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The Latest Trend of Water Color Eye Makeup In Beauty

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The Latest Trend of Water Color Eye Makeup In Beauty

Are you all set to explore the neon vibes and playful hues that make up for one of the friskiest beauty trends of the year? 

Makeup is all about delivering artistic and creative expressions. All beauty lovers enjoy exploring it with different colors and techniques that lead to the latest beauty looks. Every time glancing at new-fashioned ideas or makeup tips for women, the year 2021 brings you to the cool trend of watercolor for makeup. 

The colorful mode of watercolor makeup is trending among Instagrammers, making it the biggest beauty trend. The dreamy looks created with watercolor eyeshadow are a must to try your hands on. They can give you fresh and flamboyant looks to flaunt.

makeup looks
Eyeshadow play - source@Rachel- pinterest

What Is Watercolor Eye Makeup? 

Source -pinterest

Before hopping into the latest watercolor eyeshadow trend, dive yourself into the understanding of this beauty trend. Watercolor makeup look demands an individual to let their creativity play with different hues of eyeshadow pallette and create some artistic beauty looks. It led its inspiration from the admirable watercolor paintings. Watercolor-based eyeshadow looks are curated by blending the sheer washes of color.

It is an exploratory trend that gives you the freedom to surpass all the makeup rules. There is no restriction on which shades to use. One can be experimental and can enjoy painting their beauty lines. The eyeshadow colors don't have to coordinate with each other, and they are free-flowing. It is an attractive idea that adds colorful lines to your eyes and gives you a break from those old-fashion makeup looks. 

Tools Required For Watercolor Eye Makeup 

The watercolor makeup trend is fascinating, but one needs to gather the essential tools to conduct this makeup look. One cannot smudge one color over the other as it requires fine lines for distinguishing two different colors and giving it a pop look. 

Some necessary tools are:

beauty hacks
Eye Shadow Palette

1) Eyeshadow Palette- One of the most vital things is pastel and fluorescent eyeshadow colors. Eyeshadow palettes must consist of some bright color choices. Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Palettes or Nyx Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette can be helpful.

2) Brushes- Brushes play a vital role in watercolor makeup look as blending of the colors plays an important role. A flat, dense brush, like Morphe M167 Oval shadow brush, along with a fluffy one like Moda Crease brush, are necessary for the whimsical bleeding of colors with each other. Sometimes an angled brush can also work as a smudger to smudge the colors.

3) Eye Pencil- A black eye pencil can be an optional tool. A good primer is also a part of the makeup look to give a base to the eyes. 

Three Gorgeous Watercolor Based Eye Makeup Looks: 

1) The Purple Binge- Want to look stunning and add some binge with the purple and green-based eye makeup look. Here is a small tutorial to it:

  • Primer Play - Start with an eyeshadow primer and cover the whole eye area. It helps to give a smooth base for the watercolor makeup
  • Strong base- Want to kick off colorful makeup start with a light purple shadow all over the eyes covering the inner corner, outer corner, and center. It helps in the better transitioning of colors.
  • Bling up your corners- It's time to play with colors. Use the brighter tone of the base color to the outer corners to have more emphasis. Also, blend the edges out that ditches out the uniformity.
  • Contrasting lash lines- Now is the time to add some contrary colors to the purple binge. Neon green can add the perfect binge to the purple. Start from the inner corner and go midway with a brilliant green line hue with a flattened brush to show off the fine lines.
  • Final play- Get your eyelashes popped up with a set of lashes or using heavy mascara to the upper and lower lashes. 

2) The Barbie Pink- Reminiscing the Barbie times from childhood, here is a chance to create a Barbie inspired makeup look. 

  • Prime your eyes- Get a smooth base with a primer. It is long-lasting for eye makeup.
  • Sheer Effect- It's time to play with the base color. Choose a soft or pastel pink to perfect your base color. With a flattened brush, spread the shade all over the lids. Let it blend smoothly to have a crystalline effect. 
  • Highlight your lids- Now add some nude brown to the inner corners to have a muted look and blend out to the edges. Get on with a brighter magenta pink color to the outer corner to have an extended crease. 
  • Seal the lower lash line- Add some sheerness with nude pencil eyeliner to the lower lash line. Smudge with an angled brush for a balanced color look. 
  • Final play- Get your eyelashes popped up with a set of lashes or using heavy mascara to the upper and lower lashes. 

3) The Sunkissed Beach Effect- Missing the seashores and beach play. Here is a chance to have the beach effect over your eyes. 

  • Prep with primer- One can drill the step effectively now. 
  • Distorted base- Select a light yellow for a base color. Buff it up over the lids while getting it low from both the corners. Now add a glister of matte gold hue to the base leaving the corners. 
  • Effect add- It's time to add some water effect. Use sky blue shadow for the corners. Let it be light for the inner corner and brighter for the outer corner. Blend the colors from the edged to have a seashore effect. 
  • Final play- Get your eyelashes popped up with a set of lashes or using a light mascara to the upper and lower lashes to have a wave effect. 

Try the stunning watercolor eyeshadow trend and add some brightness!

How To Do Watercolor Eye Makeup At Home?

With so many youtube tutorials and Instagram videos, one can try their hands on the watercolor makeup looks. The interesting makeup trend does not require certification one can master the technique with some practice and experimentation. 

1. Primer Time- The first step is to apply a primer base to the clean eyes. Make sure to clean your eyes properly and moisturize them. Tap the primer all over the eyelids, brow bones to the roots of the lashes. Primer is the base for sharpening the color intensity. 

2. Color Play- The next step is to learn the correct application of the eyeshadow colors. The trend of watercolor for makeup is not fascinating when the colors are not applied correctly. For its application, it's time to use your brushes correctly. Firstly for shadow time, immerse your flat brush into your favorite color. Then add the eyeshadow color wherever you feel like; to the lids, inner corner, outer corner, or center. The density, shape, and size are an individual choice.

After the placement of one color, it's time to soften the edges of the color with the fluffy brush to have the watercolor-like transparency. After the soft edges, it's time to play with the next contrasting or coordinated hues. Apply in the same way to ensure coordination with colors. Always ensure to blend the colors correctly and avoid overlapping that can lead to muddying effect. Also, to enhance the lower lash line, use your leftover color on the brush to cover it up. 

TipWatercolor makeup is not charming when the eyes look different from each other. So, to ensure symmetry, apply each color simultaneously to both eyes to have the same depth and style. 

3. Intricacy- Once all the colors are blended, spaces are filled intensify your favorite color with the flat brush to have a brighter look. One can also use white matte eyeshadow for fine edges. 

4. Final Touch- Use a black eye pencil to tight line the lids that help in defining the eyes. To let the eyestalk, one can also use embellishments for the enhancement. 

How To Remove The Watercolor Eyeshadow? 

After dousing ourselves and mastering the mode for watercolor eyeshadow trend, it is essential to know how to remove it and get back to the normal eyes from the dramatic eyes. 

Only learning the makeup tips for women about the latest trends is not enough. It is also necessary to gather some knowledge about how to remove the makeup gently? 

makeup tips

Makeup removal is one of the unexciting things to explore as it requires lots of carefulness. For removing watercolor-based eye makeup, use a gentle cotton pad or cotton swabs. Do not use water directly as it can merge the shadow colors all over the face. Either use oil and water-based solution, cleansing milk, or a gentle face wash. Also, do not harshly rub your eyes or apply pressure to them because it can lead to redness or irritation.

I Knock Fashion Desk 

With creativity soaring higher in the fashion and beauty spaces, it becomes necessary to be innovative with makeup ideas.  Watercolor eyeshadow trends can be your creative partner to stand out and show off your makeup techniques. 

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