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Suneet Varma At India Couture Week 2020!

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Suneet Varma At India Couture Week 2020!

There is no doubt that India Couture Week 2020 effortlessly raised the fashion trends of 2020. Due to COVID-19, it is for the first time that the Fashion Design Council Of India decided to go virtual. The ace Indian designer Suneet Varma showcased his magnificent bridal wear collection and more at the event. To know the specifications, keep reading. 

Suneet Varma's Thought Behind The Collection!

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Upgrading the fashion trends of 2020 designer Suneet Varma's latest collection was a modern and theatrical representation of the modern Indian woman who lives in the "today" - yet embraces the romance of traditional Indian couture.

The designer believes that the romance of traditional Indian coutureis like a sixth sense of seduction. It carries its vocabulary and language, like a detailed braid entwined with history, myth, and tradition. The Indian couture may be modern, whimsical, or demure- but is always magnificent and intricately crafted.

Suneet Varma personally feels that the amalgamation of traditional motifs with abstract artworks enhanced by the age-old crafts of India makes for a perfect – feminine, romantic, and modern woman. 

"Timeless By Suneet Varma"

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The collection titled ‘Timeless by Suneet Varma' is divided into three mini-collections, and it remains authentic to the brand’s DNA. Apart from acing the latest fashion trends, it is in parts elegant and progressive. 

The designer firmly wanted to address what the youth wants and how they would like to feel wearing couture. The designer aced the fashion trends of 2020 by bringing glamour and sensuality through the use of sheer fabrics, intricate placement of embellishments like glass bead and sequin work, and a mélange of traditional and modern motifs like flowers, abstract artworks, and butterflies.

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The lehenga skirts from the latest collection are voluminous and featured with playful blouses like halter-necks, off-shoulder numbers, open-back options, and even designs with corsages on the shoulder. "Timeless By Suneet Varma" raises the latest fashion trends, as it not only showcases a single color palette but has gracefully introduced a three-color palette.   

Words And Views!

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Suneet Varma, about his latest fashion collection, stated-"I believe Fashion is the politest way of speaking about sex- But I like the subtle unspoken word, left to the imagination of the wearer. The glamour and sensuality in this collection come through the use of sheer and lucid fabrics, the delicate placement of embellishments, the drapes, and the unexpected details- and what they reveal or conceal."

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