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The Latest Fashion Trend Of Oversized Clothing

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The Latest Fashion Trend Of Oversized Clothing

The oversized clothing trend is considered the new wave of fashion innovation. After a distressing pandemic, people are bound to get comfortable and super chill with their fashion statements. Thus, the brilliant designers have created a trend of oversized clothing suitable for all the classy men and pretty women across the globe.

Larger than normal fit is the definition of an oversized cloth, the fashion industry in India consists of top fashion enthusiasts who are experimenting with this baggy form of clothing. With endless styling options from casual comfy to ultra-chic, this fashion trend will be a part of the latest fashion trends for the coming years for sure.

Oversized jumpers with t-shirt
Oversized jumpers with t-shirt

What Is Oversized Clothing?

  • With time, there have been several alterations in the world of fashion. Several items of clothing are modified according to the latest fashion trend going around the timeline.
  • The oversized clothes fashion has risen after the novel Coronavirus pandemic, which forced the public to stay back at home.
  • At home, everyone likes to slide into their comfy pair of clothes and laze around. During this time, they choose to wear comfortable clothes that don't cause any irritation and provide maximum flexibility in doing household tasks and other chores.
  • Being the latest fashion trend, both men and women have admired the oversized clothing trend as their daily fashion scene.
  • It can be a set of pants, shirts, jackets, or dresses. Keeping it baggy is the preferred choice by the person.

To know about how this trend has evolved, let’s hop on to the History of Oversized Fashion:

For the past decade or so, fashion weeks and runway shows have become increasingly popular. They exhibit the latest fashion styles introduced by the fashion industry in India and other global platforms. Now, the trend of oversized clothing has gone from shabby to chic.

The history of oversized fashion is filled with complicated politics and maybe the moving intersection of gender, class, and race.

  • According to historians, oversized or baggy clothes first became populararound the 1920s. It related to the western wear of that time.
  • While the women won the right to vote in places like Canada and the US, they also began going to work, making their fashion more mobile and flexible.
  • They got rid of the tight styles of dresses for women and liberated the relaxed fit garments that became a new sensation for oversized clothes for women.
  • Oversized clothes for women had their mismatches. Flapper dresses were off style as they highlighted a woman's back and chest instead, baggy clothes deprived the same.
  • Women’s freedom explained the rise in oversized cut clothes. As women took decisions and slowly began to start real life, the trend of oversized clothing simultaneously boosted up.
  • The oversized clothes for men had a unique class. The baggy trend was mainly inspired by the early hip hop culture and the early means of streetwear fashion.
  • The streetwear fashion of guys included a set of baggy hoodies, tee-shirts, and joggers, that were a staple in the American fashion line.
  • Fashion weeks and runways involved several Indian designers who created masterpieces in the line of oversized clothing trends.

How To Style Oversized Clothing?

Styling is the main component after you buy your clothes. If you’re unaware of how to style your baggy outfits, these are the top styling tips to fulfill the significance of oversized clothing.

oversized clothing style for men- source- pinterest
oversized clothing style for men- source- pinterest

For Men:

  • Oversized Coats: Remember Sherlock Holmes? The way Sherlock styled his oversized coats onto fitted garments underneath is the perfect way to style an oversized coat.  These coats are available in various color combinations, if you're planning to go oversized, choose neutral shades for your coat like grey, and blue that look sober and classy and can be styled on top of loose shirts, or waistcoats for a brighter occasion.
  • Oversized Jumpers:  The most convenient item to find in the oversized section for guys. Jumpers can be matched on top of tees that can be loose or tight as per preference. If you have an eye-catchy feature on the top, try to go neutral with the bottom wear. You can simply add up a pair of trousers to complete the baggy look. During winters, Roll Necks can be paired up with jumpers to get enough warmth and style at the same time.
over sized clothing in fashion- image courtesy- pinterest
over sized clothing in fashion- image courtesy- pinterest

For Women:

  • Oversized T-shirt with Denim Shorts: If you're looking for an outfit that is cool and casual at the same time, go for this particular look.  Pair up a baggy dull-colored t-shirt with denim hot pants or shorts. Tuck the backside of the tee and leave the hem side open for a cooler look. Put on a pair of leveled-up sneakers, and a high ponytail will give you a classy and chic look.
  • Oversized Sweaters: This can be that lazy-day outfit where you don’t have to look perfect all the time. Match an oversized sweater with mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. Choose bright colors for the sweater for a trendier look. This is the fall look for this year as it has been carried by several women across town and might be the most comfortable clothing for your busy day. Oversized sweaters can also be carried with skin-fit pants or trousers that can be either black or dark blue in shades.
  • Baggy Hoodies and Jumpers: The most classy and cute outfit of the year, baggy hoodies can be carried without any bottom wear, try to get a pair of high knee boots with colors like beige, black, maroon, etc. and walk out of your home in style. These options can also be carried with all-white level-up sneakers for a sporty look.
Pair an oversized top with jeans
Pair an oversized top with jeans

I Knock Fashion Desk:

The latest fashion trends are around the globe. With this, the trend of oversized clothing is also topping the charts. Being in a comfortable set of clothing saves your time and gives you a trendy look every day. Read this blog by I Knock fashion to know the ideas and tips to style your baggy clothes.

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