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The Looks And Trends You Want In Your Wardrobe!!

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The Looks And Trends You Want In Your Wardrobe!!

Costume establishes the identity and personality of an individual but a lot of innovation and revolutions have brought a wave in the contemporary vogue.

Fashion is limitless and has everything to do with ideas. Creativity and experimentation have gathered a lot of fondness from celebrities and individual people. Styling has undergone an evolution.

Fashion styling is a practice of providing fashion advice and coordinating the outfits for exploratory results. Styling is an important part of fashion and is done in accordance to body type, skin, color and choice. It is particularly done for an individual, films, TV and seasonal shoots. Trends are a major part of styling and play an influential role.

The looks and trends you want in your wardrobe trickle from the runways, stores, magazines

Trends have a broader spectrum that inculcates clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, colors, fabrics makeup, body piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic surgeries. Fashion is involved in every span and undergoes rapid changes. Trends have positive and negative effects on generations and society as well. Scrappy generations are updated with the latest and greatest styles because of the presence of a plethora of digital tools and social media.

Styling is largely affected by the ongoing trends as the latest style has to be instilled into the visual imagery thus influencing the consumers. Involving the latest trends into the art of styling makes it attractive and appealing. Thus, it helps to increase the sales demand. Trends are followed with creativity put in styling to make an image glamorous and enchanting.

Styling is done in accordance with the latest information about the trends. At the same time trends are set by big personalities. Bloggers, Influencers, Celebrities, and Big brands, these are the trendsetters who play an important and dominant role in our lives. Whatever we see on screens and on print magazines, the visuals are dominant enough to lead the latest styles of an individual. India being a multidimensional country with a lot of diversification still pleads on the celebrity style guide to look good and stylish.

The Latest Trends

The year 2019 has been experimental as it accords the latest color trends like Coral, Pink, Lime Green, Tones of Lavender, Classic Whites, Earth Tones, Neon Play, Vivid and Bright combinations of colors and Gold making it more powerful and authoritative. This has been a year of bold and magnificent colors which indicates the power of an individual and there will be many looks and trends you would want in your wardrobe.

Coming to the latest trends of accessories, Sneakers, Falcon shoes, The XXL Tote Bags, Mules, Neon accessories including sun shields and bags, Play with Pearls, Bucked Hats and The extra elegant Belt bags have been predominant from the starting of the year and still dominates the wardrobe.

Latest Trends of Accessories

Teaming the denim on denim becomes the latest trend of the year 2019 along with animal instinct pantsuits, Blazer dresses, Slip dresses, Athleisure wear, Puff shoulders and Boiler jackets marking the greatest and all-rounder trends Wardrobe.

These are the said combinations of trends that are observed on the runway, fashion shows, manufacturers or retailers but what suits the body is the best and latest trend for anyone.

5 best stylish looks and trends you want in your wardrobe!

1. Denim Jacket along with Denim, accessorized with white Falcon shoes and Neon saddle bag makes a perfect outdoor outfit.
2. Animal instinct slip dress with black rectangular sun shields and feathered shoes marks the perfection for a brunch with friends.
3. A classic white dress with a denim jacket and mules with XXL tote bags makes it look cool and chic.
4. Tan colored athleisure wear with black sunglasses and black tote bag teamed up with black headgear and sneakers makes it look comfortable and cool.
5. Printed pink pantsuit combined with white sneakers and white shrunken bag heads for a thumbs up looks to go out with friends on sunny day.

IKF Desk

Looking stylish from head to toe embarks lot of research for the latest trends and one should be well versed with his/her body type to have a dapper look.

Best Stylish Looks

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