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The Essence Of Sanitizing & Masks In Beauty!

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The Essence Of Sanitizing & Masks In Beauty!

Change is the only constant thing, and all of us are aware of the fact that big disasters lead to changes. Change always hums along steadily but slowly, and every time the world faces a crisis the inertial force is overcome. Unprecedented situations often develop new fears, which in turn lead to alterations inhabits. These new habits lead to a gateway for new normal, for instance, demonetization changed the way we spend and made the country more digitalized. The world is dealing with one such crisis today, the Coronavirus is sweeping through the world, putting countries, societies & communities under tremendous pressure. There are lockdowns initiated in numerous countries and social distancing is something that is enforced by the World Health Organisation. As there is no vaccination for the virus, maybe it will pass in a few months. Maybe in a year. Maybe longer. The Coronavirus May stick along but the crisis will pass. The pandemic will leave behind a new pattern of consumption and new methods of working. The beauty industry is one such sector that is bound to experience a tectonic transformation. Now with the outbreak of COVID-19, the beauty industry is going to be severely impacted, it’s going to bring some new changes and trends, read on the blog to know how the mask will become a part of the beauty industry

People’s Perception Of Beauty

beauty blogger
People’s Perception Of Beauty

Everyone has their definition of beauty because we all have varied ideas, people have several different perceptions regarding beauty. In India beauty is as multifaceted as the country is diverse; ancient rituals on the one hand and glossy Bollywood inspired aspirations on the other. In the Indian culture, beauty was considered as an expression of godliness, from very ancient days' need for cosmetics was witnessed. People have been utilizing a variety of cosmetics products both for curative purposes as well as for enhancing beauty. 

natural beauty products
herbal, natural beauty products

Till today many Indian consumers still prefer herbal, natural beauty products and homemade recipes, and these continue to play an important role in grooming routines. The Indian cinema presents another facet of Indian beauty where color, shimmer, and gloss were the order of the day. Bollywood's idea of beauty was based on very specific criteria: fair skin, a silhouette with feminine curves, big expressive eyes, and long, dark, shiny hair. The salons are responsible for these typical beauty codes.

What Is The Indian Beauty Industry Like?

beauty blogs

From beauty traditions rooted in Ayurveda to those calling for the organic today, the beauty industry of India has come a long way. The Indian cosmetics market is continuously evolving, men’s grooming is no longer frowned upon. In the country, the beauty industry has truly been transformed by the waves of tech-induced changes brought about by newer generations. 

Before the outbreak, it was growing at a CAGR of 25%, and the country was all set to become one of the top five global markets by revenue by 2025, and if thought in detail it all started with homegrown practices, origins of which could be traced back to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Self beautification initiating from the Indus Valley civilization to the time when millennials and Gen Z figured out that cosmetics can cure those mean Monday blues, the industry has grown a lot. In India, there was a digital boom in 2010, which further led the country's e-commerce players set out to woo the women, by providing an option for their self-care. The rise of the cosmetics category in the online market was a natural progression and saw the birth of several online beauty retailers.  

How COVID-19 Changed The Indian Beauty Industry? 

beauty industry
Renowned Brands Manufacturing Hand Sanitizers

The beauty industry is said to be recession-proof, but the situation is completely different right now. In the past, the industry has survived world wars, insurgency attacks, demonetization, and economic recessions. But as the COVID-19 continues to spread in the country, the number of positive cases has risen to 27,977 and 884 deaths, the beauty industry is now faced by an unprecedented crisis. The beauty industry involves activities of touch and feel, testers, makeup trials, daily application of products all these are under scrutiny, and highly restricted under containment measures. The outbreak has led to severe damage for both established and emerging homegrown beauty brands, the Indian beauty businesses are dealing with crippling losses and future uncertainties. 

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

The beauty brands across India-both homegrown and international have limited their brick and mortar operations, moving online for transactions and communications. The beauty brands that manufacture or source ingredients overseas, halted manufacturing and delayed shipment, mainly in European factories, have disturbed the supply chain and delayed the latest launches. The lockdown by the Indian government has shut stores and postponed deliveries for the period. 

The skincare products and makeup have been replaced by hand sanitizers and cleansers. It’s speculated that the consumers will forget the lipstick effect and this will become the age of hand sanitizers. Hand washes, sanitizers, and masks will see a jump in volumes as even when the lockdown will be lifted some of these habits will continue.

How Will Face Mask Become A Part Of The Beauty In The Future? 

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How Will Face Mask Become A Part Of The Beauty In The Future?

As post lockdown the consumers will lean into the habit of wearing masks, the Indian beauty industry can expect macro-categories of color cosmetics such as eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara, and concealers to gradually rise post-COVID-19. The face mask will change the future of the beauty industry as textures and finishes will lead beauty conversations to meet emerging needs. Consumers across the world are sticking to face masks, and in this situation, the beauty industry can fully reveal its potential. 

It can be expected that the makeup will be dependent on the face mask, and could be called out as the mask makeup. The mask makeup holds a good potential to become a trend post lockdown, as wearing a mask will become an everyday affair for the people.

The life post-COVID is not going to remain the same as stated by the World Health Organisation, they also mentioned that how Coronavirus is here to stay for a long time, and all of us should be prepared for a long war. The changes in consumer behavior and habits will lead to new opportunities for the beauty industry. There is a lot of potential for the eye makeup, and mainly eye shadow to grow as consumers will look to match their eye makeup with their face mask as a part of their overall look. 

Will The Emergence Of Masks Connect The Beauty And Fashion Industry?

Will The Emergence Of Masks Connect The Beauty And Fashion Industry?

The beauty and fashion industry have always had a close relationship, they both go hand in hand, each influencing the other on color and style. This relationship can be expected to strengthen further due to the widespread outbreak of COVID-19. The fashion industry and famous fashion designers are launching elegant mask designs as they understand that this is the need of the hour. They are even promoting sustainability in fashion by utilizing the remaining fabric of dresses from their fashion brands. The face mask will be designed to keep different facial structures in mind and this will further punctuate the growth potential of point makeup. Beauty influencers have even started to provide guidance and tutorials for mask makeup. Beauty and fashion brands are creating looks that integrate masks into the makeup look.

Will Sanitizers Become Beauty Essentials?

Will Sanitizers Become Beauty Essentials?
Will Sanitizers Become Beauty Essentials?

Several beauty brands are making hand sanitizer and going above and beyond with wide-ranging efforts during the pandemic.

Beauty brands by now are aware of the fact that hand sanitizers will become essential in the future, until and unless there is no vaccination available for COVID-19. The beauty brands big and small have gotten on board the hand sanitizer train and stepping up to help meet the demand. People are making an effort to indulge in better hand hygiene, and they understand that having a trusty hand sanitizer can be a comforting preventative measure. Beauty brands are in the future are planning to repurpose their production facilities to manufacture their hand sanitizer. Some brands have even launched different sort of hand sanitizing sprays, they are coming up with sanitizers designed to both sanitize and moisturize, also sanitizers including essential oils like lavender, orange peel, marula oil to offer a calming scent. There are also sanitizers with no fragrances or oils added to the formula available, they are also vegan and cruelty-free, glycerin is being used to produce sanitizers to help soften and prevent hands from drying out.

IKF Desk (Conclusion) 

beauty brands
beauty brands

In the long run, because of this outbreak of novel Coronavirus, people may be willing to spend more on sustainable beauty brands that reflect their values, as people believe this pandemic to be a 'call by the Mother Nature'. It's speculated that there will be a transformation within conscious luxury beauty consumers, leading to rising consumer demands for product traceability, supply chain standards, product legitimacy, and quality. The Indian beauty industry Pre COVID was advocating total wellbeing and positive emotional marketing. The current circumstances have created a situation where there is no better time than now to strongly deliver a positive message and encourage consumers to continue looking and feeling their best.  


The beauty brands are trying there best to make the consumers believe that there are still possibilities to look good while staying home or out with masks on. It’s speculated post lockdown beauty brands would be focusing on-point makeup and will be creating eye makeup looks for consumers to follow when they put on a mask. They’ll be finding ways to connect better with the consumers hence creating looks such as a ‘video conference look’ or ‘stay-home professional look’. The Indian beauty industry has the potential to take charge of the mask makeup trend. 

How do you think consumers will react to all these mask makeup trends and what’s your call on it? 

I Knock Fashion appreciates your every opinion, do let us know about the same in the comment section, and stay tuned for further beauty and fashion updates.

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