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"The Resurgence" By Shantanu And Nikhil At ICW 2020!

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"The Resurgence" By Shantanu And Nikhil At ICW 2020!

After the outbreak of COVID-19, fashion shows did become the tender spot across the globe. But in a time such as now, creativity is all that the world needed. Hence, the Fashion Design Council Of India stepped ahead and took the courageous decision of organizing the first time digital edition of India Couture Week. On the day 4th of the India Couture Week 2020, the designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil took the fashion trends by storm through the launch of their  latest designs with a fashion film- "The Resurgence." Continue reading to unearth the details of the event!

What "The Resurgence" Means To The Duo Designer?

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It won't be wrong to say that the pandemic has made it clear than ever that "normalcy is nothing but an illusion." Thus, the world is making peace with the new normal. The only thing that we can do now is moving forward. Now, as we move forward, we realize that the newer times call for avant-garde actions.

The duo designer- Shantanu and Nikhil aptly understood that with the blurring lines between technology and fashion in the new normal, it would be best to showcase their 'Ceremonial Couture '20 Collection' at the inaugural FDCI digital India Couture Week. 

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The event not only let the duo designer ace the latest Indian fashion but it was also an exciting and unusual experience for them. They expressed how it felt great to be a part of an ecosystem that is perpetually innovating and connecting with wider audiences.

There is no denying that couture re-strengthened itself through a new vision by acclaimed couturiers Shantanu and Nikhil. They effortlessly set some avant-garde fashion trends through their intricate designs and out of the box vision. As the duo designer witnessed the world pushing through these tough times, they felt a paradigm shift in the way they would like to use their fundamental brand values to mould a more inclusive and conversational relationship with their consumers, thereby focusing on art, creativity, and collaborations.


Their latest collection is an ode to hope. It celebrates a renewed strength and power to adapt and #RiseAgain.

"The Resurgence"


The duo designers aced the latest Indian fashion trends as they found power in metallic influences, goth applique, and classic zardozi to redefine structure and linearity that is signature to the label. The collection reconstructed romance through fluidic drapes and gorgeous architecture symbolic of a 'beacon of hope.' The abundant usage of metallic gold and sheen went well with their modern sense of aesthetics, and the decadence of the collection brought their interpretation of the neo-luxe bride.

Shantanu and Nikhil decided to shoot this collection as a fashion film and not a typical runway show. Shot in five episodes, the fashion film- "The Resurgence" resurfaces like a volatile glitter only to paint the world brighter going forward.


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