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The Basics Of Brand Identity About The Basics Of Branding

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The Basics Of Brand Identity About The Basics Of Branding

A brand is essentially an identity itself. So, creating a product’s brand identity comes as a given in any business, especially in the fashion industry. In the contemporary business scenario, where brands are constantly competing with one another. It is essential for designers and brands to create an identity that easily communicates with the market.

Basics Of Brand Identity

Brand identity refers to those elements of a brand that a customer is visually exposed to. A brand’s identity is not the same as its brand image. The identity depicts the core values and intent behind a brand.

A brand creates or chooses its name, uses specific visual representations in its products, chooses a certain type of language, its advertisements and designs, it’s brick and mortar stores in a certain aesthetic – the result of all these activities is the brand identity which is integral to the brand’s image (the public perception of the brand).

The artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, Virgil Abloh, founded the label ‘Off-White’ which seeks to explore elements that are open in nature. For instance, printing the word “SHOELACES” on shoelaces and labeling their website as “WEBSITE”.

Virgil uses quotations on his pieces because he wants the label to represent the idea that everything is indefinite. This is the ideology of the brand – giving people space to unleash their own creativity. This sense of identity can be seen in Off-White’s boutique stores as well.

They have broken down traditional store dynamics with a simple strategy. That is developing unique, photogenic concepts and never duplicating or letting commerce dictate them.

To create distinct brand identities, most designers and brands first analyze the market that they would be competing in. Then they determine their business goals and targets, identify their customers. Also, decide upon the personality and message they want to get across to their target consumers.


The fashion industry is vast, the font, the color palette, and the shape of a brand’s logo are extremely important. Currently, ‘Off-White’ is the most popular brand in the world, all thanks to its extremely unique and distinct brand identity.

The brand’s bold and loud graphics teamed up with its black and white diagonal stripes has made it instantly recognizable as one of the most desirable brands in the fashion world. Off-white’s industrial-looking bright yellow belts can be recognized from afar and their collaboration with Nike for a line of sneakers was one of the most sought-after collections.

Abloh created a very distinct brand identity by choosing something very ordinary – the black and white stripes of cross-walks that have been around for decades. The brand evokes a sense of newness with its youthful, bold, and pop aesthetic. This struck a chord with the young millennial market.

The way in which brands choose to present their identities today is very relevant to the contemporary trends that are prevailing. A brand or designer that conveys a message through their unique identity is more likely to capture the attention of the millennial consumer or any other consumer segment, than a brand that has not paid attention to its expression of values and ideas.

There are some Basics of Brand Identity.

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