opting for an overall leopard print look with matching separates or a dress/jumpsuit. If you’re feeling a bit playful, add a leopard print bag or pair the look with such shoes.

2. 2018 Pantone color of the year -Lavender: Ultraviolet may be the Pantone color of the year for 2018, but fashionistas preferred their own take on Lavender this year. They proved that a softer, more pastel purple can be incredibly stylish. Whether worn in the form of boots, dresses, coats, or even head-to-toe ensembles, this feminine color adds a lovely touch to any look!

3. Jumpsuits/Boiler Suits: This one particular style stands out from the crowd, originally designed as a one-piece protective garment for manual labor, boiler suits are just as fashionable and functional now as any other trendy clothing item. To make the look work for yourself, choose a cut and color that will suit you best. They’re available in a variety of amazing styles, be it long-sleeved, sleeveless, short jumpers, draped, structural, there’s so much to choose from!

4. Bike Shorts with Blazers: Athleisure is all the rage and these bike shorts, paired with blazers are worn by many fashion-goers, as spotted on the streets. The look is both striking and chic, although it may not be appropriate for work or at the gym, the ensemble is ideal for a casual streetwear look or on a Sunday brunch with the ladies.

5. Puff Sleeves: Minimalism surely took center stage in the previous years and is making its mark slowly and gradually, but the latest in fashion saw models strutting the runway with bold ruffles, oversized silhouettes resulting in puffy shoulders on both dresses and blouses. Although puff sleeves are a very ‘80s look, it adds a super fun twist to modern outfits, If you’re planning to pull this off, keep the rest of your look a bit subdued.

6. Patchwork: Remember the time when your grandma used to fix your ripped clothes using the technique of patchwork? It’s no longer an age-old craft now! Patchwork has now been spotted on the streets outside fashion shows from Paris to New York, also adopted by a lot of sustainable designers who’re intore-using and upcycling bits and pieces of clothing. As colorful as it’s creative, the look binds together contrasting fabric pieces resulting in an eye-catching design. Allow the patchwork outfit to be the star of the show, team it up with something simple and understated.

7. Mini bags: The latest ‘IT’ bag isn’t defined by its shape. Instead, it’s the size of the bag that sets it apart from the rest. Basically, it has been shrunk down to fit nothing more than your smartphone and lipstick and is more fashionable than functional. At least you won’t have a sore shoulder from carrying your tote or shoulder bag around all day!

We also have a couple of more trends, from feathers and crochet to tie-dye and polka dots that are becoming the talk of the town. Tell us, which one of these fashionable trends of Summer 2019 is your favorite?

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