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The Botox Beauty And Its Complete Understanding

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The Botox Beauty And Its Complete Understanding

You must have heard this word several times through news or some celebrity. But this word is not limited to the celebrities or hidden behind the curtains anymore. The modern-day men and women do not want to age soon. They constantly keep putting in efforts, trying new things in order to maintain their youth. So, these modern humans have welcomed the treatment of Botox beauty and its complete understanding with open arms.

Botox – A Brief Understanding

Botox treatment usually takes few sittings
Botox treatment usually takes few sittings

Botox is the brand name of a substance injected in your face. This substance is a toxin that is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Once injected in your skin, it is known to inhibit muscle movement that further prevents wrinkles from developing and worsening. This substance is like a poison for the human body that can cause paralyzes in adverse conditions. This poison is also found in bad meat products. However, scientists have discovered a way to use it in human’s benefit by using it in a limited quantity. The cosmetic physicians have been using this substance for years as it helps facial muscles relax and treats wrinkles and facial creases.

The Story Of Its Invention

Dr. Jean Carruthers is the genius behind the invention of Botox
Dr. Jean Carruthers is the genius behind the invention of Botox

A Canadian eye-doctor, Dr. Jean Carruthers is the genius behind the invention of Botox which is a billion-dollar industry today. Jean is a world-known cosmetic surgeon who is known for her work in the field of cosmetics. She brought a revolution in the cosmetic industry with Botox in 1987. This invention has also inspired the birth of many other cosmetic fillers, intense-pulse-light, radio-frequency therapies, and other factors that fight the signs of aging.

Dr. Jean with her husband has changed the face of cosmetics but still chooses to live low-key. Dr. Jean was an eye-surgeon who shared her office with her husband. She treated pediatric disorder and adult conditions like blepharospasm (a condition in which you blink a lot). This uncontrollable blinking and spasming of the eye and surrounding area were treated with a dilute solution of botulinum toxin aka Botox. Botox was then used as a medical solution for spasming. She used to inject this solution in her patient’s skin to temporarily paralyze the spasming muscle. Until one day, when one of her patients during the blepharospasm became irate about her forehead not being injected. This surprised Jean and she explained to her that her forehead is not spasming and hence it does not need to be injected. The reply to her statement by the patient is what surprised Jean and inspired her to chisel this further. The patient said that the injection makes her wrinkles go away.

The patient’s casual statement gave the doctor couple a ray of hope to find the solution to the problem they have been struggling to solve all these years – how to make the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows above the nose go away. The solution or fillers available at the time for glabellar lines was not very effective and very painful. The next day Jean convinced her receptionist to take a shot of Botox and the results shocked her. To the couple’s surprise, their discovery wasn’t appreciated by the world, instead, people were apprehensive of what they are injecting in their faces. So, in 1987, Jean injected it to herself, and ever since Botox has been a hit in the cosmetic industry.

Why Use Botox?

Botox has become a very famous way to maintain youth in the cosmetic market.
Botox has become a very famous way to maintain youth in the cosmetic market.

This natural purified protein is used to relax muscles that are responsible for the signs of facial aging. Botox has become a very famous way to maintain youth in the cosmetic market. Here are the key areas where you get most signs of aging and you can use Botox to make them disappear.

Face and neck

The skin of the face and neck is thinner than the skin of the rest of the body. The face also experiences a lot of muscle movement due to the different facial expressions we give every day. This contraction and release of muscle over the year turn into fine lines and wrinkles as the skin becomes thinner and saggier as we age. A small amount of Botox injected in your skin will soften the wrinkles and fine lines making you look young.

Different areas in the face and neck experience different kinds of wrinkles and fine lines:

The upper face gets frown lines between the eyebrows above the nose. It also gets crow’s feet, the fine lines at the side of the eyes, and forehead or stress lines.

Midface gets lines around the nose and under your eyes.

Smokers get smoker lines in the lower face and around the chin.

Regions around the neck like necklace lines and jowls.


Have you ever wondered about how your eyebrows get its shape? There are two types of muscles that pull and push muscles to give shape to our eyebrows, these muscles are corrigator muscle and frontalis muscle. The corrigator muscle pulls your eyebrows down towards the center whereas the frontalis muscle lifts the eyebrows up that together gives the distinct shape to your eyebrows. The skin around this area is more likely to get wrinkles and fine lines with age and so you need to find a good doctor who knows the right places to inject Botox and give you the youthful skin.

Gummy smiles and uneven lips

Botox also helps in beautifying your smile and giving you the desired lips.
Botox also helps in beautifying your smile and giving you the desired lips.

Apart from helping you get rid of the lines and wrinkles, Botox also helps in beautifying your smile and giving you the desired lips. There are so many people who feel their smile is very gummy or their lips are positioned unevenly. Botox can help you solve these problems too.

Users Of Botox

After learning so much about Botox, you must be wondering who these people are who get this treatment done. Well, these are people like us. Botox is no longer limited to middle-aged people who get this treatment done just to smoothen wrinkles and fine lines. In the recent past, the audience for this treatment has become more diverse as Botox has become very common amongst people between the age of 19 to 34. The number has skyrocketed to a whopping 41% between the years 2011 to 2015. This drastic change in the audience has raised many questions as to what has resulted in this behavioral and lifestyle change. While some believe that this is the influence of Instagram that promotes certain standards of beauty that influences people to change their face and get their beauty game on point. Whereas others believe that is it because of the economy. As these people have enough money to spend on procedures like these they opt for these treatments. The increase in demand for Botox has also given birth to similar yet affordable treatments in the market which further attracts more audiences.

Other Uses Of Botox

A shot of Botox causes temporary paralysis that blocks the communication between the nerves and muscles.

Apart from the famous cosmetic use, Botox has medical uses as well. It is used to treat many problems.

Eyelid spasms or blepharospasms

Eyelid spasms are caused by the loss of control on the ability to communicate with the basal ganglia, a part of the brain that controls eye movement. This results in the continuous spasm in the eyelid. A shot of Botox causes temporary paralysis that blocks the communication between the nerves and muscles. Therefore, it is very common among patients suffering from blepharospasms.

Eyelid spasms or blepharospasms
Eyelid spasms or blepharospasms

Crossed eyes or strabismus

Strabismus can either be a childhood issue or can happen due to trauma around the eyes. While most people get crossed eyes corrected with surgery, some use Botox to see how their uncrossed eyes will look before surgery. Botox helps relax the eye muscles and hence bring them to their original position. However, in some cases instead of going for surgery, some people prefer using Botox as a long term solution.

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis

Some people experience excessive sweating in areas like armpits, hands, feet, face, or head. Botox has been proved to be an effective solution to this problem. The success rate of Botox injected in such areas is 87% and in areas like hands, Botox has shown results to 90%. While sweating is necessary for our body to regulate its temperature, areas like armpits have only a small percentage of body sweat glands and hence, their sweating has very little to do with the regulation of body temperature. Therefore, Botox has proved itself to be an effective solution to hyperhidrosis.



Botox treatment is a big step to take and one must be familiar with the method he/she will undergo before signing up for it.

Understanding facial anatomy

It is important to understand the facial anatomy of the patient before your doctor can start with the process. They must be aware of the placement of every nerve and muscle in your face before injecting the Botox.

Check the label of the product

Botox is only manufactured by Allergan, but there are a few more manufacturers of the botulinum toxin in the market. Every manufacturer has a different ratio of saline: botulism which must be checked at every step before injecting it in the patient.

Choice of needle

The choice of the needle has a major role to play in the amount of pain the patient will experience. It is advised to use a short, single use needle-like insulin that is easily available in the market.


Botox dosage is not the same for every human being. It varies from the gender and body of different people. Therefore, it must be customized after a close inspection of every individual.


The two most famous spots for Botox treatment are glabellar and canthal lines. One must ensure to point the bevel tip away from the eyes. The treatment will cost you between INR 1000 to INR 1500 per sitting. The cost per session will reduce if you take more sessions in your package.


The choice of needle has a major role to play in the amount of pain the patient will experience.
The choice of needle has a major role to play in the amount of pain the patient will experience.
  • After one or two hours of the treatment, try to exercise the injected muscles by practicing frowning, raising eyebrows and squinting. This will help the procedure to work more effectively
  • Avoid facial or rubbing or massaging your treated area for 24 hours after the treatment
  • Do not lie down or do any exercise for three hours after the treatment. It is also advised to not expose yourself to the sun, hot tub, or any other heat-producing thing for four hours after the treatment. This will prevent the blood pressure from rising and helps minimize the risk of bruising after the treatment
  • There are chances that you might experience a headache after the treatment. It is advised to take Tylenol to get relief from the pain
  • The tiny bumps and marks after the treatment usually go away within a few hours. However, there are slight chances of getting bruises. If you do get them, don’t worry as you can easily hide them with the make and they will go away within a week
  • After you get Botox, it takes around two weeks to completely show results
  • If you are a beginner, the effect of Botox will last only up to 2 months. But if you keep your appointments regular as recommended by your doctor, the effect will stay for longer than 4 months

IKF Desk On Botox Beauty And Its Complete Understanding

Botox is yet another treatment for people who want to look beautiful with finesse for a longer time. From celebrities to men and women Botox can be in the beauty list of many. Botox treatment requires continuous sessions and aftercare.  This blog was an initiative of I Knock Fashion to bring out most about Botox, do write to us if you want to know more at

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