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The Gen Next Show On Day 1 Of The Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019!

The Gen Next Show On Day 1 Of The Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019!

The Gen Next Show On Day 1 Of The Lakme Fashion Week
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It’s time to take notes because one of the biggest fashion events on the calendar is back! The Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019 kick started in Mumbai at St. Regis yesterday. It’s synonymous with its high celebrity quotient and decoding trends in fashion and beauty from the turn of the 21st century. This time around the show promises to be more extravagant pushing the boundaries of Indian fashion even further. It will put forth new ideas in fashion, along with a focus towards making the platform more inclusive, sustainable and global.

The LFW is further known for it’s Gen Next program which has provided visibility to a lot of young and talented designers, who are mentored by India’s leading designers to find their niche in the market.

Day 1 of the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019 edition was opened by six budding couturiers of the 28th batch of the Gen Next Designers.  Their captivating and dazzling collections with a refreshing approach captured the attention of the audience. The six designers who got an opportunity to showcase their collections were – Sahib Bhatia, Ankita Srivastava, Akanksha Aggarwal, Gaurav Singh, Manjushree Saikia and Stanzin Palmo.

Amaare by Sahib Bhatia collection ‘Rule Breaker’ is inspired by different ancient Australian aboriginal art and focused on surface development techniques with cotton and wool. He brought on the ramp a range of sleek men’s wear, which featured modern as well as New Age silhouettes with small glimpses of Japanese fashion. Sharply cut mandarin collar jackets over kurtas, trench coats, angular openings for coats, asymmetrical kurtas with pants and lots of layering, characterized his debut collection ‘Rule Breaker’ at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019.

Gaurav Singh’s label ‘Anatomy’ had an unconventional design sensibility. The collection is called ‘KadaliPatram’, which is the Sanskrit name for banana leaf; KadaliPatram unveils the beauty of a banana leaf’s shape, texture and feel. With hand woven Khadi as his medium Gaurav’s collection featured soft flowing but bold silhouettes with amazing drapes and dynamic curves.

 Label Little Things Studio by Ankita Srivastava’s new collection of clothes ‘Not so Perfect’ followed the idea that beauty is not always about being perfect. Her collection showcases the diversity in women who believe and love themselves and aren’t afraid to show their strengths and weakness. She believes that sustainability is the need of the hour and used a new fabric Cupro which is vegan silk and a by-product of cotton that is breathable and bio-degradable along with Mashru Modal silk and Chanderi for her latest collection. Presenting saris teamed with casual basic shirts, the collection featured prints that were inspired by painter Henri Matisse’s hand drawings, her collection told a story through prints.

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Akanksha Aggarwal’s ‘NoiéNoéi’ collection concentrated on zero wastage and draws inspiration from the thoughts of an empowered modern-day woman with a focus on self-empowering women. The collection comprised of young silhouettes and unconventional volume well balanced with imaginative details and amazing intelligent fabrications. While the textures were bold, the silhouettes were relaxed. The garments had a touch of moderate femininity with its own unique identity.

Manjushree Saikia’s label ‘UraMaku’ unveiled her “Dawn to Reality” collection that explores the amalgamation of timeless silhouettes and handmade textiles. The collection honours the handmade textile artisans and promotes the glory of Indian textiles. She worked on textiles of India like Eri, Mulberry, Muga of Assam and metallic Chanderi, bringing a variety of silhouettes to the runway. A blazer over a crushed printed hemline dress to a coat-dress with pants to a belted trench with wide lapels teamed with wide trousers and a midi wrap skirt with a 2-tone shirt, the collection brought with it many new fashion and style choices.

Designer Stanzin Palmo launched ‘ZilZom’ at the Lakme Fashion Week. Her collection ‘Between the Earth and Sky’ focuses on the weaves and unexplored techniques of Ladakh as she paid homage to the flora, fauna and beauty of her home. Stanzin used the Apricot blossom and Sea Buckthorn as her design inspirations and the inspiration for the silhouette comes from a traditional Ladakhi dress ‘Goncha’, which featured gathers and wraps as the basis of construction. The silhouettes were feminine and fluid made with pashmina, wool, silk, cotton, linen and rayon.

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