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Summer Skincare Regime for Men

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Summer Skincare Regime for Men

A basic skincare routine is required by all. Taking care of the skin is very compulsory as you might end up with a bad skin phase that will make you stay indoors and develop traits of being anti-social all the time. Several fashion bloggers and influencers have introduced many skincare regimes for both men and women to ensure proper skin health. People believe that men are underrepresented in the fashion and beauty industry, but we've got some top skincare regimes for men's skin types.

Men have a different type when talking about the skin. There's nothing to differ, the skin is skin, and it's the same organ. Differences observed are:

  • Men have thicker skin compared to women.
  • A hormone called testosterone, when stimulated, causes an increase in the skin's thickness that proves the fact that a man's skin is 25% thicker than a women's.
  • A male’s skin is better hydrated than a woman’s. Men happen to use nothing over their skin, but excessive sweating and lactic acid production lead to a higher hydration level.
  • Men can grow hair in places.
  • Men contain more oil in their faces. They have some sweat-producing glands under their skin that helps in managing their skin's water level.
  • Several men fashion bloggers like Siddharth Batra have showcased many skincare tips and summer skincare regime for male beauty.
  • Male skin is hard and thick, they don’t need to exfoliate their skin as they shave regularly, excess exfoliation can cause harm to the skin removing all the oil bases from the skin.

Like women, men also face several skin problems due to this harsh weather and disturbing environmental levels. Bad air quality, harmful fumes moving around through the air, all these pigments damage your skin and make it uneven.

Issues like:

Dry Skin (Xerosis) – Dry skin is a common problem. Every second person faces this exact situation because half of the men don't plan or take care of their summer skincare regime, they simply avoid the problem by applying some moisturizer, but we all know moisturizers are a temporary solution.

Men Moisturize
Men Moisturize
  • Dry skin causes redness, itching, and scaling to the skin. The skin becomes extremely dry, and white patches start to appear.
  • When the skin starts shedding, it looks unhygienic and shabby. It starts to hurt and turns red.
  • Apply glycerine and skin hydrators to prevent skin from becoming dry.
  • Dry skin can be cured with products like:
  • Coconut Oil – The elements of coconut fills the spaces between the skin cells, making it smooth and soft.
  • Petroleum Jelly – These are also known as mineral oils. It forms a protective layer over the skin, trapping skin moisture underneath that helps heal dry and irritated skin.

Seborrhea – These are overactive oil glands that produce immense oil leading to frequent acne breakouts. Oils are considered as a helpful essence for the skin.

Oil Based Cleansers
Oil Based Cleansers
  • Oily skin experiences late aging.
  • Makes the skin glow, the face never dries.
  • But excessive oil can cause pimples, acne, and other skin problems as well.
  • Use a balancing serum or a hazel toner to correct your skin’s oil textures.

In case of sunburns, windburns, heat lashes and, Poison Ivy – sunburns and windburns can be painful and very irritating for the skin.  The skin loses its natural texture, and these rashes create a permanent mark on the skin.

  • Try to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics while facing skin issues like these.
  • Around 85% of people are allergic to poison ivy. It causes raised patches, blistering, and warm swelling.
  • To save yourself from poison ivy, rub some alcohol to release the pain.
  • Cold compress over the affected area.
  • Oatmeal bath and Bentonite clay are the best solutions for poison ivy.

Combination Skin – Combination skin mostly experiences blackheads and whiteheads. The pores near the corners of the nose are enlarged and clogged.

  • The area outside the T-Zone is dry and flaky where T-zone is oily and shiny.
  • Combination skin has a semi-uneven skin tone. A person having this skin type faces skin issues altogether.
  • While using skin cleansers, the areas near your cheeks and neck become more sensitive.
  • Combination skin types are mostly dull and lifeless.
  • To cure problems related to combination skin, try sticking to a specific skincare routine. Your skin requires a repeated nightly skin regime to heal within time. Using different products repeatedly can cause skin damage.
  • Try to use an oil-based cleanser on the dry parts of your face. These cleansers are made from natural ingredients like coconut and olive. These ingredients make your skin shiny and way glossier than before. These skincare tips can be very helpful for your combination skin type.

Some more summer skincare regime for men tips are mentioned:

1. Your Hands – Your hands roughly contain 1500 bacteria count per square meter. Wash your hands before applying anything to your face. Don't let the germs track their way up to your face.

2. Use natural And Organic Products – Expensive market products can ruin your skin balance. Scrub your face with natural exfoliators. Remove all blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. Use a natural face wash twice. Make sure you use a mild face wash.

Never use a body wash on your face, as it is made for your body's skin and your face skin is way thinner and sensitive than your body.

Natural ingredients include – White –Tea leaf extracts, Witch Hazel and Aloe-Vera Juice.

Each of these has healing properties for anti-inflammation, acne-prevention, and repairing wounds of sorts.

Natural ingredients

I Knock Fashion Desk

This blog contains skin problems faced by men. Different skincare routine has to be followed by men to maintain the skin's pH levels. From dry skin to combination skin, men too require the skincare that women give to their skin. Including both natural and chemical-based skincare regime can bring great wonders to your skin.

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