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The Psychology Behind Wearing Makeup

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The Psychology Behind Wearing Makeup

Through the time our ancestors were not contouring their faces or applying bold highlighters, historians believe that people have been engaging themselves with makeup cosmetics since the very beginning of civilization. The mental preparedness and the psychology behind makeup bring the line of events it took from using kohl Kajals and alabaster face powders.

We've come a long way in developing makeup tips for women in the beauty industry with a variety of makeup products.

History of Makeup:

  • Cosmetics in Ancient Civilization: As far back as 3,000 BCE, the Egyptians used copper and lead ore for pigments in the cosmetics. Several makeup tips like Kohl and wax were used to create dark eyeliners and eye shadows.

In China, the staining of fingernails with gum Arabic, egg whites, and beeswax was a way to represent social class and status.

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Ancient Civilization Makeup- Courtesy
  • Cosmetics in the Time of Greek and Romans: In ancient Greece and Rome, natural oils and waxes for topical balms were prevalent and common.

The higher class women learned some of the cosmetic practices from the Egyptians.

The Roman upper class sometimes employed a "cosmetic", who were designated servants that were assigned to apply cosmetics to wealthy Roman women.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the use of cosmetics in Europe began to decline and the religious beliefs of the Church prevented the use of makeup.

  • The Middle Ages:  The Church denied the use of makeup, it was believed as a sign of sin and dissipation. The higher class women neglected these rules and continued to apply makeup products like face powders and lip stains. Some great authorities of that time mentioned that makeup can only be applied after the woman is married.                          
  • In the 1800s, brighter shades of makeup were rising as a beauty trend. Things have changed because misguided beliefs have long been debunked and the creation of makeup nowadays involves the use of scientific studies and experiments before making anything available to the public.

Importance of Applying Makeup:

  • Skin Protection: Who would have thought that wearing makeup could protect from harmful sun rays and pollution? Going through the makeup tips for women, Makeup foundations, and BB Creams now, come with greater SPF which helps in managing the skin during a sunny day.
makeup routine 2021
Makeup Protects You From Sun

It also brightens your skin tone and removes uneven patches from the skin and provides a fresh look.

  • Natural Look: Wearing makeup can also provide you with a natural look. If you're going to an event that doesn't require makeup, you still need to add a touch-up with face compacts or creams to have a fine look for the event without looking extra.
  • Improves Self Confidence: Makeup is built to hide all the flaws on your skin. The dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles on your face can be covered with makeup. This increases your confidence level.
makeup looks
Makeup Increases Confidence

So, women who tend to complain about their acne or spots on the skin, feel very comfortable and confident by wearing makeup.

  • Makeup is a way for women to express the way they feel. If they want to admire the sexy and sultry side, they’d go for the red hues and darker tints.
  • If you go for a dainty princess look, go for pink and the lighter shades. Almost every woman can agree on the fact that makeup is a way to set the mood for the rest of the day.

Positive Psychological Effects of Makeup:

Slathering on mascara, cover-up, or blush doesn't just increase how pleased a woman can feel about her appearance. The psychological effects of wearing makeup can significantly alter others' perceptions of a woman's personality, this might sound absurd, but it’s the truth.

However, what people infer from a made-up appearance varies depending upon the observer's gender. According to the makeup tips for women, women tend to apply makeup almost every day. It’s an added investment for women.

Studies show, that men perceive women wearing makeup as prestigious. On the other side, the psychology behind makeup explains that women think of other women who wear makeup every day as dominant.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but so are the roots of the assumptions that we make about a woman's character—accurate or not?

Negative Psychological Effects of Makeup:

makeup 2021
Negative Impact Of Makeup

Makeup is many things – creative, armor, freedom, fun, supportive. But the facts show that makeup is part of our emotional makeup, and a necessary part of many of us feeling well and able to meet the challenges of our demanding lives head-on.

Women are mostly dependent on makeup following through their makeup tips, busy schedules, and life events, some women never step out of their homes without wearing any makeup, these psychologies explain how women feel less of themselves and believe that they'd only look nice if they can carry their makeup efficiently.

The psychological effects of wearing makeup become negative when makeup causes skin infections and skin allergies. These ill effects can cause mental disturbances as women like to keep their skin presentable at all times, and these effects drive them to lose their confidence and self-esteem.

It can be stressful for women at times when they are not able to pull off their desired makeup routine. With less time and patience, women face issues while applying their makeup thinking about their presentation that cause mental stress.

And when the woman fails to apply the desired routine, she loses her self-confidence and the face looks dull and lifeless. It’s proven that when you’re not happy from the inside, it is reflected upon your face.

Another negative impact about makeup and its application also includes the comparison of brands and tone. Many women apply makeup just to promote the ‘fair skin’ ideology so prevalent across the eastern part of the world. It is very recent that inclusivity has stepped up and brands are coming up with makeup lines including colors for all skin tones.

Makeup and its production also affects the environment and leads to animal atrocities across the globe.

makeup tips

I Knock Fashion Desk:

Applying makeup is every girl’s priority. From kohl Kajals to advanced products, the beauty industry has leveled up embodying all its aspects. This priority also comes with several psychological effects that affect women in their everyday lives. Go through the blog by I Knock Fashion to know about the history of makeup and how has it evolved itself for the public.

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