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The Only Makeup Guide You Need For The Coming Festive Season!

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The Only Makeup Guide You Need For The Coming Festive Season!

"Oh, that glow!"

Receiving this compliment from someone means so much to us. Glowing skin and apt evening makeup are hands down most covetable beauty look in the industry right now. To find out (and dish) the beauty tricks to achieving the best festive makeup look, I Knock Fashion tapped some of the top makeup artists beauty tricks, so you don't have to go through numerous other beauty tips blog. We have done all the heavy lifting and come up with some of the best evening makeup tricks, do's and don'ts, and looks you can trust on blindly for the coming festivities! 

As the festive season is drawing near, the need to incorporate shiny and bright things in your wardrobe and beauty kit becomes inevitable. But before you go ahead to shop new evening makeup products and binge on sparkling shadows, keep in mind these do's and don'ts of makeup for festive season parties.

So, without further ado, let's get started with the beauty tricks and get ready to glam your next festive season evening makeup look- 


Indian festival makeup

Most of you may prefer a fresh, dewy, glowing skin, often referred to as the 'no-makeup makeup' look. There is no doubt that this makeup is a timeless trend that can be spot on all the red carpets, every magazine, and major runway shows.

1. Skin Prep- So, before you start with anything else, remember to prep your skin. Prepping the skin is an essential part of creating any look. We would suggest, start with exfoliating the skin with scrub and peel wipes. Next, cleanse the face with a soft cotton pad to remove any remaining residue. You can also use a light skin mist and let them settle in. Following the spray, apply serum all over, then finish with the moisturizer. Give that two-three minutes to settle, and then you are ready to begin your foundation! 

2. Foundation- A smooth base is essential just as a blank canvas is needed to create a masterpiece. So for an evening makeup look, tinted moisturizer can be your go-to choice when your makeup is all about skin. Now that we have to wear a mask opting for a tinted moisturizer or CC cream will be the most suitable option. Here is a beauty trick for you- put some product in the palm of your hand and apply it to the face using a flat foundation brush. Apply for sheer coverage, as it will even out the skin tone but will still keep it transparent. For apt evening makeup, give the foundation a minute to adjust and settle. Once done with this, blot with a thin tissue to remove any excess surface oil. Next on the list is a using a concealer to correct any discoloration or dark circles under your eyes. Precise application is the key to ensure that skin continues to look "skin-like." 

3. Eye-Makeup- 

Have a purpose with every application stroke you do. Slowly build layers by beginning with light colors on the inner corner of the eyelid, and then play with dark colors if you wish to create intensity. Don't stress if color falls onto your cheeks while you're applying eyeshadow, use a touch of BB base and dab over the dust to cover your face aptly.

4. Highlight And Blush- Apply blush as it will light up your face and is also essential for creating a structure on your face. For the evening makeup, highlight the high points of the face by applying liquid highlighter. Use a blender brush and apply the highlighter on the high points of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, and brow bone. For an additional step of dew, you can add the highlighter into your foundation for an all-over glow. 

5. Set- Use a setting powder with the aptly shaped powder brush to target specific areas: T-zones, under eyes, around the nose, middle of the forehead, and chin. At last to finish, spray the outer corners of the face with skin mist, covering the center T-zone with a tissue.


Do not layer two foundations together to achieve your look. Always preach- "Less is always more!"

Opt for a long-lasting gloss, do not over-layer during long festivities. You don't want humidity to melt your makeup. Remember, slight touch up with a spray of skin mist will help refresh your skin when needed. 

Makeup Products You Always Doubted But Are Apt For Festive Season!

Makeup infographic

"Voila! Bring Out The Big Guns!"

Are you tired of scrolling through numerous beauty tips blog? No more scrolling, as we have got you covered. Following are some of the evening makeup essential that you always wanted to apply but had doubts about - how would they turn out. The following list is worth investing in the breeze through the festive month with a glowing complexion!

1. Colored Kohl Pencil- With numerous kohl pencils in the market, it can be hard to choose for a new one for the festive season. We would suggest you to try opting for a blue or green kohl pencil that doesn't smudge, even after a full day and night out. 

2. Matte Lipsticks- On ordinary days, you would doubt opting for a matte lipstick, but for the festive season, matte lipstick is necessary. For those of you who are unaware, it's essential to know that matte lipsticks provide more coverage, and because of the matte finish, it lasts longer.

3. Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette- I Knock Fashion suggests opting for a shimmer eyeshadow palette to cover all of your festive events this season, especially for evening or night parties. Opt for a shimmer eyeshadow palette that has a creamy texture, lasting power, and little to no fall-out. There is no denying that fall-outs create a mess on your face, and it's the last thing you need. So, opting for a creamy one will solve your fall-out problem. 

How To Glam Up With A Mask On this Festive Season?

Photo Courtesy: Corallista 

The pandemic has not only limited the outings but, even if you go out, half of your face will get covered with masks. With half of your face covered, your old evening makeup look will no longer leave the glamorous impact. Wearing designer and fashionable masks alone will not be enough as now your eye will be on display. So, the crucial role in your evening makeup look will be of your eye-makeup. I Knock Fashion is here with some of the glamorous festive eye-makeup looks.

 1. Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye makeup never goes out of style. This look is a go-to makeup look as it aces with every outfit.  

 2. Get Winged!

All the beauty queens, this look is just for you. A winged eyeliner will make your eyes look big, and such eye-makeup will give you a classy look.

 3. Glitter Glam

The most trendy look you will find in all the beauty tips blog is the glittery eye-makeup look. Using a glitter eyeliner will add some extra points to your evening makeup look. 

 4. Black Love! 

For the bombshell evening makeup looks, wing your eyes with bold black eyeliner and get ready to rule the world.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion)

So, for the coming festive season, sport a new look every day. We at I Knock fashion want you to look unique each day! All the steps mentioned were a way to amp up your evening makeup game this festive season. Follow the tips and do let us know in the comment section how did the guide help you glam this festive season. To keep up with fashion and beauty insights, stay connected with I Knock Fashion!

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