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The Rise Of K-Beauty

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The Rise Of K-Beauty

The 10-step Korean skincare regimen – the secret behind the Korean flawless, glass-like skin, that every woman in the world aspires for. This process is more than a regimen, it’s a lifestyle. Based on the Korean skin philosophy, ‘more is more’, Korean beauty has become a global phenomenon and the rise of K beauty has taken over the beauty market as a giant wave. As a result of years of scientific research, the process is nothing less than therapy. 

Contrary to the common belief, the 10-step regimen is a flexible process. Once you are educated about the steps and understand how your skin responds, you can tailor it and add up different beauty ideas according to your skin needs and lifestyle

How did it become so popular? 

“K-beauty was tied to a desire for distinction: having the taste and resources necessary for having something special.”

Korean skincare products made a debut when the market was in a dire need of change. The consumers wanted something different, more effective, and less expensive. K-beauty offered results and stepped over most big brands. 

The steps

1. Oil cleanser 

It steps one of the infamous doubles cleanse routine. The oily gunk resting on your skin is very attractive to oil. Therefore, this process helps remove crud like sunscreen, makeup, and pollutants from your skin and helps it breathe. To your surprise, this process is very good for oily skin types. 

2. Foam cleanser 

The second step of the double cleanse routine is to use a water-based or foam cleanser for a deeper clean. This specializes in dissolving dirt and sweat ultimately reducing breakouts.

3. Exfoliator 

The third and final step in ‘cleanse’ is to exfoliate your skin. This process helps clean pores and remove dead skin cells leaving a visibly brighter and smoother skin. However, excessive exfoliation can be harmful to your skin. 

4. Toner

It is the ultimate prep step that prepares your skin for further steps. Unlike the common status attached to toner, K-beauty toners act as another layer of moisture that regulates PH levels and softens skin. 

5. Essence

The essence of essence is a little distinct. It is a hybrid form of toner and serum that beautifully captures their prepping and treatment properties respectively. It captures ingredients that hydrate and enhances the complexion giving your skin a young and refreshing feeling. 

6. Treatments

This step is where all the action happens with the ultimate skin perfectors – boosters, serums, and ampoules. The potent ingredients of these perfectors directly target problems like acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. A gentle tap into the skin, focusing on the concerned areas is all it takes for younger skin. Follow these beauty ideas to get the best treatment for your damaged skin.

7. Sheet mask

The very popular sheet mask is the celebrity child of the K-beauty fam. It’s the modern way to nourish skin with its essential ingredient and meditate the tension away. This 15-minute ritual allows the skin to fully absorb all the moisture and nutrients from the sheet. However, be careful newbies, keeping it for longer than advised can reverse the process. 

8. Eye cream

The skin around your beautiful eyes is thinner and thus, needs more care. Regular use of eye cream at a young age will help your skin stay away from fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. 

9. Moisturizer

The final step in your nighttime regimen is to seal in moisture. A gentle massage of gel, cream, or oil will open your pores and allow better absorption of nutrients.

10. Sun protection 

Lock-in the nutrients and lock-out the pollution with a layer of sunscreen. Be it indoors or outdoors, you should always keep it on, as it is the easiest way to prevent premature aging. It also prevents your skin from being diluted by additional products. 

Even though with the rise of K Beauty the skin fanatics are following the 10 step regimen every day, there are other women who according to their stipulated time and energy follow only a few of these beauty ideas to fulfill their desire of having smooth and flawless skin.

The K -regimen for skincare is not a timetable that should be adhered to, it provides enough flexibility to tread past a few steps and routinely follow the rest.  

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