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The Beauty Culture Of Facial Acupuncture

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The Beauty Culture Of Facial Acupuncture

The rise of acupuncture techniques in the process of body healing has been going on for centuries. Acupuncture is known to stimulate necessary functions in the body allowing regulation of substances and activities from within.

While the advent of acupuncture in the beauty culture is just recent, there is no denying that it has been an excellent success with improving a person’s face by making them look younger and feel lighter and livelier.

What is Facial Acupuncture?

Facial acupuncture is merely a personalized approach to standard acupuncture. Just in case, you decide to let your regular acupuncturist to let them work their magic on your worry lines, and you end up finding out how it has been the one thing you have always wanted.

Facial Acupuncture is used to enhance natural beauty culture by smoothening the creases on your forehead, eliminating the signs of growing old, and making your skin glowy, soft, and overall pretty.


How does Facial Acupuncture enrich natural beauty?

Once settled, your acupuncturist is supposed to insert any number from 30 to 60 tiny and plain sailing needles. The needles allow sensations called primary microtraumas when they wound the skin within its limits. When the neurons send signals to the brain, it senses these punctures and enters a healing mode, which in turn is responsible for necessary anti-aging processes.

The stimulations sent by the brain activate the circulatory system and booth the oxygen and nutrition supply to the cells of the skin, thereby nurturing the skin from within. This also lightens your complexion. The production of collagen also takes place at this step, which is a protein responsible for refining the skin’s elasticity, and decreasing wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

Types of Facial Acupuncture:

Facial Acupuncture is divided into categories depending upon which part of the face is put into focus. Listed below are a few types:

  • For Aging:

Facial Acupuncture allows needles to penetrate deeper into the skin to aim at fibroblast cells located in the innermost dermis layer of the skin. These cells are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin which are known to exhaust with growing years.

  • Crow’s Feet:

To make the skin around the eyes more stable, firm, and buoyant, facial acupuncture works on the circulation of blood and increases the elasticity of the face.

  • Frown/Worry Lines:

Facial Acupuncture on the forehead requires certain relaxation techniques since the area around is more contracting and need finer hydration, due to which the needles are used to puncture deeper.

  • Smile Lines:

The folds of skin around the mouth that run along the side of the nose are aimed at improving the overall volume and smoothness. This is done by allowing nutrients and subcutaneous fat to enter the skin from within.

  • Lip Volume:

Certain techniques can be used to make the lips look fuller, erase the lines around the lips, and also restore the natural color and shine of the lips. 

facial Acupuncture

6 lesser-known effects about Facial Acupuncture:

There are various benefits of Facial Acupuncture, most of which are unknown to people.

  • Clears up acne: It has been proved by studies of the beauty culture as well as practice that facial acupuncture reduces acne and whiteheads, and eliminates blemishes from the skin.
  • Brightens dull skin: The change in your complexion is plainly visible as it not only lightens but makes your skin brighter, smoother, and healthier.
  • Tightens and tones the skin: Through Facial Acupuncture, the muscle tissues on the face are stimulated and they start working on the elasticity of the skin to tone, ultimately eliminating sagging.
  • De-puffs: The puffiness around the eyes and the cheeks is entirely removed as there is constant blood circulation and the face relaxes during the process.

How long does Facial Acupuncture last?

A series of Facial Acupuncture is required if you are a beginner, which includes five sessions followed by 10 focused treatments every once a week if you wish to see the best results. Once done, the treatments last for an average of four to eight weeks, depending on your skin type, as this is when your skin enters a ‘self-repair’ stage.

Side effects of Facial Acupuncture:

The most common side effects of Facial Acupuncture are:

  • Minor bleeding: The bleeding may take place during or after the process due to needles puncturing the surface of the skin.
  • Soreness of the skin tissues: Since the needles are inserted in the skin and left to stay for a few minutes, the skin may swell and become sensitive to touch.
  • Redness in the skin: Redness is usually seen after the acupuncture as the blood cells are charged and there is slight to no internal bleeding which causes the skin to develop a scarlet hue.
  • Minor bruising: The process of facial acupuncture is proved to be risk-free but the face is the softest and most delicate part of the body which is why, puncturing it, might lead to light bruising. However, this bruising is no different from bruising in any other part of the body and it heals in no time.
  • Also, going for facial acupuncture is not recommended if you are diabetic, have a bleeding disorder, carry a pacemaker, or are pregnant.

What is the best age to go for a Facial Acupuncture?

The firmness and elasticity of a person’s skin start to diminish at the age of 20. Therefore, the most preferable age range to get a Facial Acupuncture is from 20 to 55.

IKF Desk:

It comes as no surprise that one always wants to look young and attractive. Despite the number of cosmetic treatments available, Facial Acupuncture proves to be the booming trend in beauty culture as it promises to heal and embellish the skin from within.

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