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The Latest Rage In Fashion - Sunglasses

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The Latest Rage In Fashion - Sunglasses

This year has been a crazy year with the latest fashion sunglasses trends evolving in the fashion industry. From braided eyebrows to neon liners, everything has been really intriguing for the audience. The most happening thing about this year has been, the changing styles of sunglasses, they are the latest rage in fashion. From January start till now, we all have witnessed an enormous amount of changing trends of shades. From top models like Gigi and Kendall to our home celebs like Ranveer, we have had a bit of everything from the basket. If you are also bored with your usual shades and want to try a little different look. From majorly oversize designs to teeny-tiny shapes and everything, check out these different types of shades. This year’s sunglasses trends favor strong geometric frames and vibrant colored sunglasses inspired from the late ‘90s. Yes! The 90's trend is back!

Why Should You Own A Pair Of Sunglasses?


Sunglasses are not sunnies any more, they are anything but a girl's best friend. They come under the latest fashion trends for women. They can help elevate an outfit from ordinary to something chic and classy. They can also help to make a person go trendy. So, a good pair of sunglasses is totally amazing and is a necessity to be owned by one.

Trending Sunglasses:

Types of sunglasses
Types of sunglasses

The most favorite brands like Ray-Ban, Prada and many more have launched sunnies in a range of trendy styles-be it dramatic frames or sexy geometric-shaped ones. These are trending glasses with angular, over sized and patterned frames that will add character to your look and make you a part of the latest fashion trends.

1. Polarized: -They block out on the harsh light, protect from bright glares, minimize eyestrain, and give more clarity. The best brands considered for these sunglasses are Ray-Ban and Oakley. They provide the best quality within the price range.

fashion and style
Cat Eye

2. Cat-eye: - Another trendy thing we have seen was the cat-eye sunglasses. From street style bloggers to B town celebs, everyone has showcased their favorite shades in their looks. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses have also been the rave this season. Reserved only for women, this feminine silhouette is perfect for emphasizing the cheekbones, adding a certain retro-vintage look to your style. Vogue eyewear and Marc Jacobs have a huge range of amazing cat-eye shades to match up your attire. Cat eyes are the total go-to accessory with any casual winter wear apparel.

3. Colored Lenses: - This season, what we have noticed the most is the colored lens shades. From Hardik Pandya on "Koffee with Karan" to Rani Mukerjee on journalist round table. Yellow-colored lenses have been the most go-to thing. Bold eyewear pieces can make an entire difference to your outfit. Best brands for tinted eyewear are Charles and Keith, Ray-Ban, Oakley.

4. Geometric shapes:- Steering away from the basic sunglasses, the geometrically-inspired angular frames are the go-to thing for everyone. Another trend that viral-ed this season, where the geometric shape sunglasses.

These kinds of shades are a perfect go-to for a casual look. They match perfectly with every apparel piece. These frames surely add dimension to your face and also add up a little glam and spice to your attire. Best brands to buy such frames are Charles and Keith, Prada, Dior, and Bershka. 5. Tiny frames: -Back to the trend from the '50s to 90's again, these slim and tiny frames came back again and have now rapidly gained followers that are totally taking this style to the carpet fashion trend. Celebrities like, Kendall, and the Hadid sisters have added these sunnies to their daily wardrobe, wearing them with both casual and red carpet outfits. Just make sure you pick lenses with maximum UV protection. The best brand for these types of shades is vogue eyewear, Dior, DKNY, and Guess.

Mirrored Sunglasses
Mirrored Sunglasses

6. Mirrored sunglasses: - Want to shine bright like a diamond?? Then the shiny and glamorous mirror shades are totally made for you. People with jet black hair are suggested to go for a silver mirror look or a rose gold one, as it will give a glow to your face. The best brands for mirrored glasses are Charles and Keith, Dior, Ray-Ban, and Dolce and Gabbana.

fashion Sunglasses
Oversized Square Sunglasses

7. Oversized square sunglasses: - Giving you a totally vintage look, these glasses make your look appealing and mysterious. These glasses are especially flattering for round and oval faces, so if you’ve got one of those, you’re in luck.

Oversized frames give a dramatic and elegant look that will enhance any outfit. Apart from that, their strong brow lines also add character to the look. The best brand to buy such shades is Charles and Keith, Prada, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and vogue eyewear.

8. Aviator sunglasses: - Aviators have been a go and come back trend for us but always with a revamped look. These are a popular choice for summer eyewear and are in both retroes as well as modern look. A pair of iconic retro aviator glasses can take anybody's accessory game from zero to hero. The best brands to find these shades is RayBan.

9. Circular round sunglasses -Are you up for a car journey or going for a music festival?? Then you got your shade game absolutely right with these babies. An acetate frame is a perfect option if you want a more contemporary casual look. Round frames were introduced way back in the '70s and are now again back with a revamped look. These are available in numerous sizes and patterns to match your every look. The best brands to buy these are Ray-Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, and Mango.

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Printed Frames

10. Printed frames: -  Fun and crazy yet wild and trendy, these frames with bold and fun patterns may be something that needs to be added to your daily outfit. Leopard print, black and camel print, are one of the most used prints in these shades and mostly go with all face shapes. The best brands to buy these shades are Prada and Burberry.

Down The Memory Lane:

From wireframe Sunglasses to geometric and printed ones, we have evolved with an escalated speed. Definitely, the 90’s fashion trends are returning as the latest fashion trends. In the 1950’s it was the cat-eye, in the 60’s was square sunglasses the trend, the ’70s was all about the oversized frames. The ’80s were ruled by the aviator sunglasses followed by the colored lens trend in the early ’90s. 2000 was the year about the buy eye frames, these are huge frames and are usually famous in the hip hop community. Then in 2010 came the mirrored glasses and back then these frames got viral-ed as the trendiest thing.

Brands Of Sunglasses:

Here is a list of expensive and affordable brands for you to buy quality sunglasses.

Branded Sunglasses

Expensive brands:- Burberry, Prada, Ray-Ban, Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, MIU, Dior, Charles and Keith, Gucci. Affordable brands:-Marc Jacobs, Charles, and Keith Guess, Forever 21, Forever new, H&M, Mango.

IKF Desk:

Ray Bans sunglass

As sunglasses have become a trend, I Knock Fashion through this blog has tried to bring out the most about it. Now, what are you waiting for, go, and grab your favorite pair of sunnies right away!

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