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The Tiesta Sisters: Notching Up The Customization Game!

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The Tiesta Sisters: Notching Up The Customization Game!

"If you highlight customization and go all in the market, the clients will forever be yours"- Janvi & Helly 

A lawyer and fashion consultant turned entrepreneur sister duo is celebrating and embracing womanhood, vocal for local and demand for customization in the vegan footwear fashion in India.  
Janvi Jogatar and Helly Jogatar are Founder and Co-Founder at the footwear customization brand Tiesta.  Tiesta that translates to 'path' in English reflects their thoughts, hard work, story, and vision behind the brand.   

Tiesta looks beyond the segregation of classes and masses, carving footwear for those who embrace their personalities and feel unique thus looking for customization (for something that defines them).

"We wanted to start something of our own since I have a flat foot and Helly was already in the fashion industry, we came up with the idea of vegan customized footwear to serve the needs of those who have unique feet or are looking for footwear that would define them"- Janvi Jogatar

The Sister Duo On Vegan Footwear & How To Choose The Right Footwear 

history of shoes india

"We are both animal lovers and support a cruelty-free fashion, also because our cultural background is such, we are Jains, as this is deeply embedded in us, our unanimous decision was to integrate veganism in the footwear customization brand"- Helly Jogatar

It is a common notion that vegan footwear fashion in India doesn't last for a long period. Tiesta and the sisters are proudly busting this bubble. The believers of Ahimsa (non- violence) and conscious footwear fashion promoters through their brand have been crafting and customizing shoes for brides, people with foot problems, professionals, designers, and many more since 2016.  


How To Choose The Right Footwear?

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Janvi & Helly are closely watching the changes of fashion in India and  in consumer demands, apart from customization, comfort is of great importance. The Tiesta Founder and Co-Founder have learned a lot from their personal experience and their client's demands. Thus, according to them, when it comes to choosing the right footwear, the following should be kept in mind: 

1. Comfort: Comfort should be of utmost importance as your footwear supports the whole body.
Tiesta gives cushion support in all its customized footwear to ensure that the clients feel comfortable while on their feet wearing Tiesta.

2. Design: For those who feel it's just a pair of shoes or chappals, remember
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes"- Hudson + Bleeker. Wear what describes you and not what pleases others! The fabulous design of footwear can add to your overall attire. 

3. Quality: When you invest to make sure it lasts longer! Check the quality before you invest in a good pair of footwear.

4. Usability: If the usability is on an everyday basis, then you need to invest in a great pair with immense comfort, as that will hold you throughout the day. Customization of footwear to use on daily basis takes care of comfort, preferred, and all-purpose design.

The Latest Fashion Trends 2020 in Footwear 

history of shoes in india

Sustainable fashion and latest footwear trends are on the online shopping list of the millennial and Gen Z this 2020. 

With the characteristics of sustainable wear, cruelty-free products, and vegan fashion trends offered by Tiesta, the added customization, and client relationship building are like a cherry on the top.
"We have clients who can't wear high heels but like our designs made in that style, we customize it for them in accordance with the inches they are comfortable in. A very dear client who is now getting married called and asked to make a pair of shoes matching her outfit. We were so happy to be a part of her big day."  - Sister Duo, Tiesta

From sky-high platforms to colorful blocks everything of the latest fashion trends 2020 in footwear is definitely to be spotted at Tiesta's customizable collections. 

Specials At Tiesta

Fashion and culture

India is a varied subcontinent, the different topographies, genetic issues, profession, personal and cultural choices and many such factors have given customization in footwear a large space to expand.

Tiesta makers

A special feature of Tiesta is the attention that they give to the details and the client's need. They have footwear required for women celebrating the coming of a new member in the family, those with flat foot or irregular sizes, and also for the ones who just prefer comfort in their own style. The sister duo through the customization and vegan footwear feature is all set to make you stand tall and comfortable in every situation and phase. 

About Tiesta 

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The custom made luxury footwear brand Tiesta started by two sisters Janvi & Helly are all set to turn the footwear market and make it all about the consumer. From customization to the designs in latest fashion trends 2020 in a vegan avatar, Tiesta is a one-stop solution for your footwear needs no matter how demanding or offbeat they are! 

About The Founders & Team

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Janvi Jogatar and  Helly Jogatar founded Tiesta

Janvi Jogatar and  Helly Jogatar founded Tiesta in 2016. Janvi is a lawyer by profession and Helly is a Fashion Consultant. Together the sisters founded Tiesta revolutionizing the footwear market by introducing customization in vegan footwear for global feet.

Heading a team of 10 members including artisans and craftsmen, serving to a global clientele, the online Tiesta family is aiming to expand and spread its wings by changing the face of footwear in the global market from 'What Is Made To What The Consumer Wants?'. 

A famous amongst the designers 'Tiesta' has designed footwear in collaboration with well-known and established fashion labels Masaba, Nikhil Thampi, Calvin Klein, FCUK, and many more. It has also showcased in the most reputed fashion shows of India proudly boasting their quality and style.

A picture-perfect brand exhibiting womanhood and the style & care that comes with it will vibe you off your feet and make you a footwear lover for sure! Check it out now to book your bridal, casual, or formal wear! 

Website Link:

I Knock Fashion Desk


We bring yet another revolution in the fashion footwear industry of India through our blog. The Founders at Tiesta are truly celebrating womanhood and bringing a change by promoting customization in vegan footwear, spreading and soaring high across the globe.

Do go ahead and check out what they have to offer to you!

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